Sewa project 12 C
Date- October 23, 2018
Venue- Paschim Vihar (New Delhi),


Paschim Vihar (New Delhi), 23 August 2018 : Class 12-C students of Doon Public School took the 'SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN - - CLEAN INDIA DRIVE' a step forward through 'PLOGGING'. Plogging is a combination of jogging combined with picking up litter. It is actually a Swedish fitness craze for people who want to save the planet. So, on Thursday, 23 August 2018, the Doon students went around toting trash bags and wearing plastic gloves while jogging. They picked up rubbish along their route in Paschim Vihar, A-5 and B-2, blocks.

This plogging was done as a part of the SEWA (Social Empowerment Work in Action) programme which is to raise awareness on addressing real-world problems and serving the community. This social service of raising community awareness regarding sanitation has helped the students develop as responsible citizens of our society.

“I’m not going to just let litter sit there. I’m not going to just walk past that plastic bottle,” said plogger and Doon Public School student Dhruv Mishra. “It’s not that I don’t think it’s gross to pick it up. I do. But I also think it’s gross for a person to not take responsibility for it” said another student plogger Devashish.

An enthusiastic plogger Ishika said "Cleanliness is godliness and our project was also intended to be a memorial for Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former Prime Minister of our country who passed away on 16th August 2018. We took this up because Shri Atalji believed in Gandhiji’s dream of “Swachh Bharat“.

The young ploggers mostly picked up cigarette butts, plastic bags, wrappers, bottles and bottle caps. Another plogger Harkirat opined that "Plogging not only helps the environment, it’s quite good for your health. Think of squats while jogging." "It is so easy to just bring the litter and put it in the nearest bin, and it makes you feel that you’re making a difference!” said Yashasvi a contented plogger.

Plogging can sudata-fancyboxy be promoted as a way to encourage trash-free communities.

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Sewa Project 12 D


DELHI: Our very own city is suffering each day from a demon called “Air pollution”. Our honorable CM Arvind Kejriwal , hence organized a plantation drive across the city in 600 centers, planting around 5 lakh trees. Our school took an initiative in it for this whole cause. The project was done in the nearby areas of the school as the community service, named as “ SEWA PROJECT”. Children of our school planted around 500 saplings in order to get a cleaner environment. An awareness rally was carried out with banners / placards in neighboring colonies. The banners included the information regarding the benefits of tree plantation and hence to reduce pollution. The campaign of tree plantation was a huge success and locals also took part in it. They appreciated the efforts done by the students. Refreshments were provided to the students by the school .Such mass efforts by the students increase the awareness level in the society and give benefit to all.

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Sewa Project 11 E
Mental Health Awareness
Date- October 10, 2018
Venue- paschim vihar

Students of class 11 E participated in an awareness campaign for Mental Health on World Mental Health Day itself in Paschim Vihar area.
This drive was conducted to spread awareness about the Mental Health among people . A survey was done in which the students asked various questions data-fancyboxated to the knowledge available in people. Students conducted a Mental Health Walk and also interacted with people regarding the importance of Mental health and issues data-fancyboxated.

Students of class 11E also created posters, banners for its awareness. Also conducted an in-house rally within the school as peer Educators. They successfully taken up the assembly session as well and created a De stress wall within the school for teachers and students to pen down different ways to get data-fancyboxieved from Stress. Class 11E has successfully completed its Sewa project by creating an awareness amongst society and within school students itself.

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Class 11 C
13th october 2018

Rightly said "SEWA to others is the rent you pay for your room on earth. " In sync with the same class 11 C students along with Rotary club, Delhi organized a health cum blood donation camp for the parents and neighbouring societies, slum areas on 13 th October, 2018 at school premises from 8.30 a. M to 2.00 pm. The free health camp included specialists from various fields.

Entrusted with the essence to serve the society class 11 C paid visit to the neighbourhood on 10 th October to make people aware about the free health camp and blood donation. They also explained the benefits of keeping good health and donating blood to everyone they met on their way. Removing misconceptions data-fancyboxated with blood donation was something which students emphasized on.

Dr. Pushpa Sharma(gynaecologist) ,Dr Rajesh Sharma( orthopaedic) and Dr.Rai(physician) marked their presence in the worthy camp .Dr Amit(opthalomologist) also joined them and became a part of this noble cause.
Class 11 C students along with Rotary club members made all best possible arrangements to comfort the people visiting the eminent doctors or the people donating blood.
A huge number of people poured in to get their health checked and they got benefitted out of it. All of them appreciated the efforts put in by our school and dear students. In all 56 units of blood were collected making the camp huge success. This with the combined efforts of intellect doctors, generous doctors, enthusiastic teachers and hard working ,passionate students of class 11 C this health camp under the CBSE SEWA PROJECT was indeed fruitful for the society.

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Class 10A

Lending a helping hand to the underprivileged…

Students of Doon Public School [Class 10-A] came forward to participate enthusiastically for the SEWA project (2018-19). The activity was to collect and distribute used/unused books, clothes, shoes, toys, stationery etc. to the underprivileged. The aim was to take up community service and to sensitize the students towards the hard life of the underprivileged people and to foster in them a spirit of caring and sharing.

The class was divided into seven groups and each group collected used/unused books, clothes, shoes, toys, stationery etc. and distributed the same in the B-2 Paschim Vihar slum area on 23 October 2018. The students also distributed posters/ pamphlets for spreading awareness on issues like cleanliness, importance of education, girl education etc. A nukkad natak dealing with the same issues was brilliantly prepared and presented by the students which was much appreciated by the slum dwellers. They expressed their gratitude on receiving the things of daily use, specially the school going children were more than happy to receive books, pencils, notebooks etc.

All in all, this opportunity to serve the community was indeed a great learning experience for the students.

Ms. Simerdeep
[Class Teacher]

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Class 10b
Importance of balanced diet
16th october 2018

Class 10b students conducted activity on importance of balanced diet in an ngo named Manthan run by divya jyoti jagriti sansthan. A group of students prepared articles, pamphlets and handouts on the topic and rest of the students went to the centre. They presented a presentation , skit and games sensitizing them about the need of taking balanced diet and distributed fruits to the kids.

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Class Sewa 10C

Cleanliness and sanitation for all
Date- September 12, 2018
Venue- B-2 Slum Area

Students of class 10 C participated in swacchata drive to B-2 Paschim Vihar slums. This drive was conducted to spread awareness about cleanliness and sanitation among the people in slum. A survey was done in which the students asked various questions data-fancyboxated to the facilities available with the slum people. Girls especially focussed on women sanitation .
Students of class 10 shared their knowledge about how cleanliness can save them from various diseases

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Class Sewa 9A

Date - 2 November 2018
Venue – Paschim Vihar (New Delhi)

This Diwali, let’s fill our homes with happiness, not with fumes & crackers.

In sync with the aforesaid quote, Class 9A organised an ‘Anti-firecracker Rally’ on 02 November 2018, Friday, as a part of their CBSE SEWA (Social Empowerment Work in Action) Programme. The worsening Air Pollution and alarming rise in the fatalities due to air borne diseases, made the students to take an initiative to encourage the masses in taking the immediate remedial measures to curb the ‘Air Pollution Demon’.

The honourable Vice-Principal, Ms. Malini Panikker and our vivacious Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju encouraged the students and declared the rally opened in the morning at 9 am. During the rally, the students spread the awareness amongst the masses through the means of posters, slogans and pamphlet distribution. They talked to the people about the after effects of bursting crackers and emphasised on celebrating ‘No Cracker Diwali’.

The students not only pledged to celebrate ‘Green Diwali’ but also inspired the residents of Paschim Vihar area along with the students of the other classes for the same. All in all, the students realised how they can be instrumental and impactful in bringing a required change in the society.

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