Digital Library

The school employs the latest technology to instill reading practice with the Digital Library. The digital library is adjacent to the Library and has ten PCs, each provided with earphones. Every computer has over 20,000 electronic books at the disposal of avid readers. The students visit the digital library once in two weeks. Every workstation is provided with earphones so that the booklover can listen while reading. It also provides facilities like a Talking Dictionary which can be used by the student when he comes across a new word that he does not know the meaning of. All that needs to be done is press the pause button, go to the talking dictionary, type the word or select, copy and paste the word and press ENTER. The meaning will be verbalized. This process of finding the meaning is quicker than using a manual dictionary. Hence the general practice of skipping to find the meaning of new word is reduced, while reading, using the Digital Library. Another benefit of using the digital library is that one can listen to the correct and standard pronunciation of the word in English Language. The Digital Library has a wide range of e-books catering to all age groups. It has rhymes and fairy tales for the preparatory and junior classes and Encyclopedias, reference books, fiction and non-fiction for senior students. Unlike the manual Library where the continual handling of books lead to wear and tear, the e-books have a longer life and can be used by more than one person at a time as the book will be available on all systems. The new technology plays a very important role in improving the language of the student, by enhancing vocabulary, using correct pronunciation, developing reading habit, reducing grammatical errors, negating colloquial influence in the spoken and written language.

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