POCSO- protection of children against sexual offences Act- 2012

The school has created a POCSO committee for safeguarding the emotional, physical aswell as psychological well being. A dedicated committee has been created for the same, with the following committee members:

1. N V Sarat Chandran ( Manager)
2. Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju (Headmistress)
3. Ms. Surbhi Lal ( PGT psychology, school counselor)
4. Ms. Jyoti Kohli ( staff representative)
5. Mr. Krishan Chander ( staff representative)
6. Ms. Neetu Nagar ( PTA member)
7. Ramita Aneja ( class 11- E, Student representative)
8. Bhuvan parashar ( Class 11-D, Student representative)


II. School safety committee ( SSC)

It has been formed to ensure the safety and security of the school, its children and staff from all risks. A committee has been formed with the following members, to ensure the timely addressal of the aforementioned. It consits of the following members:

1. Ms. Divya Josephine ( PGT English)
2. Mr. Amrendra Singh ( TGT Mathematics)
3. Ms. Geeta Madan ( TGT English)
4. Dr. Rakesh Jha ( PTA member)
5. Rhythm Mehta ( Head boy)
6. Vanshika Batra ( Head girl)
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