Events & Happenings

Doon Public School organised a week full of Inter house sports competitions

The results of the same are as follows:-

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Doon Public school , Delhi celebrates 71st Independence day with the Glory of Freedom and Happiness.

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Investiture Ceremony of newly elected Student Council's members held on 20th July,2017.

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Investiture Ceremony on 20th July 2017

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Annual GK Quiz for Parents 2017

Human behaviour flows from three main sources: desire, emotion and knowledge.

In the era of knowledge economy, growth and prospects for all depend on the wealth of knowledge. In sync with the said, the Parents’ GK Quiz Wizard 2017 that was organised at Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi on 6 May 2017. It was indeed an exciting mix of information and entertainment.
The event was presided over by our charming Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju. Around 35 parents contested for the preliminary SAS round and the eight top scorers were chosen as the finalists for the final four teams. All the teams competed in ten exhilarating rounds like Current Affairs, Indian Heritage, Audio Visual, Home Remedies, Television and Literature to name a few. An audience round was taken up after every two rounds in order to encourage the audience’s participation and ensure energy throughout the event. The tenth round (Super Speed) was indeed a hard nut to crack and the participants had to wrack their brains. However all the teams came out with flying colours. Team C, with Mr. Arun Jain and Mr. Deepak Mishra bagged the title of the Annual GK Quiz Wizard 2017, followed by Team A with Mr Vivek Sardana and Mr. Mithilesh Shukla at the second position. Team D with Mr. Tarun Gupta and Mr.Bhupinder Singh were at the third position. Team B with Mr. S. Goswami and Mr. Dheeraj got the consolation prize. The winning teams were felicitated by the Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju.

Counseling Session For Mothers

Motherhood is indeed a blessing, bliss and most importantly a challenge, challenge of grooming and moulding one’s offspring into a happy, healthy and genuine human being. In this herculean task, young mothers encounter lot of questions. The questions can be overwhelming and sometimes intimidating. In order to mitigate the anxieties and satiate the queries, the Pre Primary Wing of Doon Public School organized a counseling session on 6th May 2017 for the mothers on the occasion of mother’s day celebration. The eminent clinical psychologist, Dr. Gagandeep Kaur gave some valuable insights pertaining to positive parenting. She talked about inculcating discipline, values, attitude of sharing and caring at an early age through some interesting anecdotes and lessons. She also touched sensitive topics like management of emotions and understanding the difference between a good touch and a bad touch. The very interactive session saw the mothers’ participation in the games conducted. It was a sheer delight to see the ladies enjoying the session so much so that they were reluctant to leave and requested the management to organize such sessions in the future which was complied and welcomed.

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Science Week 2017

Science fascinates everyone. It’s a subject which opens up the mind for the new possibilities of the future. Doon public school organized Science Week from 18th to 21st April 2017 with lots of brilliant minds showcasing their talents and creativity, thus making it a huge success. The activities that were performed in a chronological order are as follows:

18th April 2017
Activity : Ad Mad World

To celebrate the science week and develop scientific aptitude amongst the students an activity was conducted by the students of classes 5. There were 18 participants in all. They advertised their healthy products in a very innovative and creative way. Attractive props and live samples were used by the students in order to make their advertisement more effective.

The judge for this activity was our Director, Ms. Sumy VasanTiwari .She interacted with the students and selected three winners and appreciated the effortsput in by each and every participant.

First :JanviSachdeva and Nysa Gupta
Second : Hannah V Jacob and Suhani Arora
Third :Tanvi Gupta and Kaashvi , Atharv Aggarwal and Manit

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Shoot a Video of a Natural / Scientific Phenomenon

CLASS : 10

It was a very successful activity in which kids got a chance to explore and present their aesthetic side. They were asked to observe and shoot any natural phenomenon in their surroundings. Students participated with full enthusiasm. They also presented their work in front of our director mam and other students in the seminar hall. The presentation was followed by an open house session that was quite interactive and informative.
Winners of the event were as follows :

1st position :KeshavSinghal 10A
2nd position :IshitaDotania and MehakJha 10A
3rdposition :NainaSachdeva 10 D and Abhigyan Gupta 10A

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19TH APRIL 2017

Students of Class 1 participated with great enthusiasm in the Science Week activity cum enactment, ‘Eat Healthy Stay Healthy’. They imparted information about healthy food while using attractive props to deliver their message. The judges appreciated the participants. The winners of the activity are as follows:

Name of the participant Class Position
Hemang Kumar 1A 1st
Abhikshit 1C 1st
Parth 1A 2nd
IshvikManchanda 1D 2nd
Harsha 1C 3rd
Nitika 1D 3rd

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Science week activity ‘Explore Senses’ was conducted for Class 2. Different materials like cotton, sugar, lemon, salt, perfume etc., were shown and were tasted/touched/smelled by the students. They were able to name the different senses and sense organs that they used to identify those materials. Students enjoyed the activity.

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Class: 8                          Science Antakshari/Relay
There were 5 teams each having 3 contestants. The contestants were-
Team A:     1. Kshitiz Tiwari  8-A
2. Abhishek Rathi          8-A
3. JiyaNagpal       8-A

Team B:     1. Ananya Sharma         8-A
2. Arjun Narang   8-A
3. Riya Sharma    8-B

Team C:     1. Nikhil Sheron   8-C
2. Saloni Gupta    8-C
3. Sagar Joshi       8-C

Team D:     1. ParthNayyar    8-B
2. SankalpSaxena 8-B
3. Kudrat              8-B

Team E:     1. Kiran                8-D
2. Kanha              8-D
3. Mehak              8-D

The Quiz Master invited a leader from a team to pick a chit on which theme was written. Students of the each team were given 10 seconds to discuss the terms related to the theme with the members. A chain/relay of terms, related to the theme, was created by members in succession. When there was a pause the chain got broken. Later the members had to define the terms given by them. 5 marks each were awarded for giving the term and defining it. The Quiz Master efficiently and confidently conducted the activity. Student contestants contributed the scientific terms with zeal and zest. Team B was the winner followed by Team C and Team A respectively.


The students of class 9 displayed their inventive perspectives in the science stalls as a part of science week activities. Each section of class 9 put up a stall from 9 am to 1pm in school’s central courtyard. They exhibited a variety of science experiments in the stall under supervision of the science teachers. Each participant was explaining the principle behind the experiments performed . The stalls were visited by students of classes 5 to 8.

The list of experiments displayed are:

WINNERS OF THE STALL WERE : 1st position : 9B and 9E 2ndposition : 9A 3rdposition : 9C and 9D

Event : Science Debate
Class: 11 &12
Incharges : Ms Megha Mahajan and Mr. Banerjee

Science Debate was conducted with great enthusiasm and our honourable Manager Sir judged the event. There were four teams named Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. Each team comprised two participants. They competed with each other in the group stage on the topic, ‘Humanity should fear advances in artificial intelligence’. The debate was presided by Mr. Banerjee.

Team Alpha : Varun Sharma and Paras Vashishth (12D)

Team Beta : Vanshika Batra and Jayant(12 C)

Team Gamma : Shamlee Tiwari and Tushar (12 C)

Team Delta : Phythm Mehta and Kisha singh(12 D)

For the final round, Team Beta and Team Delta qualified. The topic for the final round was,‘Clinicaltrials in developing countries are exploitative’.The topic was given impromptu to the teams. They were given three minutes to think about the points before they started debating.

The winning team : Team Beta
Best interjector : Dhruv Mishra (11 C)
Best Speaker : Vanshika Batra( 12 C)
The debate was a great knowledge gaining experience for the participants as well as the audience.

Farewell 2017(February 17th)

The bygone year saw yet another batch of effervescent Doonites passing out from the portals of Doon Public School.
The students of class 11 accorded a warm welcome to the seniors at the school gate and school band escorted these students dressed in their finery. This was followed by sumptuous lunch hosted by class 11.
The customary speeches of head boy and head girl were followed by the motivating speech of respected Manager sir, Mr. Sarat Chandran and the Headmistress , Ms. Vidhu Vijayan .A bunch of balloons was released by the students of class 12 as a symbolic gesture. The students of the out-going class sought blessings from their teachers and captured the memories of the day in the form of beautiful snapshots.
The students of class 11 regaled their seniors by putting up a gala event comprising of varied acts like singing, dancing, role play , games etc. The evening left the students with the memories, they are going to cherish in their life time. The courtyard , the corridors resounded with the laughter , excitement and exhilaration of these students. Life won’ t be same again outside the confines of this school building but a whole new life , full of opportunities awaits them.
So, Adieu, class 12th!

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Visit to Paschim Vhar Police Station

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Republic Day 2017

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Christmas Celebration

Christmas was celebrated in the school on 23rd Dec 2016 .Students enjoyed dancing on peppy songs with Santa who gave them lots of surprises by his presence.

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Report on special assembly on moral values and self defence
23 December 2016

The school conducted a special assembly on 21st December 2016 on the theme 'Moral values and Self Defence'.The purpose of this assembly was to inculcate the importance of moral values and self defence techniques in the students. The special guests for the day were Mr. Rajbir Malik, Assistant Commissioner of Police - Paschim Vihar and Mr. Randhir Singh, SHO - Paschim Vihar.

The assembly commenced with the word of the day given by Damini of class 9-A followed by thought for the day given by Yashvi of class 9-A. It was followed by a session taken by the special guests - Mr Rajbir Malik and Mr. Randhir Singh informing the students about various methods and techniques through which one can defend oneself. The assembly was concluded with a pledge taking ceremony presided by Manager Sir in order to make the students understand the need of adopting these principles in their lives.

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Life Skills For Teachers

Workshop on Life skills for Teachers
17 Nov 2016

A good teacher always inspires. "
Under the Teachers Leadership Programme for the teachers, school regularly organises training sessions for its teachers development. Staff participated in the Life Skills workshop conducted by school counsellor Ms. Surbhi Lal and inquisitively learned different methodologies using life skills in an experiential manner. Teachers remained active while participating in few activities related to leadership and team building etc. It was a fun filled learning experience for them.

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Stress management

Managing exam stress.
23 Nov 2016

A workshop was organised by school counsellor for the students of classes 11 & 12 for stress management . Workshop helped the students to understand the stress and its various consequences, it was also a discussion regarding the strategies to deal with exam related anxieties. Counsellor helped the students to understand the importance of their time and diet schedules during the exam and also brainstorming was done to ensure that they take exams as an opportunity to excel. Session concluded with a few relaxation exercises with stress relieving music.

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Class 7,8 painting of handkerchief using mathematical symbols.

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Maths week (21 nov -25 Nov 2016)

  • The students of Doon public school celebrated maths week with great zeal and enthusiasm.
  • 21 Nov was the day for MATHEOLA for students of classes 5 and 6 which was a unique way of playing tambola with maths hints. Special tambola tickets were designed by the teacher and students played their regular tambola with a twist. Mathematical operations were grouped,quick answers and good luck was the key to win.
  • 22 Nov was the day for our quiz wizards from classes 6,7 and 8. A NIIT quiz was conducted in the seminar Hall based on general mathematics. Spontaneous and accurate answers was the need of the event. Sukhman of class 6,Sankalp class 7 and Ankit of class 8 bagged the trophies for the event.
  • 23 Nov was a war time. Students of class 3 played a multiplication war with the help of playing cards. Teams were divided with 6 members each and they pulled out cards from the deck in pairs of 2. The numbers were multiplied and the team with highest product score was declared as the winner. Students of class 4 played the co prime war wherein the team members pulled out cards at random and gained a point if they happened to be co prime. On the same day NIIT quiz based in general mathematics was held for class 9 and 10. Kartik Rohilla of class 9 and the duo Somesh Pratap singh and Priyanshi Gupta emerged as proud winners. The level of Inquisition was quite high even among the audience.
  • On 24 NOV our little champs of class 1 had fun with shapes.They described a shape with real life example with the help of props of their own choice.
  • Class 7 students displayed a wonderful skit on the life of Pythagoreas. It was followed by a brain storming session undertaken by Rabpreet and Rhythm of class 9 on special number patterns.Students were asked to add large numbers and find squares of greater numbers.They were also explained tricks of vedic maths to get quick and spontaneous answers. Real life application questions were asked to which the audience enthralled at. Concluding event for the day was a Maths Relay conducted by the students if class 11 and 12. Five students from each class participated. They were asked a beginner question and had to pass their answer in such a way that it links to the next question to make a perfect relay. Surprisingly the event resulted in a tie.
  • On 25 nov a handkerchief painting activity was held for class 7 and 8 wherein the students put their imagination to paint using mathematical symbols ,operations and figures. The response was overwhelming and the best works were displayed. On the same day students of class 2 played innovative ludo with two dices to enhance their addition and subtraction skills.
  • Overall the week was a successful attempt to polish the mathematical skills of our students. It was a fruitful result of joint efforts of teachers and students.

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Report on Founder’s Day

A special assembly was held to commemorate the birth anniversary of the Founder and Chairman of Doon Public School at Paschim Vihar, New Delhi on 22 November 2016. The event was presided by the Manager, Mr. N V Sarat Chandran, Principal, Dr. Anieetaa Vaishnava, Head Mistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju and the staff of Doon Public School from Trivandrum and Jaipur.

The Doonites were enlightened by the Manager Sir about the significance of the day. Primary students commenced the programme with their angelic performance while singing and wishing Vasan Sir, a hearty birthday. Middle Wing students rejuvenated the audience by an adorable dance performance. The Head girl, Jayanti Swarup, on behalf of the student fraternity not only wished Chairman Sir but also promised to be dedicated and perseverant achievers like him.

The assembly was concluded by the Doonites who extended the best of the greetings to their worthy Founder and Chairman, Mr. M G Vasan.

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Report on the Celebration of the Constitution Day (2016-17)

Although the Indian Constitution came into effect formally on January 26, 1950, but it was formally adopted by the Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949. To remember this historic occasion, a special morning assembly was held on 25 November 2016 at Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi.

The event was commenced by a word and the thought of the day given by a ninth class student.

Ms. Shikha Gupta, TGT- Social Science, gave a speech that reinforced the relevance and significance of the Indian Constitution along with the elaboration about the Preamble that is the essence of the Indian Constitution. Students of classes 10 presented a skit depicting the Fundamental Rights go hand in hand with the Fundamental Duties.

The assembly was concluded by the staff renewing their pledge, and commitment, to respect the national flag and anthem, appreciating the ideals that inspired India's freedom struggle, promoting harmony and other duties enshrined in the constitution.

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Training Session for Knowledge Sharing Partners:
Date: 21-25 November,2016

Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar hosted a training session for its knowledge partners from Trivandrum and Jodhpur. Teachers/PROs- Ms. Sathy and Ms. Sheela (Trivandrum) along with Ms. Rupal (Jodhpur) were briefed about the technology used in classroom instruction along with its usage in other arenas of academic as well as administrative importance.

They were awarded certificates by Vice Chairperson, Ms. Geetha Vasan and Manager, Mr. Sarat Chandran in the presence of the members of the management committee for the successful completion of the training session.

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Picnic to Eco Adventure Camp

Pre primary students were taken to Eco Adventure Camp, Najafgarh on 5th November 2016. They were exposed to many adventurous activities and rides . Children enjoyed the magic show where the magician invited students to participate. Camel, bullock cart and tractor rides gave the students proximity to rural life. Even the timid ones were oozing with confidence and ecstasy after doing activities like river crossing, wall climbing, balancing beam, commando crawl, bouncy, trampoline etc. They were served delicious breakfast and lunch in the camp. The little ones had a day of fun and frolic in the lap of nature under the care and expert supervision of trained instructors and teachers.

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Story Dramatization

In Dramatization a story is shown and not told. It is a powerful tool for developing language skill in early learners. The platform allows the children to express their emotions without restriction. Pre Primary students had a feast for the eyes when they saw their teachers enacting characters from the story. When the characters came alive, motley of emotions were manifested by the students and the whole atmosphere became lively.

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12th Annual Inter-school G. K. Quiz

Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar hosted its 12th Annual Inter-school G. K. Quiz recently . The event was sponsored by NIE and saw zealous participation from more than 25 prestigious schools of Delhi. The first round was conducted online using the SAS technology and eliminated all but four teams who went through the rigours of the final round. The avid finalists were quizzed on miscellaneous subjects such as market brands, films, personalities and even e games. The Language and Literature Round stumped the contestants reinforcing the need to read more. KIIT World School emerged the leaders closely followed by Cambridge Foundation School. The winners were awarded trophies and gifts by the School Manager, Mr. N. V. Sarat Chandran who appreciated all the participants for their efforts.

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Onam Celebrations
Dated: 12.9.16

Onam the harvest and the biggest festival of Kerala was celebrated with joy and enthusiasm at Doon Public School , Paschim Vihar . An Inter – House Rangoli competition commenced the daylong celebration.

The students made intricately designed flower mats (Rangoli) called `Pookalam’ in front of the library to welcome King Mahabali.

A special assembly was conducted in which the Doonites swayed the audience with their Malayali song.The foot tapping traditional folk dance by the students of classes 5 and 6 concluded the assembly.

Teachers buckled up their laces and showed the true sportsman spirit while playing number of varied games such as Tug- of -war , balloon balance , vada hanging and food eating competition. An astounding and energetic dance performance by our esteemed Manager Sir and honourable Principal Madam `lungi dance` not only magnetised the audience but also enthralled the gathering.

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Work Day
4 October 2016

The school celebrated ‘Work Day’ on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti to honour the contribution of the helping staff of the school on 3 October 2016.

The assembly started with a tribute to the great leader of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi which was followed by a bhajan sung by the students. The school also observed the day as ‘Black Day’ to protest against the recent incident of murder of a teacher by some reckless students. The whole school wore black badges to show their protest against such unfortunate incident. It was followed by a speech given by students to reinforce the importance of teachers in one's life. The school counsellor ,Ms Surbhi gave tips to the students to control aggression. The work day celebrations commenced with a beautiful message given by the honourable Chairman of the school, Mr. M.G.Vasan. It was followed by a mesmerizing dance performance on foot tapping numbers by the helping staff. Many games were organised for the helpers where they displayed their competitive spirit. They were given gifts, as a token of appreciation for their work by the school management. The celebrations came to an end with a special message given by the respected Manager,Mr Sarat Chandran. Overall, it was a day filled with fun and learning.

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13th Inter school Mathematics Bhaskara Award
September 27, 2016

Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar organized the 13th Mathematics Inter school Bhaskara Award Competition on 27 August 2016 in the school premises in order to test the mathematical skills of the students.

The aim of this examination is to gauge the reasoning and analytical skills of the students. The students were tested on the basis of their understanding and application of the mathematical concepts. The exam was held for the students of classes IV to IX who were divided into three different groups.

Around 800 students from 55 reputed schools of Delhi participated in this competition. The winners in each group will be rewarded a sum of Rs.1500/- Rs.1200/- and Rs. 1000/- respectively on the basis of their performance. The teachers from the participating schools highly appreciated this examination and the efforts of the school in promoting mathematics among the students every year.


Inter school Graffiti Competition

An inter school Graffiti competition, ‘MAGIC LANTERN’, was held at Doon Public School, PaschimVihar. It was one of the most vibrant event of the Art & Craft Exhibition, ‘TECHNE 2016’. The competition was held on 29th August 2016 in which number of prestigious schools participated.

Each team of three members poured the innovative ideas with exuberant and vivacious colours, patterns on the canvas. The teams created exemplary marvels (graffitis)with exotic assemblance of the innovative sequencing under the given theme- THE TRANSITION IN WORLD CINEMA.

The judges for the interschool graffiti competition were the Art & Craft Teacher, Mr. Salvi and our school Manager, Mr. N.V. Sarat Chandran. The winners painted the town red with their outstanding pieces of graffiti. The team from Rukmini Devi Public School (Pitampura), bagged the first prize.The second prize was won by the team from Lancer Convent School (Rohini). Ganga International (HiranKudna) clinched the third prize.

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Visit By Padma Bhushan MR. Jatin Das

The school was honoured by the presence of the renowned painter, Mr. Jatin Das on 1st September 2016. He was accorded a grand welcome by the students who put up a short cultural programme for him.

Mr. Jatin Das shared his myriad experiences (spanning over 50 years) in the world of art and spoke at length on the varied forms of art - both contemporary and traditional. He spoke about his rare collection of over 6,500 hand fans which have been exhibited both in India and abroad. He propounded the idea that art exists in everything that God has created and that one only needs to allow nature to seep into us to see art oozing out in every form be it poetry, song or painting. He spoke about the necessity of educators to allow more freedom to the learners to experiment with nature. He emphasized on the need for educational institutions to break their rigid moulds to allow in the natural flow of learning.

Students and teachers loved his out of the box ideas and promised to put them to practice. The eminent artist regaled the audience with his lovely experiences which left the audience asking for more. The interactive session saw enthusiastic participation from not only the students and teachers but also the Headmistress Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju and the Pre-Primary Proctor Ms. Suma Jacob.

The programme ended with a congratulatory speech by the Manager, Mr. Sarat Chandran on the eminent painter's lifelong achievements and the vote of thanks by the Principal Dr. Aanieetaa Vaissnava.

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Blood Donation Camp

The ECO CLUB of DOON PUBLIC SCHOOL organised a BLOOD DONATION CAMP in association with ROTARY RHYTHM for parents and teachers in the seminar hall of the school on Saturday,20 th AUGUST 2016.

The students from each class and section volunteered in the event and ensured smooth functioning of the camp. The parents and teachers too participated in it with great enthusiasm .More than 60 people volunteered for the noble cause and 50 units of blood were collected . The donors were also given refreshments and a memento for their noble efforts.
The event was a huge success .Such noble initiatives are regularly undertaken by the school as it strives to fulfil its social obligations.

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Mother’s Day Celebration

The Pre-primary department celebrated ‘Mother’s Day’ in a grand manner on 6th May 2016. Mothers became a part of the celebration, which was organized in the Seminar Hhall. The mothers were ushered in by welcoming them with a handmade mother’s day card. The pre primary proctor felicitated the Honourable Vice chairperson, Ms. Geeta Vasan, with a sash and a bouquet. Mam wished all the mothers and extended her warm welcome to them. The Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju was also felicitated with a bouquet.

Angelina of Prep – D narrated a story, which was followed by songs sung by children along with their music teacher, Mr. Elisha. Many games were organized for mothers wherein some real spirit of enthusiasm and competition was showcased by the participants. Chairperson Mam gave away prizes to the winners.

Clinical nutritionist, Dr. Praveena enlightened the ladies on natural remedies for skin care, weight loss and tips for a healthy eating regime. Thereafter the audience enjoyed an enthralling performance by the teachers. The celebration ended with a heart touching presentation wherein each slide depicted a child with the mother. The whole ambience became overwhelmingly emotional as every mother had tears in her eyes. The mothers were served refreshments. They thanked the school for making the celebration a memorable occasion -one to be cherished forever.

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Friday Activities

Doon Public School has always propagated the philosophy of ‘Learning by Doing’. Therefore, every Friday, engaging activities are conducted to enhance the thinking, speaking, analytical and interpersonal skills of the students. On 8th April 2016, the English department was instrumental in conducting several interesting activities for classes 2 to 11. Some of them were :

  • Poem recitation for classes 2, 3 and 4.
  • Travelling Brochure for classes 5 and 6.
  • Ad-Mad for classes 7 and 8.
  • Cross word Puzzle for Classes 9 and 10.
  • Debate for Class 11.

On 22nd April 2016, the Hindi department conducted engaging activities such as Chitralekhan and Kavita Vaachan to promote the language among the students.
On 6th May 2016, in order to create awareness about the grave issue of intoxication among the youth, a competition was organised on the theme ‘Say No to Tobacco’.
Poster making for classes 5 to 8
Creative writing for classes 9 to 12.
The students participated enthusiastically in the event. The best entries were selected and sent to CBSE.

Report on House Boards

The theme for the House Boards for the month of April was ‘Dream, Dare, Destiny’ and for May was ‘Co-curricular Activities –essential for Holistic Education’. The best display board was put up by Tagore House consequently.

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Workshop At Fortis Healthcare

Under SLQDP initiative of our school, senior students attended a workshop at Fortis Healthcare, Shalimar Bagh on ‘Media Literacy' with the school counsellor Ms.SurbhiLal under the School Mental Health Programme.

The workshop aimed at highlighting the role of media and its influence, managing the risk behaviour, understanding the target audience and stereotypical views shown in advertisements.

The workshop was conducted on 12th April 2016 and was an enriching experience for the eager learners.

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Annual GK Quiz for Parents 2016

07-05-2016, Saturday

The Parents GK Quiz Wizard, 2016 was indeed an exciting mix of information and entertainment. Ms. Geetha Vasan was the chief guest for the event. 31 parents contested for the preliminary SAS round and the eight top scorers were chosen as the finalists for the final four teams. All the teams competed in ten exhilarating rounds from various genres like Science, Literature, Accountancy, and Arts to name a few. An audience round was taken up after every two rounds in order to encourage the audience’s participation and ensure energy throughout the event. The tenth round (super speed) was indeed a hard nut to crack and the participants had to wrack their brains. However all the teams came out with flying colours. Team B, with Ms. Madhvi and Mr. Saurabh Dasgupta bagged the title of the Annual GK Quiz Wizard 2016, followed by Team D with Mr. Biju Ganesan and Mr. Alok Kumar at the second position. Team A with Mr. Sabal and Ms. Anupama were at the third position.

The winning teams were felicitated by the Vice Chairperson, Ms. Geetha Vasan and the Headmistress Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju.

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Talent Hunt Contest

Students of Grades 2 to 8 participated with full enthusiasm in the auditions of INDIA’S TALENT DHAMAAL to be telecast on National Channel soon. The event was organized by GT Production House The students created Dhamaal on stage with their graceful moves, melodious singing and expressive acting. Few students out performed others and got a standing ovation by the judges.

Mothers Empowerment for Educational Development Programme 2016.

It gives us immense pleasure to share the highlights of our Project aimed to empower for mothers of all students. Our school has proudly initiated the Mothers Empowerment for Educational Development Programme 2016. The first session of this programme held on 28th Apr'16, Thursday. This programme aims to provide exposure to mothers for

  • English Speaking (Eng Faculty)
  • Computer Basics (Computer Faculty)
  • Positive Parenting (Counsellor)
  • Right pedagogy to follow for Education .
  • Team of our teachers is dedicated to take sessions with mothers every Thursday in the school premises .

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Health Camp

Free Health Check Up Camp

Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar celebrated the ‘World Health Day’ on April 7, 2016. The school’s Eco Club, Integrity Club and Hope for the Future Club collaboratively worked on making the event a huge success.

The day started with a special assembly organized with the theme, ‘Beat Diabetes’. There was a team of doctors from the schools’ Health partner ‘Doctor on Call’ to brief the students on Diabetes and Obesity. The school, for a social cause, also organized a Free Health Check Up Camp for the underprivileged group of society and for the parents. The medical check up started at 9:00 am in the school premises at the Seminar Hall.

There was a panel of doctors including General Physician, Dentist, Gynecologist, Nutritionist, Orthopedic, Pediatrician etc. A Diagnostic Lab was also set up in the school, by Thyrocare to take the blood samples. Free physical examination along with free Blood Pressure, BMI and General Consultation by specialists was provided by the team.

Nearly 225 people including the Support staff of the school, parents and under privileged people of nearby slum clusters were benefitted through the Free Health Check Up Camp. It was overall a successful initiative, said the guest doctors and parents. The camp was liked and appreciated by all. The Student Volunteers actively participated in ushering and guiding the parents and the guest community. The Free Health Check Up Camp ran smoothly and peacefully till 12.30 pm.

Congratulations to the Doon Family!

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Report For Orientation Programme(2016-17)

On 6th April 2016 an Orientation Programme was organized for the parents of students studying in Class 1. The programme was addressed by the Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan. The key focus was on (1) Punctuality, (2) Uniform, (3) Spoken English, (4) Academics, (5) Expectations of School from Parents. Special stress was also laid on parents’ engagement with their wards. In addition to the above, Ms. Vijayan introduced the ‘Mother’s Empowerment Programme’.

The Chief Proctor, Mr. Mukherjee expressed his views on Discipline and Etiquettes while Dr. Manjushah and Ms. Surbhi conducted a seminar on Health and Hygiene, Child Psychology and Positive Parenting.

Parents interacted with much enthusiasm and came forward to discuss their views. The Orientation Programme was a huge success.

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Talent Hunt Competition ( 2015-’16 ):-

Venue : School Seminar Hall

Date : 27th January,2016 – 1st February, 2016

Time : 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

A Talent Hunt Competition for Primary level was held in the school. Total 125 participants participated whole heartedly and enthusiastically in the said competition from all the five classes ( Class I - Class V ) of Primary wing.

The Competition was divided in three rounds, named as : G. K. round, Personal Talent round and Stage Exposure round. All participants had to appear in all three rounds to complete their participation.

Main objective behind organizing this competition was to tap the hidden talents of our little learners and to provide them a suitable platform for developing those. Judges : Ms. Sikha Duggal, Co-Ordinator, Little Legends; Ms. Neelam Shikhawat, Director, Kidzee; Ms. Anjali Tanwar, Director, Pggmarks ; Ms. Soonu Sibbal, Director, I play I learn and Ms. Roopali Sagar, Little Legends.

The result of the competition is as under :

Class : I : 1st Position: Naman Goel, IA, 2nd Position: Navitesh Nagpal, IA & Shubham Singh, IC, 3rd Position: Ayan Tanwar, IB & Chandan Anand, I D.

Class II : 1st Position: Akshita Saini, 2D, 2nd Position: Heartpreet, 2E, 3rd Position: Arnav Bhasin, 2C & Keerat Kaur, 2B.

Class III : 1st Position: Hannah, 3A, 2nd Position: Yashasvi Gupta, 3A, 3rd Position: Manit Gupta, 3A & Ishita Bhattacharya, 3D.

Class IV : 1st Position : Aditi Gupta, 4B, 2nd Position : Drishti Bansal, 4C, 3rd Position : Yubraj Bhardwaj, 4D.

Class V : 1st Position : Yukti Gulati, 5D, 2nd Position : Garima Sharma, 5A, 3rd Position : Madhu Arora 5D & Chaitanya Agarwal, 5B.

Congratulations to all young participants and winners!

Annual Day Celebrations

Doon Public School celebrated its annual day on 19 December 2015 with great pomp and show. The occasion was graced by many eminent personalities including Dr. Priya Ranjan Trivedi, Chancellor, Global Open University, Nagaland.

The program commenced with an instrumental performance by the talented students of Doon. It was followed by a spectacular ballet 'Friends Forever' performed by the tiny tots of the pre primary wing of the school. The celebrations continued with the junior ballet 'Tatvamasi' performed by the students of the primary and middle wing of the school.

The celebration reached its peak with the appreciation of the academic excellence of the wizards of Doon who have brought laurels to the school with their diligence and sincerity. Prizes and certificates were awarded to the students on the basis of their outstanding performance in both the curricular and co curricular activities.

The program came to its climax with Doon vision given by Mr. M.G.Vasan , chairman of the governing body.of the school.The program came to its close with the much awaited senior ballet 'Vasudeva Katumbhakam' performed by the senior students which was highly appreciated by the audience. All in all, the event was a moment to be remembered by all.

Music & Dance Exhibition

Doon Public School is celebrating it's cultural week from 20th to 27th August

Raman House Activity Report

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Raman house conducted the Special Junior Assembly on 14 Oct’15, Wed. The theme for the assembly was “Indian Culture vs Western Culture”. Special guests, staff of our school’s franchisee from Hospet, witnessed the program.

Following activities were conducted:-
  • The assembly started with the harmonious band presented by the Doonites.
  • Word of the day was spoken by Bhavya of Class 2D. A word of English followed by a sentence was spoken.
  • Thought of the day was spoken by Aditya of Class2A.
  • News was read by Poorna of Class 2D.
  • A skit on “Indian Culture vs Western Culture” was presented by the students of Class 4 showcasing the impact of westernization on Indian culture.
  • A small skit on “Indian Culture vs Western Culture” was presented by the students of Class 2 and 3. The skit culminated into dance performance by the students which was a treat to watch. Through the skit, students conveyed a message to all that we can should take the good qualities of both the cultures and inculcate in our life.
  • The school is celebrating Maths Week . Many students of classes 2, 3 and 4 recited poems on Maths.
  • Students drilled tables of 12 – 15.
Tagore House Assembly Report
  JUNIOR ASSEMBLY September 2, 2015

A colourful and thought provoking panel was placed on the stage going with the theme of the month “Biopic of Unsung Heroes”. The assembly began with the word of the day and a beautiful thought of the day followed by weekly news.

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Subsequently, the first activity was performed which was a skit on the current theme ‘Unsung Heroes of India’. The second activity was a conversation by the students on the life of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The students actively and enthusiastically participated and the audience was kept engaged through some of the intelligent and thought provoking simple quotes of the legendary scientist president of India. Both of the skits enlightened the students about two of the most influential people of India.

SENIOR ASSEMBLY 3rd September 2015

The assembly began with the Word of the Day to enrich the vocabulary of the students. Followed by this, an enriching thought was read aloud.

The students then presented the news of the day to keep them updated.

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Subsequently, the first activity was performed which was a skit about Ram Prasad Bismil focused on the current theme ‘Unsung Heroes of India’. The second activity was a play performed by the students on the life of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The students actively and enthusiastically participated and the audience was kept engaged through witty and funny dialogues, body language and facial expressions. Both of the skits enlightened the students about two of the most influential people of India.


  • After the House activities, the students who won Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals in Inter School Roller Skating were awarded by Headmistress Ma’am.
  • Following this, Mehak Duggal of Class 10 D, who won a Gold Medal in National District Taekwondo Championship 2015, was awarded.
  • Then the medal winners for the First Rolling Panther Skating Competetion held at Pragati Public School, Dwarka were facilitated

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Following this, students were awarded for their performances in Inter Class Archery Tournament held on 18 August 2015

Then, Kriti Chaubey was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 300/- that she won in the Sanskrit Bhashan Pratiyogita held at Delhi Sanskrit Academy on 7 August 2015.

Then,the following students were applauded and facilitated by HM Ma’am for securing a perfect 10 CGPA in Class 10 CBSE Board Examinations :-

  • 1. Divya Sharmac
  • 2. Diya Mahendru
  • 3. Hardik Kapoor
  • 4. Karishma Kaul
  • 5. Maitreyi Sondhi
  • 6. Priyanka Sethi
  • 7. Jayanti Swarop
  • 8. Kriti GAutam
  • 9. Bhavika Kohli
  • 10. Yashi Sharma


Following this, the students were awarded for their performance in Sadhu Vasvani Inter School Biotechnology Meet & Zonal Science Debate Competetion.


After all the awards were given, the students who were recommended for white badges and the silver stars were called upon the stage. Strict verbal warnings were given to the students who are extremely indisciplined while a boost of encouragement was given by the HM Ma’am to the students recommended for silver stars.

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DOON PUBLIC SCHOOL, Paschim Vihar hosted TARANGINI--Music & Dance Festival cum Exhibition on Wednesday-Thursday, 26-27 August 2015 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm in the school premises. This two-day Fest showcased an Exhibition on the evolution of Music & Dance; Performances of Music & Dance; and an Inter-School Dance Competition. The event featured instrumental & vocal music as well as classical, folk & international dance displays by budding young student artists. The event was designed to bring together a cultural extravaganza. Special Guests included eminent personalities from the Music & Dance  world namely Mr. Shashadhar Acharya & Mrs. Helen Acharya (Classical Dancers), Kalamandalam Sreekumar (Professional percussionist); Guruvayur Prof. T.V. Manikandan (Asstt. Professor, Faculty of Music & Fine Arts, D.U.), Ms. Ranjana Gauhar (acclaimed Odissi dancer), Shri Pasumarthy Vithal (traditional kucchipudi dancer)  & Dhana Rani Devi – classical Manipuri dancer.

The exhibition showcased the beautiful, intricate details of the different states of India - their colourful and vibrant culture and heritage.  India’s diversity in all its splendor was brought under one roof.  The event witnessed a large turnout because of the unique concept which was admired by one & all.

The Music & Dance Exhibition put on display the various musical instruments starting from the bygone era till the contemporary times showcasing the historical evolution of our ancient heritage which was brought alive through real, Live-performances of music & dance by our budding artists. The fest also included an Inter-School Dance Competition which let lose the dance mania and brought forth the inherent passion in our youngsters. This festival was Doon's humble effort to recognize the latent capabilities of the young students, to encourage in them the spirit of competition, to cultivate all rounder personalities and to help them achieve excellence in extra-curricular activities.

The dignitaries from the school included the Vice Chairperson – Ms. Geetha Vasan, the Manager – Mr. Sarat Chandran, the Director – Ms. Sumy Vasan Tiwari, the Principal – Ms. Vandana Sachdev and the Head Mistress – Ms. Vidhu Vijayan.

Hasya Kavita Pratiyogita
  20th August, 2015
Doon Public School
Paschim Vihar
New Delhi

An inter-school Hilarious Poem Competition ‘Hasya Kavita Pratiyogita’ was organized by Doon Public School on 20th August, 2015 at the school’s seminar hall. Fifty students from twenty five different schools participated in the competition. The hilarious element elements and amusing compositions not only entertained the audiences but also took the event at an appreciable level.

The confidence, facial expressions and gestures of the participants were highly commendable. The jury for the event involved Mrs. Harsh Vij and Mrs. Rita Dubey, who have immensely contributed to Hindi.

Jury’s decision was aptly accepted by the competing teams. Following were the winners:

Category for Class-7
  • I. Singdha Vashisht (DPS, Rohini)
  • II. Aryan Jaggi (Indraprastha World School, Paschim Vihar)
  • III. Vansh Grover (Bosco Public School, Sunder Vihar)
Category for Class-8
  • I. Sanskar Gupta (St. Marks, Meera Bagh)
  • II. Vanshaj (GD Goenka, Rohini)
  • III. Vansh Aggarwal (Lancer Convent, Prashant Vihar, Rohini)

For the conclusion of the event, the school thanked all the participants and appreciated Hindi department’s efforts in organizing the successful event.

  DAY, DATE : Monday, 24 August 2015
TIME: 9:30 am
VENUE: Seminar Hall


Doon Public School's English Faculty organised INTER-SCHOOL ENGLISH FACE-TO-FACE 2015 on Monday, 24 August 2015.
It was a debate with a difference. It was the School's endeavour to take debating to an altogether different level by providing a platform to the students of classes 11 & 12-- where they debated logically and intelligently on real-world-issues i.e. contemporary concerns.

The Vice-Chairperson Ms. Geetha Vasan and the Manager Mr. Sarat Chandran graced the event as the Chief Guest.
The esteemed Judge for the event was the Director - Ms. Sumy Vasan Tiwari.
Another important invitee was the Principal Ms. Vandana Sachdev.

This Inter-School debate brought together teams from a number of Delhi's prestigious schools under one roof to compete against each other. Each school had sent in a team of 4 members who debated in pairs. There were 'Three Rounds' namely the Preliminary Round which comprised a quick test on General Awareness via SAS [Smart Assessment System], the Semi-Final Round wherein the topics for debate were TERRORISM AND CIVIL LIBERTIES--“Protecting the public from terrorism should come before civil liberties." and "INDUSTRIALISATION IN INDIA does not benefit the rural poor" and the Final Round debate was on the topic ORGAN AND TISSUE DONATION -- "Financial incentives provide the best solution to the crisis of organ and tissue donation ".

All the teams had done an in-depth research on their topics and debated well. The Judge and the audience too grilled the debating teams with their questions and received convincing  arguments. There were heated team-exchanges, too.

The proud winner of the Face-to-Face trophy was the team from Ganga International School, Hirankudna. The Runners-up trophy was bagged by Cambridge Foundation and the Consolation prize went to Lancers Convent and St. Margaret Sr. Sec. School.
The event was a grand success and was highly appreciated and applauded by the honourable Judge as well as the guests.

Raman House assembly report


Senior assembly – 20th August, 2015

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Raman House conducted senior assembly on the topic “Biopic of Unsung Heroes” to give tribute to our Heroes who sacrificed their life for the welfare of mankind. The Assembly started with Word of the day by Shrutika of class 8, followed by thought of the day by Kashish of class 10 and then weekly news by Nishtha of class 9. Jatindra Nath Das, a freedom fighter, on whose life skit was presented by students of class 7th, 8th and 9th under the guidance of Ms. Poonam.
Tribute was given of our former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam by presenting poems written by him titled THE YOUTH, PHOENIC OF LIFE, SWIM THROUGH by the students of class 10 under the guidance of Ms. Ishmeet.
Students of class 5th, 6th and 7th celebrated the spirit of ONAM by dancing and singing on the tunes of Onam song guided by Ms. Jaya, Mr. Jitendra & Mr. Ved.





DOON PUBLIC SCHOOL celebrated INDEPENDENCE DAY on Friday, 14th August 2015 with great patriotic fervour. This auspicious day also marked the formal introduction of MEEP at DOON. MEEP, that is, -- MY ENGLISH ENHANCEMENT PROJECT is the new endeavor of the English Faculty.

This 'My English Enhancement Project' has been taken up to bring about a noticeable change in each and every Doonite. This Project is the brainchild of Doon's dynamic Director Ms. Sumy Vasan Tiwari. She is the spirit behind this Project propelling the English Faculty to move forward by guiding them at every step.

Under her guardianship, the English Faculty is trying to bring about a sea-change in the mindset of students. This Project aims at enhancing every child's command on the ENGLISH Language through day-to-day Language learning activities which target their four basic skills of LISTENING, SPEAKING, READING and WRITING.

The activities range from Reading Aloud; Writing a Journal every day; Working with dictionaries; Collecting and using new words, idioms and phrases; Dramatization of Stories and Plays; Role play activities; Watching English News and Films; Reading English books and Newspapers; Listening to English music/ famous Speeches, Debates or commentaries; Putting up small English activities both in the class and in the assembly; Adopting the Socratic method, etc.

So, the English Faculty showcased the MEEP on this day through some well-chosen Activities. It was an opportunity for even the stage-shy students to come forward to present activities wherein they put the English Language to good use with great ease. Under this 'MY ENGLISH ENHANCEMENT PROJECT' -- the students brought-back to life on stage -- the unforgettable and indelible Indian freedom struggle through their flawless performances and acts in the form of skits, role-plays, speeches and songs. The show-stopping performance was the skit put by classes 3 & 4 on the Jallinwala Bagh Massacre. The act was so poignant that it brought tears in the eyes of the audience.

The Director commended the humble effort made by the English Department and encouraged them to keep up the good work.



Lets now elaborate on the new endeavour of the English Faculty.

It's a privilege indeed, to introduce you all to a new endeavour by the ENGLISH FACULTY named MEEP -- MY ENGLISH ENHANCEMENT PROJECT to bring about a noticeable change in each and every Doonite. This Project is the brainchild of our dynamic Director Ms. Sumy Vasan Tiwari. Under her guardianship, the English Faculty is trying to bring about a sea-change in the mindset of students. This Project aims at enhancing every child's command on the ENGLISH Language through day-to-day Language learning activities which target their four basic skills of LISTENING, SPEAKING, READING and WRITING.

The activities range from Reading Aloud, Writing a Journal every day, Working with dictionaries, Collecting and using new words, idioms and phrases, Dramatization of Stories and Plays, Role pkay activities, Watching English News and Films, Reading English books and Newspapers, Listening to English music/ famous Speeches, Debates or commentaries, Putting up small English activities both in the class and in the assembly, Adopting the Socratic method, etc.

The English Faculty also presents activities on every occasion under its MY ENGLISH ENHANCEMENT PROJECT. So, lets bless this humble effort by the English Department.

Alumni Meet


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An alumni meet [1992-93 batch] was organized at Doon Public School on 6th of August 2015. It was a trip down the memory lane for these ex-students of Doon who are now highly qualified and very well placed. Some of the alumni have specially come all the way from places like Canada, USA, Ireland, London, Mumbai and Bangluru.


They were accorded a warm welcome by the Principal, Ms. Vandana Sachdev and the HM, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan. They also had an interactive session with the Manager, Mr. Sarat Chandran and were informed about the various progressive changes introduced in the school. Later, they visited the school campus refreshing their past memories. They were escorted by some of the senior teachers like Mr. Rahul Singh and Ms. Rashmi Sehdev. The group also interacted with the students and shared their experiences of the school life. It was indeed a nostalgic moment and brought alive numerous memories which would always be cherished in life!

Eco club Report


class 8
july 2015

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First week

A discussion was held on Global Warming. The children participated in the discussion enthusiastically they gave methods of preventing it.

Three relatedvideo s were shown to them The video has the following informations.

  • What is global warming?
  • Cause of global warming
  • Greenhouse gases
  • Effects of global warming
  • Prevention of global warming

During second week a questionairre was given to students based on the video and the students made articles and drawings on Global warming

On third week of the month students prepared a scientific wall outside their classroom where they displayed their articles and drawings.The effort of students was appreciated by their peers as well as teachers.

Rajneesh Pandey
Report : Seminar conducted for class XI & XII , Science stream


On 24th July, 2015, Friday, Doon Public School Paschim Vihar was glad to have Dr. Anand, Regenerative Scientist, in the school for enlightening us on Stem cell therapy. Dr. Anand is a dignified registered scientist of Autostem laboratory in Chennai. He had been working in the field of stem cell research and therapy for years.

The seminar started with the introduction of Stem cell and its various applications in curing diseases. During the seminar, he also made us aware of the various shortcomings of the stem cell therapy like rejection by the body due to the presence of different Human Leucocytes Antigens (HLA). He even flashed light on the diseases like

Thalassemia, Multiple drug resistance (MDR) in Tuberculosis, Severely Combined Immuno Deficiency (SCID) etc.

Students and teachers asked lot many questions from Dr. Anand to enhance their understanding of the subject.


We all are thankful and grateful to Dr. Anand for visiting our school. We hope that he would be visiting our institution in the future as well.

Tagore House Assembly Report

Junior Assembly 29th July 2015

A colorful and thought prov oking panel was placed on the stage related to the theme of the month ‘Superstition and human flourishing’.

The assembly began with the word of the day and a beautiful thought, on the prevalence of illogical superstitious habits in the society. After the weekly news, the first activity was a poem to fight against the superstitions plaguing the human minds.

The second activity was a skit on the growth of superstitions in the society. Emphasizing the point that religious superstitions grow and flourish with a belief of anticipated results. Accidental positive outcomes which were anticipated while performing the superstitious act, generally results in the growth of superstitions. Our society must learn to understand the disconnect between such illogical correlation of the superstitious acts with their outcomes.

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Senior Assembly 30th July 2015

The assembly began with the Word of the Day to enrich the vocabulary of the students. It also helped in engaging the whole school and their participation by raising their hands. Followed by this, an enriching thought was read aloud.

The students then presented the news of the day to keep them updated and broaden their horizon. Subsequently, the first activity was performed which was a skit on the current theme ‘Superstition and human flourishing’. The second activity was a street play performed by the students on the same theme. The students actively and enthusiastically participated and the audience was kept engaged through witty dialogues, body language and facial expressions. Both had a strong message to make the students understand the importance of identifying and acknowledging the overt and covert undertones of superstition in our lives and its harmful effects on us.

After the House activities, Headmistress Ma’am addressed the students and for the first time Stars and Badges were given to students. The importance of discipline, focus and hard work was stressed upon in the assembly. It acted as a good morale booster and motivator for the students.

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Raman House Senior Assembly – 23rd August

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Raman house conducted the Senior assembly on 23rd august, 2015. The theme for the assembly was “Superstitions and Human Flourishing”.

Word of the day was given by Deepankar aneja of class XI, followed by thought of the day by Rabpreet of class X and then news was read by Sakhi of class XI.

Students of class 9th and 10th presented a skit showcasing various superstitions, even in modern families. The Skit was prepared under the guidance of Ms Jasmine.

Followed by this, students of class 6th and 8th under the guidance of Ms Ishmeet performed character impersonalization with dance beats, showing common superstitions like black cat, lemon & chilli, broken glass etc prevailing in Indian families.

Raman House Activity Report

Raman house conducted the junior assembly on 22 July’15, Wed. The theme for the assembly was “Superstitions and Human Flourishing”.

Following activities were conducted:-

Word of the day was spoken by Kriti Sindhwani of Class 2D. A word of English followed by a sentence was spoken.

Thought of the day was spoken by Bhavya Gulati of Class2D.

News was read by Opurva of Class 4B.

Two skits were presented by the students of class 2,3 &4 on the theme “Superstitions and Human Flourishing” showcasing people’s superstitious beliefs. Through the skit, students tried to convey the message that everything happening around us has a reason and a scientific explanation. These uncontrolled beliefs in superstitions should be stopped so that our country and mind can be developed.

Finally, honorable Principal Ma’am and Head mistress Ma’am awarded a “Silver Star” to Lokesh of class 1C for his overall excellent performance & good behavior in class and a few students of class 3 & 4 were given warning badges .(white badge)

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Investiture 2015 Report

Event: Investiture Ceremony 2015-2016
Date: 20 JULY 2015 (Monday )
Venue: Doon Public School

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Doon Public School conducted the student council elections for the session 2015-2016 on a 3-day span. The students of our school had the pleasure of electing their own student leaders in a most democratic fashion. On Wednesday 6 May and Thursday 7 May 2015, the candidates contesting for the post of Head Boy, Head Girl, Vice-Head Boy, Vice-Head Girl and Captains of 4 houses- Gandhi, Milkha, Raman, Tagore went on stage and gave their introduction and presented their manifesto. Then in the second round, they spoke on an extempore topic given to them on the spot. They were then made to face a tough interjection session from the floor (two Audience Questions each). The judges for the event were Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju (Headmistress) and Ms. Vijurai Francy ( PGT-Economics) who short-listed the candidates for the final voting. The candidates put up their manifesto posters on the display boards on Thursday, 7 May 2015 and did their class-to-class campaigning which charged the school with great political fervour. The Doonites cast their votes through an electronic votingvia the SAS (Smart Assessment System) on Plasma screens present in each class on Friday, 8 May 2015. The results were declared on the same day. The investiture ceremony held on Monday, July 20 was led by Ms. Sumy Vasan Tiwari, Director cum Legal Officer who inspired and instilled in the students the spirit of true leadership expected of worthy citizens. The badge of honour was donned on the students by the Vice-Chairperson Ms. Geetha Vasan, the Manager Mr. Sarat Chandran and the Principal Ms. Vandana Sachdev . The newly elected student council body (2015-2016) includes the following members:-

Elected Student Council Body 2015-2016
House Captains & Vice House Captains
  • RAMAN HOUSE : NUPUR GUPTA ; Anjika Gupta
  • TAGORE HOUSE : MEHAK KANWAR ; Srijita Bhattacharya
On 11th (Monday)

( The aim to conduct these activities was to unfold their talent to facilitate and sharpen their mental and physical abilities)

Einstein Day

DATE -12th May 2015

Class 2 participated enthusiastically. They were dressed as a scientist of their choice and they spoke about the scientist that they represented.

On 13th ((Wednesday)

Class 4 students participated in the mask making activity on theme animals.

Class 6 on the same day participated in ikebana (way of flower arrangement) Students used their own creativity to arrange flowers.In a short span of time students students changed the entire class ambience in to a beautiful valley full of various colours and different flowers.
The view was as beautiful as a rainbow.

On 14th (Thursday)
  • 1) Aqua day was celebrated where students of class 3 dressed up as a water plant or animal and spoke about what they represented.
  • 2) Dumb charades  was the activity chalked out for class 7 where scientific terms were given to them and they guessed those terms which they find difficult remembering sometimes.
  • 3) Quiz for class 9 & 10 on the topic metallurgy was conducted.The presence of Manager Sir ,Principal Ma'am and HM Ma'am boosted up the morale of the participant students.The audience comprised of students of class 9 and 10 participated enthusiastically.
  • 4)4) Fun with Experiments activity was carried out in the biology lab by the students of class 11 where they demonstrated those experiments to their juniors .The experiments shown were 1. Tornado in a bottle: in this experiment we fill the bottle 3/4th with water and add any dishwasher to it. We add some glitter we then rotate the bottle. When we rotate a mini tornado gets formed as water vortex gets created and when centripetal force acts on it a mini tornado gets formed. 2. To stab potato using a straw: we take a straw and try to pierce it in the potato it does not stab the potato how much ever force we apply. We then close its lid with one finger and then try to pierce it in the potato. This time its goes in because high pressure get created in the straw which increases our ability to pierce the potato. 3. To build a fizz inflator: we take vinegar in a bottle and add baking soda to it. Place a balloon on the mouth of the bottle, the balloon blows as carbon dioxide gas is released. 4. Candle under water: we fill a saucer with water. Place a candle in between and light it, cover it with a glass. After few seconds we will see that the water level in glass rises up, this happens so as to create equal pressure in and outside the glass. 5. Oil water magic: in this we take water in a beaker and add oil, it floats, then we add detergent to it and we will see that oil dissolves in water this happens due to a process called micelle formation. All the students that had come to see the experiment enjoyed a lot. An interactive session was also held between the students who were showing the experiment and who had come to see the experiment. Some of the students were also able to guess the science behind the experiments. Manager sir, Principal mam and Headmistress mam had also come to see the experiments. They asked questions to the students performing the experiment and the students were able to answer the questions well.
  • 5) Class 11 students also were involved in Blood group Detection on the same day in Biotech lab.All the authorities and teachers had already been invited for the same two days prior.Around 25 teachers and students which includes our Manager Sir,Principal Ma'am and Headmistress Ma'am also got to know their blood groups.
On 15th (Friday) we had
  • 1) Action song whose theme was green song where the students of class 5 tried to convey the message to save earth through their songs.The judges appreciated the efforts and Principal Ma'am gave her valuable suggestions to improvise and to make it more mesmerising.5C was adjudged first among all.
  • 2) Book talk was taken up by students of class 8  where they talked about various science fiction books that they have recently read and their authors.The activity was formatted to encourage and appreciate a scientific temperament amongst the students.The students enjoyed it thoroughly. As the holidays begin from 18th May, they were exchanging the book titles so that they can read during holidays.The indulging belief is that doubt and experimentation is the route to all great discoveries.
  • 3) Then we culminated with the debate on the topic do you think someday religion will extinct and science will answer all the questions about universe? Where class 11 students participated from the science section.
Blood Donation Camp

DATE -16th May 2015

The ECO CLUB of our school organised a blood donation camp in association with Rotary Club ,Delhi Rhythm in the school premises on 16 th May 2015,Saturday.Teachers as well as parents volunteered for the camp and around 60 units were collected.Everyone showed enthusiasm to donate blood for a noble cause.Overall,the camp was a success.

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RoboFest 2015

Robots are the future of mankind. In the days to come , all the human activities will be easily done by robots and the world will be taken over by them. With this vision in mind , our school participated in RoboFest 2015 on 11th and12th May. The venue was Maxfort School, Sector 7 , Dwarka.

Three students

  • a) Nishant Pande ,XD
  • b) Varun Sharma ,XD
  • c) Tejas Padhye, IXC

Along with Mr. Vishwanath Banerjee (as coach/mentor) went there and brought laurels for the school. Our school won the first position in this competition beating 12 other reputed schools and it was an extremely proud moment for all of us.

We hope to participate in more such robotics event in future and bring glory for Doon Public School.

Mr Vishwanath Banerjee
PGT Physics.

Quiz Wizard for Parents

Our first vision is to trigger a process of change driven by a strong urge to gain knowledge and vision which is the greatest wealth of a nation. Keeping this cue in mind, a G.K Quiz was organised for the parents by the G.K Club on 2 May 2015. 45 parents turned up to participate in the Quiz. The preliminary round was conducted using the high tech Smart Assessment System (SAS) . Each team was to select the correct answer of the questions displayed on the Plasma Screen with the help of a hand held remote device. 8 toppers qualified for the final round who constituted the 4 teams. Questions related to general knowledge from various fields like literature, sports, science, music etc were asked by our Quiz Master Ms Ishmeet

After several rounds of intense quizzing, Team D ( Mr Biju Ganesan and Mrs Rashmi Saxena walked away with the first prize, Team B ( Mr. Saurabh Das Gupta and Mr Vivek ) won the second prize and Team A ( Mrs Simran and Mr Tarun Gupta) bagged the third prize. Mr Aman Kapila and Mr Rajeev got the consolation prize. The audience also participated enthusiastically and won special prizes . Manager Mr Sarat Chandran gave away the prizes to the winning teams and thanked the guests.

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Eco club

DATE - May 2015
CLASS - 6 and 7
Time - 1:45 – 2:20 PM

First week
A discussion was held among the children about the types of waste. The children participated in the discussion enthusiastically they gave lots of examples of biodegradable and non biodegradable waste.
A video was shown to them on the topic " Segregation of Waste "..The video has the following informations.
1 Types of waste i.e solid , liquid and gaseous waste
2 Biodegradable and non biodegradable waste and their examples.
3.Disposal of biodegradable waste by various practices i.e Composting ,vermicomposting and land fills.
5 Ways to reduce non biodegradable waste using 3R's.

In second week the questionairre was given to students based on the video and the students attempted it nicely .

In third week an activity was conducted where the students were asked to segregate the waste as biodegradable and non biodegradable . The students brought the two types of waste , and two bins from home , then children were called in pairs to segregate the waste and put them in the appropriate bins.
4th week the collage making competition was organised among the sections .The topic of collage was "Waste Management" for class 7 and Biodegradable and nonbiodegradable waste for class 6. students of every class and section made beautiful collage .The result was declared on the basis of presentation.

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Save Water
  CLASS - 8

Students were shown two videos on - Save water Save Life. Students keenly watched the videos which enlightened them that Water covers 70 percent of the Earth, but only 3% of it is clean and suitable for human consumption.Even if you live in an area with ample rainfall, using water requires energy to process, pump, heat, re-pump, and re-process it.

Students brought materials for making collage, posters, bookmarks and hangouts on the importance of saving water.They showed their creativity and artistic skills to make beautiful posters,drawings,collage and hangouts on the given topic.Few students were quite innovative to write slogans also on the topic.

Students displayed their work done in the previous activity - posters,drawings,slogans and collage near the water coolers of our school. They also made beautiful hangouts with a message which was hanged or tied on the water taps.They also made their schoolmates aware of the importance of water conservation. A questionnaire related to the topic was given which the students had to do in their eco - club files .

A quiz on the topic was conducted in the class. Students enthusiastically participated in the quiz.It was followed by a discussion in which students actively participated and pledged to use water judiously so that it can be used by everyone.

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Raman House Activity

Raman house conducted the junior assembly on 29th April’15, Wed. The theme for the assembly was “Earth the cradle of life”.

Following activities were conducted:-
* Word of the day was spoken by Keerat of Class 2B. A word of English followed by a sentence was spoken.
* Thought of the day was spoken by Poorna of Class2D.
*News was read by Swastik of Class 3B.
* A skit on “Earth, The Cradle Of Life”was presented by the students of Class 3 and 4. The skit culminated into dance performance by the students which was a treat to watch.
* A small skit on “Heal Mother Earth” was presented by the students of Class3. Through the skit, students conveyed a message to all that we can save our Earth by working together.

Special guests from “Kidproof” visited the school. This organization works on Child Safety Education. They talked about strangers and how a child can learn to identify good or a bad stranger. They also talked about safety on road and at home. Kidproof will organize summer camp from 18th May onwards in Doon Public School .In the 7 days’ camp, students would be taught about safety measures and would be engrossed in lot of activities and games.

Finally, Ms.Jyoti Kohli talked about Nepal’s devastating earthquake. Students have been asked to donate well packed items( like medicines, clothes, eatables etc.) for the victims.

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Video Activity

DATE - 13.04.15
CLASS - 3 & 4
Time - 1:45 – 2:20 PM
TEACHER INCHARGE Ms Harpreet Kaur & Ms. Renu Dwivedi

A video on healthy food habits was shown to the students. They were very keen to watch the video. After the video session, many questions were asked related to healthy habits. Response of the same was very encouraging. Simple tips were given to the students as to how they can keep themselves healthy. They were guided how to make a collage in their files.

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Special Assembly

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Doon Public School welcomed its students to the new academic session (2015 – 16) with a special assembly on the 7th April, 2015 on the occasion of World Health Day. The assembly was structured around health and wellness. A series of interesting sections were put together, like the English word of the day (By Ms. Ishmeet Kohli), Thought of the day (By Mrs. Shikha Gupta) poem (Prithvi J. Nair of Class 4-A) and a speech (By Riya Bhardwaj of Class 8-B). These were followed by a Prize Distribution Ceremony; where in the meritorious students of the school were awarded for their achievement.

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