Events & Happenings

Atl Community Day
Date- 12th April 2019

Atal Tinkering Lab aims at fostering curiosity, creativity, and imagination in young minds and inculcates skills such as designing mindset, computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing, etc. Young children get a chance to work with tools and equipment to understand the aspects (what, how and why) of STEM, i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths.

We celebrated ATL-Community day on 12th April 2019 at Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar . The students of the neighbouring schools and an NGO were invited. More than 130 students participated.

A workshop was conducted by the Mentor of change – Mr. Prashant Pandey from NITI Ayog. He shared brief idea about the importance of technology in our life which can solve the major problems. He also discussed about the innovative skills and introduced the upcoming technology.

There was a session for the students, on the following innovative projects, which gave them a hands-on experience:


The event was presided by the Vice Principal, Ms. Malini Panikkar, the Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju and the Programming Director (Lakshay NGO), Ms. Shobha.

An exhibition in the school’s ATL-LAB concluded the event. The following projects were displayed:

  • Quad copter Technology
  • Alcohol Detection
  • Obstacle Car
  • Touch Light Pad
  • Lego Technology
  • 3-D Printing
  • Water Irrigation System
  • Smart Dustbin
  • Blind Stick
  • And Radar System

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Health Camp Report

“Every Human being is the author of his own health or disease” –Lord Buddha

A free Medical Health Check-up camp was organized by DOON PUBLIC SCHOOL, PASCHIM VIHAR on Friday, 5th April 2019 for Doonites’ mothers and the under-privileged children. The camp was conducted on the occasion of the World Health Day with the theme - ‘Universal Health Coverage’. The Eco Club, the team of MEED (Mother’s Empowerment for Educational Developmen) and Hope for the Future members in association with “Rotary Delhi Rhythm”- Lakshay Mahila Club, an NGO organized this health camp to mark the general health awareness among the mothers. A team of doctors including a Gynecologist (Dr. Renu), an Orthopedic (Dr. Rakesh), an Eye Specialist (Dr. Ray) and a team of dentists from Clove Dental (Dr. Harmandeep) conducted the health check-ups from 8:30 am onwards in the school premises. Blood Pressure check-up and weight measurements were conducted by Sastasundar Healthbuddy group. The necessary medical advice and precautionary measures were given. The objective of the camp was to provide information regarding diet, exercise and weight control. The doctors advised various medicines and consultation during the camp.

The event was presided by the Manager, Mr. N.V Sarat Chandran, the Vice Principal, Ms. Malini Panikkar and the Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju.

The Camp was successfully concluded under the able guidance of the Headmistress Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju along with the students volunteers and team members- Ms. Geeta Madan, Ms. Pearl Young Siddiqui, Ms. Megha Mahajan, Ms. Chehak Chadha, Ms. Minisha Dayal, Ms. Resham Gandhi and Mr. Lalit Prakash.

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Vintage in Vogue Doon Fashion Extravaganza 2019

Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar witnessed an evening of razzmatazz by organizing a gala event with lot of pomp and show on 9 February 2019. The Fashion Extravaganza-‘Vintage In Vogue’ was organized by the Fashion Department of the school, headed by Ms. Mehak Gulati. The school organizes this annual event in order to give a hands-on experience to the students who pursue Fashion Studies.

The school was honoured by the presence of venerated guests Ms. Suman Donga, All India Coordinator of Spicmacay, Dr. Vipul Indora, doctor turned entrepreneur and Ms. Neha Kala, entrepreneur-cum- social worker, who encouraged our budding designers at the event.

The guests were escorted with the majestic school band. They were accorded a warm welcome by the Manager, Mr. N.V.Sarat Chandran, the Headmistress, Ms.Vidhu Vijayan Biju and Ms. Mehak Gulati. The lighting of the propitious lamp marked the auspicious beginning of the event. The anchor of the show, Mr. Ghanshyam Tiwari, a theatre artist from Mumbai; made the event entertaining by his impeccable performance. A thrilled audience cheered the student-participants and other models during the various rounds.

The show set ablaze the ramp with a world of myriad designs and colours displaying the traditional and contemporary styles of garments. Student participants displayed exquisite couture of different eras exhibiting100 Years of Fashion.

Glitzy and alluring attires were showcased through themes –“Cyber Punk”, “Jodha on the Ramp”, “Boho on the Beach”, “ Corporate”, “Do You Believe?” , “Jungle Jamboree” , “ Fantasy Land” ,“Vasant” etc.

The event also witnessed the release of the cover page of the much awaited school magazine ‘MERAKI’-2019, by the esteemed guests.

The show culminated in a scintillating dance put up by the students of the school. The Manager of the school, Mr. Sarat Chandran, announced the results of the different rounds and appreciated the talent and creativity shown by the student models and designers.

This year’s fashion extravaganza was indeed a celebration of hues, fashion, culture and style spreading smiles and gaiety all around; culminating in a hope that this celebration of finesse and finery will continue to enthral us in the years to come.

Annual Day 2019

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41st Annual Day cum Rewards and Recognition Ceremony

Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi celebrated its ‘41st Annual Day cum Rewards and Recognition Ceremony’ on Saturday, 22nd December, 2018 amidst great zest, vibrancy and elation. It was a proud moment for the Doonites to have their aluma and alumnus, Ms. Neha Yadav, (IPS), Assistant Commissioner of Police and Mr. Rubal Singh, (IRS), Deputy Commissioner, Income Tax, (Govt. of India) as the ‘Guests of Honour’ for the event.

The other esteemed guests for the event were - Dr. Gervais Thomas, Chairman Managing Committee; Ms. Daljeet Kaur Ex-Deputy Director, Directorate of Education and Additional Director, SCERT; Ms. Raj Rathee, formal Headmistress, Ms.Harsh Vij, Ms. Kamini Chikkara and Ms. Rita Dubey, former faculty at Doon Public School.

The Manager, Mr. Sarat Chandran, the Vice Chairperson cum Director, Ms. Sumy Vasan Tiwari, the Vice Principal, Ms. Malini Panikkar and the Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju also graced the occasion.

The school band gave a majestic welcome to the dignitaries who inaugurated the ceremony by lighting the lamp. Sraswati Vandana followed by ‘Fusion Music – Tarang’ commenced the cultural program. The ‘Welcome Speech,’ highlighting the laurels won by the Doonites, was given by the Manager, Mr. Sarat Chandran.

Rewards & Recognition Ceremony took place in two phases and included:

  • Geetha Vasan Memorial Award
  • Sreeja Roy Memorial Award
  • Bhaskara
  • DMDM (Double Marks Double Money – for Class 12th ACHIEVERS)
  • CBSE Class 10th TOPPERS
  • Hope for the Future (Social concern project)
  • MEED (Mothers Empowerment and Educational Development)
  • Best—Dancer; Vocalist; Instrumentalist; Artist ; Class; House; Science Talent; Commerce; Humanities; Sports Person; Eklavya Award, Student of the Year, Special Awards (Excellence in Music), Personality Trait;
  • Rank Holders; 100 % Attendance;
  • Pre-Primary Awards – Best Handwriting, Immaculately Dressed, Orator, Painting Strokes
  • ISA – International School Award by British Council

The audience awesomely enjoyed the tiny tot’s Pre-Primary Ballet - ALICE IN WONDERLAND. ‘Magic of ABACUS’ spell bounded everyone as it showcased the perfect mathematical solutions with speed and accuracy.

Doon Vision’, envisaging the futuristic Doonites with competitive spirits and global understanding, was presented by the Vice-Chairperson Ms. Sumy Vasan Tiwari. Middle wing’s entertaining ballet – ‘SURANGAMA’- was a confluence of happiness, exuberance, colour & dance. It showcased the varied international and national dance forms with apt and sparkling costumes.

The Vice Principal, Ms. Malini Pannikar, proposed ‘the Vote of Thanks’. She thanked the Guests of Honour, the Alumni, the Doonites, Parents and Teachers whose selfless efforts made ‘the Annual Eve - 2019’ a success.

Senior’s thought provoking ballet – ‘FUTURE UNEARTHED’- not only raised environmental issues but also gave a peek into 2050. It imparted an important message of the present generation being the custodians of the environment.

‘Behind the Scenes – Videos’ conceptualised by the Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju, was a highlight of the evening which enlisted the maximum viewership.

The programme was culminated with the ‘National Anthem’.

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Republic Day Celebrations 2019

25 January 2019 The strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it. Only if every single citizen feels duty bound to do his share in this defence, are the constitutional rights secure - Albert Einstein

Republic day is celebrated every year on 26 January as this date commemorates the inception of ‘Constitution of India’.Thus, it holds much significance for the people of India as it allows them to feel the grandeur of their vibrant nation.

Keeping with the zeal of the occasion, Doon Public School also celebrated the 70th Republic Day with much fanfare on 25 January 2019 in the school premises to infuse the students with the feeling of patriotism and love for the country.

The celebrations bring in with the flag hoisting ceremony. It was succeeded by the word of the day given by Kumkum of class 9 B and thought for the day given by Shivanya of class 9 B. The audience was enlightened by Gaurangi of class 9 A and Sadaf of class 9 E, who talked about the importance of the day. The ambience became exuberant when a patriotic song was sung by students of class 6 to 8.

The students from Tagore House gave a jubilant performance on the song - Des Rangila which made the audience tap their feet. It was followed by a skit on the fundamental right of a citizen which was quite informative and entertaining. The students from Milkha House presented a patriotic group song to match the zest of the day. Following it, Soham of class 10 C and Afeerah of 9 A quizzed the students on current affairs.

French Olympiad was conducted on 30th October 2018 for classes 5 to 10.The prize distribution ceremony for French Olympiad was organised to acknowledge the prowess of students who have won gold medals. The names of the students who bagged gold are as follows :

Elementary Level : Classes 5 & 6
1. Jasmeet Singh 6 C
2. Jay Sharma 6 C
3. Sarthak Bhashani 6 A
4. Atharv Sharma 6 C
5. Ananya Bansal 6 A
6. Lakshay Dhawan 6 B
7. Jasleen Kaur 5 B
8. Akshita Saini 5 D
9. Sehej Singh 6 B
10. Tanvi Shah 6 B
11. Talha Imam 6 C
Advanced level : Classes 7 & 8
1. Parag Goel 7 B
2.. Jiya Khanawalia 8 B
Classes 9 & 10
1. Afeerah Imam 9 A
2. Prisha Dasgupta 10 A
3. Vanshika Gupta 10 A
4. Shruti Chatterjee 10 A
5. Sana Mehta 10 A
6. Namrata Gaba 10 A
7. Rakshita Kohli 10 A
8. Kabir Rooprai 10 A
9. Muskaan 10 A

The celebrations culminated with a foot tapping group dance on old patriotic song. The students of classes 5 to 8 swayed the audience to their beats and filled the air with patriotic fervour.

The special assembly was presided by the Vice-Chairperson cum Director, Ms. Sumy Vasan Tiwari, the Vice-Principal, Ms. Malini Panikkar and the Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju.

The entire event instilled all with the feeling that can be summed up with the following thought: This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home for the brave.

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Christmas Celebrations

24 December 2018
“Peace on earth will come to stay when we live Christmas every day"- Helen Steiner Rice

One of the holiest holidays on the Christian calendar, a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas is a time for celebration - of lights, of giving, of kindness, of generosity, and love.

Doon also welcomed the festival in full swing on 24 December 2018 in the school premises. The celebrations began with narration of the story of Christmas day. It was followed by an adorable dance performance by tiny tots from primary wing. Also, the students rejoiced by singing carols praising the birth of Jesus Christ. It was followed by a dance face off by Saanvi Tandon of class 3 and Nikita of class 9. The audience was enlightened by a general awareness quiz related to the theme of the day.

On this great occasion, the school authorities acknowledged the efforts of the students who brought laurels to school by doing well in the field of sports, academics and even unconventional fields like culinary and photography.

In a basketball competition held at St. Matthews School, Paschim Vihar in the month of December, the following students made the school proud and bagged gold medals and a trophy:

1. Chaitanya Dangwal 12 D
2. Rohan Tyagi 12 D
3. Arjun Narula 11 D
4. Karan Kumar 12 D
5. Bharat Bhaskar 11 B
6. Aryan Chikkara 11 C
7. Sukhman Narula 8 C
8. Rahul Mittal 12 B
9. Sidak 10 C
10. Tanish Mittal 12 A
11. Shonak 10 A
12. Sudhanshu 12 D
13. Rudraksh 8 C

Bharat Vikas Parishad awarded the best student award to the following students in the year 2018-19 for an outstanding academic performance throughout the year. The students received certificates and trophy.

1. Garima Sharma 8 A
2. Kashika Kakkar 8 D

World Genius Search Competition is held every year to recognise the innate talent of students in the fields of academics. The following Doonites proved their academic prowess and brought accolades for the school:

1. Ankit Kanwar 10 C
2. Himanshu Gupta 10 C
3. B. Lokesh Sai 4 C
4. Saiyansh Sethi 4 C

The joy became manifold when Doonites proved their mettle in the culinary skills and photography competition held at Rainbow International School, Janakpuri. Keshav Singhal of class 12 won third prize in the photography competition-Shutterbug and Harshul Kharbanda, Vasu Chadha and Sakshi Porwal of class 9 won consolation prizes in a culinary competition held at the same school. All the winners were presented the trophies and certificates by Manager Sir and Vice Principal ma'am.

Keeping the theme of the day in mind, an inter class decoration competition had been organised. The winners of the competition were also given prizes by respected Manager Sir and Headmistress ma'am.

The entire crowd became energised with the entry of the Santa who danced on Bollywood songs and distributed sweets. The students and teachers enjoyed the day with much fun and frolic. After all, Christmas is a festival of joy, of gift-giving, and of sharing smiles.

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Annual Fete 2018-19

Annual Winter Carnival is always a harbinger of exuberance at Doon Public School. This year on Saturday, 24 November 2018, it was no different as the theme appropriately said “Kaleidoscope of Friends” with a tag line “Bring on the Bling!!”. The theme ideally portrayed a spectrum of hues pertaining to life which was manifested through innumerable proceedings of the day. The event was an excellent example of effective coordination, planning and execution.

It was a colourful day involving fun, frolic and food. The food stalls catered to satiate one’s taste buds with indigenous to exotic delicacies. The crowd was elated while enjoying the rides and gyrated to the foot tapping music, which reverberated to make the ambience beckoning and bewitching. Shopaholics had a gala time as they could select from eclectic choices of articles. There were hourly lucky draws and major draws, which were declared towards the end of the day. The young and budding Doonites got a platform to display their gift through musical renditions and dance performances. The audience had a good time and were captivated by the fabulous extravaganza.

The atmosphere was filled with a euphoric excitement when the most coveted prizes were announced by our esteemed Manager Sir, Mr. N V Sarat Chandran. The prizes were given away by our venerated Chairman Sir, Mr. M G Vasan. Our Banking Partner and sponsor, Federal Bank Chief Manager Ms. Megha Kapoor honoured the event with her presence. The event received effervescent support from the Managing Committee Member, Dr. Shashikant Tiwari, Vice-Principal, Ms. Malini Panicker and Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju.

Vote of thanks was given to all those who laboriously worked to make the event a success. The winter carnival 2018-19 culminated when adieus were bid in the hope to meet the next year. It was indeed a day of joyous celebration of life.

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Celebration of Founder's day , Grades 1& 2.

Date: 22.11.18
Venue: Classrooms
Class 1 & 2

Our children expressed their love for the founder of the school, Mr. M.G Vasan on his birth anniversary through a variety of activities. Students enthusiastically spent time with their classteachers in decorating their respective classrooms with a variety of decorative materials like balloons,paper ribbons etc. They took pride in making their classrooms look beautiful with the colourful hangings.They learnt sharing things with each other and also learnt the importance of being generous.

Students brought variety of eatables and soft drinks for contributing in the class party.They demonstrated their love towards their teachers and classmates by merrily enjoying the party in the classroom. The students also kept the hygiene of the clasroom in mind while enjoying the party. All in all, they made memories to cherish.

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Founder’s day celebrations

22 November 2018

The work of today is the history of tomorrow and we are its makers.
Juliette Gordon Low

Doon Public School celebrated its founder’s day on 22 November 2018 with much fanfare .It is celebrated every year to commemorate the birthday of the founder and chairman of the managing committee, Mr. M .G Vasan.

The celebrations began with word and thought for the day.It was followed by a musical performance by Hannah V. Jacob of class 6.The head boy of the school gave a speech enumerating the contributions Vasan sir has made towards the school .It was followed by a foot tapping performance by the students of class 7 and 8.

To test the general knowledge of the students, a quiz was organized and conducted by Soham Goswami and Aadi Jain of class 10 C. The students of class 1 and 2 did not remain behind to bewitch the audience with their breathtaking dance sequence . The celebration was concluded with a cake cutting ceremony .The Doonites wished a world of happiness and prosperity to Chairman sir on his birthday.

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Vibrant Gujarat Start-up & Technology Summit 2018


Vibrant Gujarat Start-up and Technology Summit was a huge platform for showcasing upcoming ideas and technology. It gave an opportunity for the budding entrepreneurs so that they can change their destiny and future of the society. The event was inaugurated by the Honourable Chief minister of Gujarat Shri Vijaybhai Rupani and many more dignitaries.


Top 100 schools associated with AIM(Atal Innovation Mission) were invited by VGSTS to to showcase their perception of future technology. Abhigyan Gupta (11C), Aryan Singhal(11D), Kartik Rohilla (11D) with escort teacher Ms. Shikha Gupta attended the magnificent event on behalf of the school.


The idea was to provide electricity to the villages.

So, we thought that sun being the energy source available everywhere should be the best way to provide energy. We completely dropped the idea of using solar panels as they are very expensive and the maintenance cost is also above what an average villager can afford. Our idea was to use water as a medium to convert sun’s energy to electrical energy by converting water to steam using sun’s energy and rotating the turbine with steam and generating electricity using generator.


People appreciated our idea and the way we decided to execute it, they were also pleased by the endeavor with which we wanted to serve the society. The visitors also recommended us to get the idea patented as it was a very unique and innovative one. Some of them even asked us to contact them for incubation/marketing of the model .


Other than our project we saw a lot many other projects. There were very innovative ideas like smart bin, smart stretcher/bed, etc.

We also learned the very basic idea of progressive technology.
We also learned that if we wish to see a better world then we need to think out of the box and be innovative.

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Work Day Celebration

Work Day was celebrated on 5th October with full zeal. To make this day special a special assembly was conducted. Fun filled games were organised for them. Few class four employees were appreciated for their punctuality, honesty, hardwork and their rapport with the staff and students. Gifts wrapped in love was presented by Vice Principal mam and HM mam and to wind up the day a special party was arranged. The celebrations strengthened the bond between the students and class four employees.

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Blood Donation Camp

Rightly said "SEWA to others is the rent you pay for your room on earth. " In sync with the same class 11 C students along with Rotary club, Delhi organized a health cum blood donation camp for the parents and neighbouring societies, slum areas on 13 th October, 2018 at school premises from 8.30 a. M to 2.00 pm. The free health camp included specialists from various fields.

Entrusted with the essence to serve the society class 11 C paid visit to the neighbourhood on 10th October to make people aware about the free health camp and blood donation. They also explained the benefits of keeping good health and donating blood to everyone they met on their way. Removing misconceptions related with blood donation was something which students emphasized on.

Dr. Pushpa Sharma(gynaecologist) ,Dr Rajesh Sharma( orthopaedic) and Dr.Rai(physician) marked their presence in the worthy camp .Dr Amit(opthalomologist) also joined them and became a part of this noble cause. Class 11 C students along with Rotary club members made all best possible arrangements to comfort the people visiting the eminent doctors or the people donating blood.
A huge number of people poured in to get their health checked and they got benefitted out of it. All of them appreciated the efforts put in by our school and dear students.
In all 56 units of blood were collected making the camp huge success.
This with the combined efforts of intellect doctors, generous doctors, enthusiastic teachers and hard working ,passionate students of class 11 C was indeed fruitful for the society.

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Student Solar Ambassadors Workshop

Sensitization towards solar energy and solar lamp assembly and distribution workshop organized by Solar Urja through Localization for Sustainability (SoULS) initiative, IIT Bombay

Name of the school

Doon Public School


Paschim Vihar


New Delhi

Name of the Principal

Malini Panikkar

Event Duration (Indicate the start and end time of the event)

08:00 am to 02:00 pm

Total number of students participated


Number of Trainers involved in the workshop


Name of the trainer(s)

Megha Mahajan, Prashant Pandey

Total no. of students participated


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Independence Day Celebrations

Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar, celebrated the 72nd Independence Day with unprecedented patriotic fervour on August 14, 2018. The gamut of celebration activities held on the campus consisted of special morning assembly, mesmerising school choir’s performance, inter-house Dance competition, and impressive parade of the school band. The entire school assembled at the central courtyard. The Vice Principal, Ms. Malini Panikkar and the Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju hoisted the flag. The national anthem echoed in the entire campus.

After the anthem there was a vocal performance by the students of class 7 to 12. The students of Choir group sang the Patriotic song that awakened the spirit of patriotism amongst the audience. After the song, there was a Dance medley performed by the students of classes 7-8. The students expressed their sentiments and aspirations for the country through dance. It was followed by the inter-house dance competition where the houses were given a state to perform their dance on.
Gandhi House - Maharashtra
Milkha House – Odisha
RamanHouse – Himachal Pradesh
Tagore House – Kerala

Tagore House bagged the first position and the participants were awarded with the certificates. The students of “Hope for the Future” also gave their dance performances and were applauded by all.

The Vice Principal’s speech, reminding the students and the teachers of the sacrifices made by our great freedom fighters, concluded the Independence Day celebrations.

The entire programme was telecasted on the Facebook at Preprimary Doon. The applause and commendations kept pouring with the Views.

It was a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country and make it a better place for Indians to live and experience the freedom, peace and unity in diversity.

Geetanjali Fest (2018) -Inter School Drama Competition

Doon Public School hosted the Inter School Dance Drama Competition on Tuesday, 28th August 2018. The competition started with the felicitation of the judges. Dr. Pasumarthy Vithal, a wonderful composer, singer, teacher, choreographer and Kuchipudi dancer.He has been honoured with the title Natya Bhushan .

The second judge, Shreemati Dhanarani, a renowned Manipuri dancer, who has performed across India and abroad. She has established the ‘Pathambi Jagoi Marup’ in Delhi.

The Manager, Mr. Sarat Chandran, the Vice Principal, Ms. Malini Panikkar and the Head Mistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju also graced the occasion.

The participants of various schools performed mythological dance drama in semi classical style, highlighting the ‘victory of good over evil’. They earned praises from the judges for their performance, make up and costume.

The winners were awarded with a trophy and a certificate. The first prize was bagged by Cambridge Foundation School, the second price was won by St. Thomas’ girls School. Third prize was awarded to Presentation Convent School. Three consolation prizes and certificates were also given to Indraprastha world School, Adharshila Vidyapeeth and Modern Public School. The judges and the audience appreciated all the performances.


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Inter-School Doon TED [Talk, Enlighten and Discuss] Competition 2018

‘Oratory is a masterful art. The orator dominates those who hear him, convinces their reason, controls their judgment and compels their action. Thus, for the time being, he is the master.’
- David Josiah Brewer

Doon Public School pioneered the INTER-SCHOOL DOON TED [Talk, Enlighten and Discuss] competition on Monday, 27 August 2018.

The session started with the felicitation of the judge, Ms. Anu Singh, Community Social Worker with United Nation High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), United Nations. She is also a Senior Consultant with Newspaper In Education (NIE), Times of India. Ms. Anu is a panelist on talk shows.

The event was also attended by Ms. Harsh Vij, former faculty at Doon Public School. The Vice-Principal, Ms. Malini Panikkar and the Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju also graced the occasion. The participants from the various schools shared their perspective on the given spheres that were value education, community service, science, technology and innovation. The oratory skills of the participants along with their conviction awed and inspired the audience.

The winners were awarded with a trophy and a certificate. The first prize was bagged by Shivika Malhotra of Vikas Bharti Public School, the second prize was won by Yashasvi Singh of Gyan Mandir Public School, Naraina. The third prize was awarded to Dhruv Narang , Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura. It was an enriching experience for the speakers as well as the audience.

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Annual GK Quiz Wizard 2018

GK Club of Doon public School organised the Annual GK Quiz Wizard on 29 August 2018 under the umbrella of the school’s annual fest - GEETANJALI. With participants from over 13 schools across Delhi, the quiz began with a preliminary round with the latest SAS technology and presented the final four contesting teams for the quiz. St. Marks’ Girl School, Cambridge Foundation, Vikas Bharti Public School and Vishal Bharti Public School were the finalists.

Respected Vice Principal , Ms. Malini Panikkar and the Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju graced the occasion with their presence. The chief guest of the day was Mrs. Vandana Tandon, a renowned educationist and counsellor.

The quiz itself was quite remarkable. With eleven rounds in total and one additional round “Double the Trouble”, the quiz kept both participants and the audience on their toes with answers and suppositions. To keep the excitement ever alive, the audience rounds were included after the completion of every two participant rounds. This, added with reinforcements confirmed that the audience were all in for the kill.

To ensure that the event does not get limited just within the walls of the auditorium or within the minds of the people present, the quiz was telecasted live on Facebook for all to view.

During the last leg of the quiz, we were lucky to have with us our very own mastermind, the person with all the seemingly easy questions and the answers; our most revered Manager Sir, Mr. Sarat Chandran.

Creating a good distance between them and the competition, Vikas Bharti Public School had asserted themselves as the frontrunners from the very first round. A streak that was consistent till the end, they emerged as the winners of the Annual Quiz Wizard 2018 with 75 points. Securing second and third runner up positions with 25 points each were Vishal Bharti Public School and St. Marks’ Girls School. Keeping in mind the efforts made by the participants, Cambridge Foundation was awarded the consolation prize as well. The trophies and prizes were sponsored by Times of India’s initiative NIE.

A glitch-free event, the entire credit for its success goes to the members of the GK Club; both students and teachers who put in a lot of hard work and time into materialising what they planned till the eleventh hour.

Special note of thanks goes to our quiz master, Ms. Ramita Aneja; our emcees Ms. Naina Sacheva and Ms. Vedika Gujral; our Tech Support, Mr. Abhigyan Gupta and Mr. Keshav Singhal; and each and every member of the club who did their very bit.

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Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. They can substitute for humans and replicate human actions. They form the basis for artificial intelligence (AI). The concept of creating machines that can operate autonomously dates back to classical times. Today robotics is a rapidly growing field, as technological advances continue and used for various purposes, whether domestically, commercially or militarily.

Keeping this inspirational factor in mind, our futuristic and hi-tech school, i.e , DOON PUBLIC SCHOOL celebrates Robofest every year. We designed a playfield in which the robot has to more autonomously to reach the final point. It was divided into three tasks. First was to push a box and park it in a demarcated place called “Garage”.

Second was to take two and a half turns on an obstacle without touching any adjacent wall .Third was to take strong turns around a demarcated bounding & finally reaching the Finish box.

The teams were given +20 points for successfully completing a task and 5 points were deducted for touching any obstacle. The team with the highest point was the winner.

Our honourable Chairman, Mr. M G Vasan and esteemed Manager, Mr. Sarat Chandran judged the event. Total 7 schools participated in the event. Students made wonderful robots that showcased the budding scientists’ powerful imagination.

The winners of the competition are: Rank 1:- Indraprastha World, Paschim Vihar Rank 2:-Gyan Mandir, Narayana Rank 3:- Vikas Bharti, Rohini

The rank holding teams were awarded trophies along with participation certificates. We hope that we continue this passion for robotics in future also.

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The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give.’ Howard Cosell

In sync with the aforesaid, an Interschool weeklong event - Geetanjali Fest, was organized by Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar. The fest commenced with a magnificent opening ceremony which was held on 24 August 2018. The esteemed guests for the event were - Dr. Gervais Thomas, Chairman Managing Committee; Dr. Mathew Panamkat, Member Managing Committee and former Director Academics; Dr. Bimal Kapoor, Member Managing Committee; Mr. Vijay Kapoor, an accomplished architect; Ms. Vandana Sachdeva, Former Principal and Ms. Rita Dubey, former faculty at Doon Public School. The Manager, Mr. Sarat Chandran, the Director, Ms. Sumy Vasan Tiwari, the Vice Principal, Ms. Malini Panikkar and the Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju also graced the occasion.

The school band gave a majestic welcome to the dignitaries who commenced the ceremony by lighting the lamp and unveiling the photograph of our beloved Vice Chairperson, Late Ms. Geetha Vasan. The cultural performances like Saraswati Vandana Dance, School Orchestra and Onam Dance by the young Doonites added myriad colours to the ceremony. The renowned Shehnai artists Vikas Babu and Ghanshyam Dayal with the Tabla maestro, Pandit Subhash Kanti Das made the day memorable with their musical rendition. Veteran Manipuri Dancer, Smt. Dhanarani and her dance troupe gave the audience a glimpse of Manipur’s unique and ancient classical dance form.

The opening ceremony also gave a start to the Geetanjali Fest 2018 with the Inter School Pookalam Competition. The participating teams from the various schools exhibited their creative skills by making the floral Rangoli that is an integral part of Onam festivity. The competition was judged by the special guests Ms. Vandana Sachdeva and Ms. Rita Dubey.

The winners were awarded with a trophy and a certificate. The first prize was bagged by St. Thomas Girls Sr Sec School, Mandir Marg. The second prize was won by Lancer’s Convent School, Rohini. The third prize was awarded to St. Froebel Sr Sec School, Paschim Vihar. The event was a celebration of colourful flowers of different hues.

The opening ceremony witnessed the exuberance, hard work and team spirit of the Doonites.

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Onam Celebration

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doon doon doon doon

Film Fest

doon doon doon doon

Investiture Ceremony

doon doon doon doon

Closing Ceremony

doon doon doon doon

Super Mentor Session

Doon Public School witnessed a Super Mentor Sessionorganised by NITI Ayog,Government of India. Various eminent personalities were a part of this session, including the super mentors -Mr. KalmeetBawa, Managing Director of Adobe system, India and South Asia, and Mr. RamananRamanthan, Mission Director of ATL Innovation Mission.

The session started with the felicitation of the guests by offering them saplings by the Head Boy, Jai Guglani and the Head Girl, Riya Narula. Then Mr. Bawa shared his journey from being a part of the armed forces to joining the Adobe. He called the teenagers 'Screenagers' and told how disruptions are a rule of nature and similarly changes should be brought in the system using technology. He also told how one can be an innovator instead of being an imitator. He said that ideas of innovation lies in the problems that we face in our day to day lives. According to him, we should use technology in an efficient manner so that we are at pace with the various advancements. He too answered the inquisitive Doonites and the students of other schools who were also the part of this session.

Then Mr. Ramanthan shared his views about the importance of tinkering and innovation in today's world and how students have an advantage due to the setting up of the Atal Tinkering Labs all over the country. He also told how the use of the technology can help in serving the mankind.

After the session, the Doonites showcased their prototypes. The names of the innovations along with the innovators are as follows:

Pulse Rate Monitor- Avinash, Class 10c
Intelligent Plant Water System- Jay Shyam Gowda, Class 9c
High Security Door Unlock System- Daksh Mahajan, Class 9c
Color Sorter-
Robotic Arm- Dhruv Mishra, Class 12c
Cycle Turned Into Scooter
Laser Security System- Siddhath, Abhijit, Umer, Class 9d
Geature Control Robot- Avinash, Class 7a
Blind Stick- Bhuvanluthra, Class 12
Drone- Abhijit
Blood Test- Students Of Class 12c

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Inspire Camp

Students of Doon Public School took part in the INSPIRE SCIENCE CAMP organised at Shivaji College from 16th – 20 the July, 2018. Various eminent personalities were invited for an interactive session with the students to inculcate their interest in science. They shared information on topics such as nanotechnology, genomics, integration of maths and science This also included a trip to Institute of Liver and Biliary Science, Vasant Kunj and National Physics laboratory, Pusa Road. Students were also given an opportunity to have hands on training experience in the different laboratories of the college on topics such as LASER, Dispersion of light, chameleon reaction, adulteration etc.. It was a great learning for the students.

doon doon doon

Rose Water Making Activity

A simple yet useful activity for this hot summer was conducted for nursery class. The children were shown how by pouring boiling water on rose petals, the rose water is made. They were also told that using rose water on the face in summers give freshness.


Shake! Shake! Time

Milkshakes are must for children as they are wholesome and full of nutrients. Demonstration was given on how to make different flavored milkshakes (chocolate, Oreo). They not eagerly watched it but also shared the recipe with their mothers.


Fun Time with SKITTLES

Skittles activity was taken up to introduce primary, secondary colours and concept of mixing of colours. They enjoyed to make skittle rainbow (VIBGYOR) with water and learnt magic of colours.


Mystery of fruits and vegetables unravel from mystery box

Children were shown various fruits and vegetables from the box and were told the importance of vitamins, minerals, and fibres they provide us to stay healthy.


PTM organised by SLQDP Members Session 2018-19

A Parent Teacher Meeting was organised for all the parents and teachers of Grades Nursery to VIII on 12 May 2018, Saturday, at Doon Public School, Delhi.

“Management is all about managing in the short term, while developing the plans for the long term.” Jack Welch

In sync with the aforesaid,the first PTM for the current session was a spectacle to behold as the parents and teachers witnessed the managerial expertise of the members of SLQDP- Student Leadership Quality and Development Program. The remarkable systematic approach of one-to-one parent-teacher interactionfurther strengthened the existing bond between the parents and teachers.

The PTM not only provided a platform to all the parents and teachers to discuss the progress of the students in academics and other curricular activities but also gave away a chance to the inclusion of students in the smooth proceeding of the Meet.

It was encouraging to see a large turnout of parents who attended the PTM in two shifts, morning from 8 - 11 am followed by afternoon shift from 12 to 3 pm.Teachers played an active role in identifying and discussing the problems and challenges faced by the students, at the same time suggesting measures to remediate the same by IADP – Individual Academic Development Program, an initiative by Doon.

It was a long yet fruitful day for all the parents and teachers as it gave them an overview of the child’s progress during the first quarter of the academic year.



Report on IADP Orientation Session 2018-19

If you think you can - or if you think you can't - you're right. But leaving it out rightly is giving up, so let’s start again."

Doon Public School has always worked in a confluence of parents and teachers to lay a strong and successful foundation for education of a Doonite. The bond between parents and teachers has always nurtured learners in the right direction. In order to further strengthen this bond and make each and every Doonite shine in academics, we have initiated a unique program, IADP, i.e., Individual Academic Development Program.

The primary task of IADP is to identify the learners’ basic difficulty and to rectify the problem. The different teaching methodologies and one-to-one interaction are going to be the salient features of this program. From the warm up exercises to the concept building with the mentors’ guidance will ensure to drop the inhibitions carried by these learners.Positive encouragement to take on challenging work and building up their confidence to accept the challenges ahead is going to be the objective of IADP.

The orientation of IADP for the parents was held on 12 May 2018 at the Seminar Hall. The motto of the program, different teaching techniques and the sitting arrangement along with the schedule were shared with the parents. The answers to the parents’ queries by the teachers concluded the orientation.



Report on Red Cross Day Special assembly and felicitation of the iOS Winners

"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive."

Doon Public School celebrated Red Cross day by conducting a special assembly on this year's theme of Red Cross Day 'Memorable smiles from around the world' on May 10, 2018. The special assembly was started with a word and thought related to the theme. The Indian Red Cross this year has pledged to teach and train more people about first aid. In sync with the aforesaid motto, Dramatics Club of the school showcased a Nukkad Natak awakening the audience to be helpful and sensitive towards others while providing the first aid to the victims.


doon doon doon doon

The assembly was concluded by announcing the names of the winners of iOS (level 1 was conducted in December 2017 and level 2 was conducted in February 2018).The Vice Principal, Ms. Malini Panikkar did the honour of giving away the medals and certificates to the winners. Following is a list of students who won the medals at level -1:

Class 1   

Hardik Saini.                  Gold

Abhikshit Bhardwaj.      Silver

Vanya Gupta.                 Bronze 


Class 2

Gautam.                           Gold

Geet kalia.                       Silver

Himanshu Vandara.         Bronze


Class 3

Saiyansh Sethi.                Gold

B. Lokesh Sai.                 Silver

Adwaith Anish.               Bronze



Kanishk Khurana.           Gold

Poorna Dabaria.              Silver

Dhyaan Khanna.             Bronze


Class 5

Harsh Sharma.                 Gold

Samarth Aditya Kapoor.  Silver

Sehej Singh.                     Bronze


Class 6

Priyanshu Ray.                 Gold

Akshit Goel.                     Silver

Parag Goel.                       Bronze


Class 7

Ashutosh Rajora.              Gold

Om Kumar.                       Silver

Kashika Kakkar.                Bronze


Class 8

Kshitiz Tiwari.                  Gold

Hardik Malhotra.               Silver

Abhishek Rathi.                 Bronze 


Class 9

Ankit Kanwar.                    Gold

Himanshu Gupta.               Silver

Akul Kumar Tyagi.            Bronze


Class 10

Naina Sachdeva.                 Gold 

Chaxu Garg.                        Silver

Kartik Rohilla.                    Bronze


Class 11 

Sidharth A.                          Gold


Ankit Kanwar of class 9 has bagged bronze medal at level 2 of iOS and made us all proud!! 


We wish all the very best to the winners for their future endeavours!!! 



Annual GK Quiz for Parents 2018

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

In the era of knowledge economy, growth and prospects for all depend on the wealth of knowledge.

In sync with the aforesaid, the Parents’ GK Quiz Wizard 2018 that was organised at Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi on 5th May 2018. It was indeed an exciting mix of information and entertainment.

The event was presided over by our Vice- Principal, Ms. Malini Panikkar and Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju. Around 35 parents contested for the preliminary SAS round and the eight top scorers were chosen as the finalists for the final four teams. All the teams competed in ten exhilarating rounds like Q-Fiesta, Untangle, Audio Visual, Tech Know, Bujho To Jaane and Parampara to name a few. An audience round was taken up after every two rounds in order to encourage the audience’s participation and ensure energetic response throughout the event. The tenth round (Rapid Fire) was indeed a hard nut to crack and the participants had to wrack their brains.

However all the teams came out with flying colours but we had a tie and a tie breaker round was conducted. Team A, with Mr. Deepak Bhagat and Mr. Gaurav Pandey bagged the title of the Annual GK Quiz Wizard 2018, followed by Team C with Dr Deepika Narang and Mr. Deepak at the second position. Team D with Mr. Tarun Gupta and Mr.Bhupinder Chhikara were at the third position.

 The winning teams were felicitated by the Vice- Principal Ms. Malini Panikkar and the Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju.

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“Health is the greatest gift, contentment, the greatest wealth.” 

Doon Public School celebrated the World Health Day with great élan on 20th April 2018. The theme for this year being ‘universal health coverage –health for all’, the aim was to draw the attention towards the importance of ‘global health’ and varied fitness trends followed in different parts of the world. The sole purpose is to remain fit, be it through aerobics, cycling, swimming or practicing yoga. The celebrations and activities primed for the day were specially a part of the prestigious British Council Project [ ISA].

 A special assembly was organized for the purpose so that the students, teachers, parents and other visitors should be made aware of the manifold benefits of maintaining good health. The assembly was graced by the Vice-Principal, Ms. Malini Panikkar and the Head-Mistress, Ms.Vidhu Vijayan Biju.

  The special guest on the occasion was Mr. Abhishek, a renowned Yoga instructor, who propounded the fact that practicing yoga is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, contributing to longevity and quality of life. He taught the different nuances of yoga to a group of exuberant students like the famous Trikonasana, Vriksasana, Sukhasana so on and so forth.

  This interesting yoga session was followed by a lively aerobics session performed by another group of students from classes 9th and 10th under the guidance of Ms. Chehak Mehta, a teacher and fitness enthusiast. This vigorous session sent across a wave of energy and left behind glee and merriment amongst the audience.

  Overall, the session helped the students to gain a global outlook on the subject of exercise/ fitness and nurture an attitude of healthy living amongst them.


Celebration of ATL Community Day

Technology is not just a tool. It can give learners a power that they may not have had before.

On the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti, ATL Community Day was organized on 13 April, 2018 in the school premises to pay homage to an altruist, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.

Doon Public School - being the proud recipient of the prestigious scholarship given by Niti Aayog, Government of India, to set up an Atal Tinkering Lab in the school, shared this exquisite platform with the other schools in order to promote knowledge sharing while serving the community. Through the means of this special event, the school aspired to instill the urge to innovate in the young learners and share the benefits of this opportunity with the community.

The event commenced with a presentation on the life of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. It was followed by welcoming the students and teachers from the participating schools and the representatives from the parent teacher association. An exhibition of the working models was displayed by the Doonites, under the guidance of their mentors, which brought their creative talent and diligence to the fore.

List of projects

List of prototypes that were showcased on ATL community day (13th April 2018)


Name of prototype

Incharge Name



Intelligent Plant Watering system

Ms Rajni



High Security Door Unlock system

Ms Veena kulkarni

Daksh mahajan(IX)


Robotic Hand

Mr Vishwanath

Dhruv Mishra(XII)


Colour sorter

Ms Geeta madan

Aryan & kartik(XI)


Blind Stick

Megha mahajan

Bhuvan luthra(XII)


Hazardous Gas sensing system

Ms Renu

Keshav(XI D)


Car parking assisting system

Ms Madhushree



Motor cycle

Mr Prashant



Blood Grouping/ biotech

Ms Priyanka



RFID Tag detector

Mr Satyan

Abhigyan(XI C)


Robotic crane

Mr Satyan

Chaxu & Arjun


Laser security system

Mr Satyan

Abhijeet 9D sidhart & harshit 9A


Health monitoring system

Mr Bakul



In addition to the display of the prototypes, STEM activities were organized for the participating schools where the participants were guided by the student volunteers on how to use the Lego kits and snap circuits.

It was followed by a session on 3D designing and printing using the 3D printer where the student participants were assisted by the student volunteers to create some 3D models of their choice. In the end, the participants from each school were given some material on the spot to create models under the Do-it-Yourself activity.

The event truly lived up to the spirit of unity, equality and service to the society as envisioned by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar many years ago. It was an appropriate tribute to the great man who always strived to work hard for the betterment of the masses.



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Orientation Programme for Parents of New Admissions
Orientation Programme for parents of New Admissions was held on Wednesday, 18th April, 2018 for classes 1 to 5 and Thursday, 19th April, 2018 for classes 6 to 11.
Parents were made aware of School Calendar, all Intra school and Inter school activities that we take up, major International Days & National festivals that we observe in the form of activities and special assembly.
They were also briefed about the ‘Social Concern Projects’ that we take up like MEED Programme, Hope for the future, Rural Education Mission.
They were introduced to the Infrastructure of the school and facilities that we offer to the students such as –
Science Labs, Robotics, Maths Lab, Digital Library, Language Lab & ATL – Atal Tinkering Lab (NitiAyog)
It was a fruitful and interactive session which concluded with clarification of queries of Parents.

Ms.Jyoti Kohli
Ms.Veena Kulkarni

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Fascinating Folktales: Videoconferencing with an Italian school

The last phase of the international collaboration with Enrico Fermi Renato Guttuso School in Italy was completed on 22 March 2018 under the British Council ISA activity - Fascinating Folktales.

The students from class 7 interacted with their Italian peers through the means of videoconferencing and shared their experiences of working on the research and dramatization of the stories from different countries. The exuberance of the students was at its peak when they exchanged informationabout the culture, historic background and charm of folklores in their respective countries.

Our partner school at Italy has also made a beautiful PPT about the collaboration. The PPTcan be found at the followinglink:

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British Council Isa – 2017-18 Activity – Festivities Galore Month – November

Festivals are an expressive way to celebrate glorious heritage, culture and traditions. They serve the purpose of bringing happiness to our lives, and strengthen our sense of community. Sharing cultures and learning about the festivals celebrated in other parts of the world are very important as they are related to harmony, peace and happiness.

The activity “Festivities Galore” was taken up with the students of class 1, 2 and 3 in the month of November 2017. The students participated in various activities related to different festivals celebrated in India, Thailand and Japan. Students participated in all the activities enthusiastically and were very excited to know about different festivals and culture of other countries. Such activities bring students closer to traditional and cultural belief.

The activities conducted are as follows:-

1. Diyas and Candles decoration

It is essential to expose children to art and craft activities as early as possible as it stimulates the brain cells and increases creative thinking. Hence, an art and craft competition was held on 17th November 2017 for classes 1, 2 and 3. The students were asked to bring diyas, lamps and candles with the decorative materials. The students decorated the diyas and candles beautifully.

2. India- Diwali

Student’s involvement in the learning process has become the main aim of modern approaches. The use of drama in the language classroom allows a student to develop their intellectual skills such as creativity, problem solving, communication, socialization, group work and sharing their responsibilities.

As a part of the Festivity Galore activity the students browsed the net and gathered information on Diwali. A special assembly was organized by the students of class 3 in the 2nd week of November 2017. The festivity began with lighting of the lamp of the ceremonial lamp, followed by a skit on Diwali and a dance performance that left the audience asking for more.

Diya Decoration

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3. Thailand- Songkran

The most famous aspect of the Songkran celebrations is the throwing of water. Indeed, Songkran is often known as Thai Water Festival. The Songkran celebration is rich with symbolic traditions.On this specific occasion, performing water pouring on Buddha statues and the young and elderly is considered an iconic ritual for this holiday. It represents purification and the washing away of one's sins and bad luck.

Students of classes1 and 2 had taken part in this activity in the 2nd week of November 2017. They really enjoyed learning about Songkran festival as it resembles one of the Indian festivals Holi. Like Holi, Songkran is also related with water that’s the reason students felt excited in participating in this activity.

4. Japan- Awa Odori

One of the most famous summer festivals of Japan- Awa Odori , features folkdances performed to welcome the souls of ancestors. The Awa-Odori is characterized by irregular steps and by the jovial and energetic up-tempo rhythm. This dance festival is known for its lively and dynamic dance moves. The basic steps consist of alternating between the right and left foot, with arms moving synchronously.

Students of classes 1 and 2 had taken part in Awa Odori activity conducted in the 2nd week of November 2017. The students were enthralled to wear Japan’s traditional dress Kimono, and perform on Awa Odori’s rhythmic music.

These activities made them aware of the similarities and differences in a global world culture. By the end of these activities, the students enjoyed, as well appreciated the cultural peculiarities of India, Thailand and Japan

By: Ms. Pearl, Ms. Anju,
Ms. Akanksha and Ms. Chehak

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Farewell 2018 (17.02.18)

“Farewell! May the wind under your wings bears you where the sun sails and the moon walks," All in unison wished them, “All the best!”

The bygone year saw yet another batch of effervescent Doonites passing out from the portals of Doon Public School. The outgoing batch received a warm welcome by the teachers and the students of class 11 at the school gate. After a sumptuous lunch they were escorted by the dignitaries along with the school band.

The customary speeches of head boy and head girl were followed by the motivating speech of respected Manager sir, Mr. SaratChandran. A bunch of balloons was released by the students of class 12 as a symbolic gesture. The students of the 12th class sought blessings from their teachers and captured the memories of the day in the form of beautiful snapshots.

Our respected Manager Sir, Mr. SaratChandran, Vice Principle ma’am, Ms. MaliniPanikkarand Headmistress ma’am, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju graced the occasion.

The students of class 11 not only impressed all with their hospitality but even regaled their seniors by putting up a gala event comprising of varied acts like singing, dancing, role play, games etc. The evening left the students with the memories, they are going to cherish in their life time. The courtyard resounded with the laughter, excitement and exhilaration of these students. A skit, performed by the teachers was a highlight of the event. It evoked the memoriesof student’s life at school.

Life won’t be same again outside the confines of this school building but a whole new life, full of opportunities awaits them. So, Adieu, class 12th!

doon doon doon doon

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Doon Fashion Extravaganza 2018 The Red Carpet

3 February 2018
Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar witnessed another evening of glamour and glitz by organizing a gala fashion extravaganza-‘The Red Carpet’. The Fashion Deptt. of the school, headed by Ms. Mehak Gulati, organizes this show as an yearly feature in order to give a hands-on experience to the students who pursue the subject.

The school was honored by the presence of venerated Guest of Honor Ms. Asel Akmatkalyi, Attache, Embassy of Kyrgyz Republic in India.

The high-end event also saw the presence of the glitterati, Mr. Agha Jeelani, Advocate, the Supreme Court of India. Mr. Jeelani is also the President of the International Press Club and the Chairman of International Film Federation. Ms. Harshita Kashyap and Mr. Ravish Kumar Rathi, actors in the upcoming Bollywood film “Mandakini”, (directed by Mr.Sanjay Sakshii) also graced the occasion as show stoppers. The audience was overwhelmed with the gracious presence of Mrs. and Mr. Krishan Tewari, Editors, Zoom Delhi at the fashionable evening.

The guests were accorded a warm welcome by the Chairman of the school, Mr. M.G. Vasan, the Manager, Mr. N.V. Sarat Chandran, the Vice-Principal, Ms. Malini Panikkar, the Head Mistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju and Ms. Mehak Gulati. The lighting of the propitious lamp marked the auspicious beginning of the event. A thrilled audience cheered the student-participants and other models during the various rounds.

The show had set ablaze the ramp with the vigorous world of myriad designs and colors displaying the traditional and contemporary styles of garments.

Glitzy and alluring attires were showcased through the themes like –“Button It Up”, “Fun With Fringes”, “Kings and Queens, “ The Egyptian Saga”, “ Ardhnareshwar”, “Gami Kami” , “Twist from the Village” , “Jumping Maniacs”, “Gems Of Luck”, Brazilian Carnival”, etc.

The event also witnessed the release of cover page of much awaited school magazine ‘MERAKI’-2017, by the esteemed guests. The show culminated in scintillating dance and musical performances put up by the students of the school. The Manager of the school, Mr. Sarat Chandran, announced the results of the different rounds and appreciated the talent and creativity shown by the student models and designers.

This year’s fashion extravaganza was indeed a celebration of hues, fashion, culture and style spreading smiles and gaiety all around; culminating in a hope that this celebration of finesse and finery will continue to enthrall us in the years to come. The event was also the part of International School Award (ISA) activity conducted by British Council.


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Republic Day Report

25 January 2018
“Toleration and liberty are the foundation of a great republic.”

The school celebrated the 69thRepublic day with great pomp and show on 25th January 2018. The celebrations began with the flag hoisting ceremony followed by the national song. A speechwas given by Prithvi J. B.Nair on the importance of Republic day.

The students from classes4 to 11filled theairwiththefervourofpatriotismand mesmerisedeveryonewith their heart rendering symphony. Thevibranttinytotsfromthepreprimarywingcharmedallwiththeirmagicalperformances onpatrioticsongsandspeeches. Patriotism is not short and frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication for a lifetime. Therefore, the studentsfromclasses7to9gave a soul stirring tribute to the valiant guardians of the country - the National SecurityForces. The skit really evoked and filled the hearts of the audience with pride and empathy towards the soldiers’ sacrifices. . The event reached its zenith with an energisingperformance given by a bevy of dancers who set the stage ablaze with their stimulating performance.

The event culminated with a speech given by the Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju followed by a pledge that motivated the students to work towards the national prosperity. Overall, it was a day to pay homage to the martyrs and stand together in order to build strong and prosperous nation.

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Parliament Visit 2017

On December 27, 2017 an educational trip to Parliament House was organised by Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar. This was a great opportunity for us to see the Parliament which is also called the “Temple of Democracy” of our country. This visit was planned for during the winter session of the Lok Sabha. There were 22 of the Doonites selected from class 8 A, accompanied by two teachers, Ms. Shikha Gupta and Ms. Sharon Joslin. As the teachers and students had never been to the Parliament ever before, so the trip began with the utmost curiosity. All they have known about the Parliament was in theory; hence having a practical experience was very enlightening.

The team arrived, in their finest uniform and behaviour. After going through a laborious process of security checks at various stages, they were seated at the Public Gallery of the Lok Sabha, precisely at 2 PM. The first of their emotions were that of confusion and alarm at the commotion that was developing in the house. M. Thambidurai, the deputy speaker of Lok Sabha was presiding over the session during our visit. The ruling party, NDA, was asking for increasing the time limit for an amendment so that they get time to relocate the slums and unauthorised colonies. The congress party vociferously raised the issue of Union Minister Ananthkumar Hegde’s controversial remarks on secularism and the change to be brought in the constitution. Simultaneously, TRS was demanding a separate High Court for Telangana. The relentless ruckus caused by the opposition which ended up with them all marching into the well of the House caused the deputy speaker to adjourn the Lok Sabha till 2.45PM. Upon resuming, the session was chaired by Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, who was trying in vain to have the members return to their seats so as to continue with the proceedings. Members of the Congress party and TRS continued with their protests in the well of the House, unabated.

The time allotted to our team was from 2-3 pm and by 2.50 pm the security personnel had begun to clear them out from the gallery. Although the time was too little, visiting there was a great experience and all the team members were able to enhance their knowledge with great eagerness and excitement.

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Fascinating Folktales – ISA Project (January 2018)

The activity was conducted in collaboration with the Reader’s and Dramatics Club of the school. Class 7 students were involved in the activity. The entire collaborative effort was divided into the following phases:

Phase 1: Research Work
Venue: Digital Library

Methodology: Class 7 students were divided into three groups and assigned with a folklore from Iran, Iraq and India. Each group did its detailed research work on their respective folklore in the digital library of the school. The groups collected the important data for the stories. The students not only came across the different plot, various characters and the morals of the stories but also the peculiarities of international culture and literature while strengthening the visualisation of the folklores.

Phase 2: Story telling Session
Venue: Classrooms

Methodology: A storytelling session was organised for the entire strength of class 7 in their respective classrooms. Maximum participation from the students made this phase a successful event. Students narrated their respective folklore from their character’s perspective.

Phase 3: Story Enactment
Venue: Seminar Hall-1

Methodology: The three groups of students from class 7 , displayed an awe-inspiring dramatisation of their respective stories. Each group comprised 10-12 students. They not only adopted the theatrical presentation of their respective folklore but also employed the use of costumes and music while transporting the audience altogether into their respective countries.



Rewards and Recognition Ceremony 2017

Doon Public School celebrated its Rewards and Recognition Ceremony with élan and elegance on 23rd December 2017.

It was a day to celebrate the success and achievements of the school, teachers and the students. This year, the event was a tribute to the Vice Chairperson, Mrs. Geetha Vasan, who would always remain a guiding light for the entire Doon Family.

The event commenced with invoking the God of wisdom and auspiciousness - Lord Ganesha, followed by a musical symphony performed by the students of classes 3 to 9 on 'Athithi Devo Bhava'.

The event was presided by the chief guest for the ocassion - Mr. Govindankutty P., Vice President and Regional Head, Federal Bank, Delhi. The special guest of the ocassion was Mr. Sunny Dahuja, Manager, Federal Bank, Hauz Khas Branch, Delhi.

The Doon Vision was presented by the Manager (Doon Public School), Mr. Sarat Chandran followed by the annual report presented by the Vice Principal, Mrs. Malini Panikker. Later, the students were awarded trophies and certificates for their exemplary performance in the field of academics, sports and other major categories.

The highlight of the event was the most coveted award - The Geetha Vasan Memorial Award which was bestowed on the student for excellence beyond par. This year, this prestigious award was presented to Rhythm Mehta of Class 12 D, for bagging the third position at Thunkable High School App Building Challenge organised by Google. The Doon Eklavya Award for showing consistent and exceptional talent in the field of sports, was won by Ayushi Khandari of class 10 C, for her outstanding performance in National and CBSE Taekwondo Championships.

The event culminated with a vote of thanks given by the Headmistress - Mrs. Vidhu Vijayan Biju and National Anthem.

Annual Day 2017

doon doon doon doon

Youth Parliament 2017-18

The Parliament of India is the supreme legislative body of the Republic of India. The Parliament is composed of the President of India and the two houses: The Rajya Sabha- the Upper house and The Lok Sabha- the Lower House. The period during which the Parliament meets to conduct its business is called a session. The Lok Sabha divides its job into the sessions, namely the Budget session which begins from February to May; followed by the Monsoon session from the month of July to September; which again is followed by the Winter session in the month of November and December.

In the afternoon of 18th December 2017, the central courtyard of Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar was transformed into a mock parliament. The students of classes 9, 10 and 11 took part in it enthusiastically. The main motive of the event was to make students aware about the working of the Parliament which would help the Doonites in having an extra edge over the others.

By conducting the ‘Mock Youth Parliament Session’in the school premises, Doonites learned a lot because now they themselves were involved in the play or were learning from their friends who were participating. During the youth parliament certain procedures of the parliamentary session was undertaken and performed. These included:

  • Oath taking by new minister.
  • Introduction of the new minister by the PM.
  • Question hour
  • Discussion hour/ Zero hour
  • Calling Attention Motion
  • Private Members Resolution.

By the end of the session the students were aware of:

1. What is Parliament?

2. What procedure is used to introduce a new minister in the Parliament?

3. The manner in which questions are asked by members and the nature of responses provided during the question hour.

4. How a discussion hour takes place in the parliament and they also got to know many more pros and cons of “Demonetization”, as it was the topic chosen.

The play also had numerous punch lines, sarcastic comments, one liner insults, etc. which made it even more interesting for the students; both acting and watching. The efforts of the students and teachers who had put their heart and soul in it were starkly evident.

The event was presided by the Manager, Mr. Sarat Chandran, the Director, Ms. Sumi Vasan Tiwari, the Vice Principal, Ms. MaliniPanikkar and the Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju. It was a successful experience, finishing up with the ever encouraging feedback from our Manager Sir, Mr. Sarat Chandran.

doon doon doon doon

Doon Public School Celebrates World Food Day from 15- 17 October 2017

The students of class 6 observed an experiment in the Biotech lab, in order understand the process of fermentation . An informative session entitled 'My Tiffin Box- A comprehensive study of the process of fermentation' was conducted by the science teachers- Ms. Renu Dwivedi, Ms. Madhushree, Ms. Megha Mahajan and Ms. Robica Bhandari on 15 October, 2017. The students were asked to bring various fermented food items from across the world to study the nature of fermentation and understand its process.

The teachers used various lab equipments to facilitate skill based learning.
The gas released from these food products was then measured and mathematically interpreted in the form of a score sheet to be shared with the partner schools Sri Lanka and/or UAE.
This was followed by an interactive session conducted by Dr. Namreta Nanda

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Doon Public School celebrates World Food Day as a part of British Council ISA Project (2017-18)

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Founder's Day Celebrations

22 November 2017

The more one praises and celebrates one's life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Doon Public School celebrated its founders day with much fanfare and vigour on 22nd November 2017. It was celebrated on the birth anniversary of our eminent Founder and Chairman, Mr. M. G.Vasan.

The celebrations began with a speech by Arnav Mishra of class Prep- B who shared his opinion about this remarkable day.It was followed by a bewitching performance by the students of pre Primary Department who filled the air with innocence as they performed on the song- It’s a beautiful day. The ambience became inspiring when Head Boy, Rhythm Mehta explained the significance of this day and shared his thoughts on the achievements of our eminent Chairman, Mr. M. G. Vasan. The entire assembly resonated with the lyrical notes of talented Doonite - Yuvraaj who mesmerised everyone with a magnificent song.

The enthusiasm of young dancers of classes 2 to 5 made everyone dance to their tunes when they tapped their feet on the song, ‘Happy Birthday”. The event reached its culmination with a vote of thanks given by the Headmistress - Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju.
The Founders Day Celebrations truly proved to be a day of inspiration and glee for the Doonites.

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Annual Fete 2017

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Vigilance Awareness

Doon Public School observed the Vigilance Awareness Week from 30thOctober to 4th November Students were made aware of the significance of the occasion. A special assembly was conducted for the purpose wherein the students and staff took a pledge for being responsible citizens and to visualize a corruption free India. The week saw a plethora of activities, meticulously planned and executed for different grades. Students made posters and caricatures highlighting the theme of the week-
My vision – A Corruption Free India.

The occasion helped the students to realize their ethical obligations towards their nation.


Cyclathon Report
18 November 2017

Doon Public School’s Eco Club took an initiative to encourage the masses in taking the remedial measures to curb the menace caused by air pollution in Delhi and NCR by organizing an Anti-Air Pollution Campaign-‘AIRPOCALYPSE’. This campaign included different activities like -

* An Air Pollution Surveyconducted by the Doonites with the intention to come up with scientific remedies created and designed in Doon's very own ATL (Atal Tinkering Laboratory).

* A Poster Making activity on the theme - 'Go Green, breathe clean'.

* A Cyclathon - a cycle rally by some sportive and selfless volunteers and the Dooniteswas easily able to spread awareness on the need to use non-polluting vehicles in order to reduce the hazardous effects of air pollution.

* Pamphlet distributionalong with the cycle rally involved the masses in taking remedial measures to curb theperil caused by air pollution.

On 18 November 2017, the Delhiites, around 8:30 am witnessed a different morning with the Sun as bright as the cyclists, the Doonities, the guests and staff of Doon Public School who took on a special drive emphasizing every individual’s contribution to fight for the basic right to breathe.

The special guest, ACP, PaschimVihar, Mr.Rajbir Malik, Manager Sir- Mr. SaratChandran, the Vice Principal- Ms. MaliniPanikkar, the

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Headmistress- Ms. Vidhu VijayanBiju and the Primary Proctor- Ms. Suma Jacob motivated the cyclists with their benign presence at the event.The audience was infused with the patriotic spirit by a musical rendition on - 'MaaTujhe Salaam'.

Mr. Malhotra, a member of the Sports Faculty enlightenedthe cyclists with the required information about the route thatwas taken by the cyclists during the Cyclathon.
The dignitaries declared the event open by cutting a ceremonial ribbon and flagging off the cyclists. On the completion of the grueling cycling, the tired and famished cyclists were provided with refreshments and participation certificates by the Manager, the Vice Principal andthe Headmistress.
At the culmination of the event, the Doonites extended a sincere thanks to all the Cyclathon participants- the selfless volunteers, the energetic cyclists, as well as the teachers who turned the event into a grand success under the able guidance of the Headmistress- Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju who came up with the idea of school’s contribution to the society in fighting the brutalAir Pollution demon.


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Waves 2017
18 November 2017

The much awaited Doon Public School’s Annual Winter Carnival was held on Saturday, 18 November 2017, in the school premises keeping afloat the spirit of the Doonites who showcased their extraordinary talents and managerial capabilities by being the host for the event, WAVES 2017.

Fun and frolic infused the ambience with the commencement of the Fete. Colourful and myriad stalls of games, food, clothswear and photo booths attracted the gathering. The enthralling songs by the school’s band Da-Saaz and crowd pulling dance performances by the Doonites added flavour to the engaging moments.

The Hourly Drawsand Lucky Draws were declared by our honourable Manager Sir, Mr. Sarat Chandran. The winners received their awards from our revered Chairman Sir, Mr. M. G. Vasan. The other dignataries who attended the event were Dr. Sashi Kant Tiwari- Member Managing Committee, Ms. Malini Panikkar- the Vice Principal and Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju- the Headmistress.

The school ground pulsated with scintillating music and a lively crowd.The enthusiasm and passion exhibited by theexcited crowd of visitors and participants made the Winter Carnival – WAVES 2017, a memorable event.

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Report on Swachch Bharat Pakhwada(October 2017)

“Clean surroundings make healthy citizens and progress wealthy economies”

A special drive was organised at Doon Public School, PaschimVihar, New Delhi from 01st – 15th October 2017 under the guidance of the Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju. The motto of this drive was to make students and staff aware about the importance of maintaining individual hygiene and having clean surroundings.

During this tenure each and every corner of the school was cleaned. Apart from the regular fumigation done in the school premises, the weeding out of the old records and removal of all kinds of waste materialsuch as broken furniture and unusable items, etc. was also done.

In order to sensitise students and staff, a special assembly was organised. It was presided by the Vice Principal, Ms. MaliniPanikkar, the Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju and the Primary Proctor, Ms. Suma Jacob. The Vice Principal, Ms.MaliniPanikkar, gave a speech emphasising on the importance of cleanliness and sanitation. She explicitly insisted students to inculcate the habit of throwing litter in the dustbins rather strewing it around.

The theme of the assembly, ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’was highlighted by a thought- provoking skit,performed by the students of classes 5 to 8.
The assembly was concluded with a Mass pledge taken by all the teachers and students along with other staff members.Everyone vowed to keep their school, homes and localities spick-and-span.

Vigilance Awareness week

doon Mock Drill

EVENT: Disaster Management
* Emergency Evacuation (MOCK DRILL)
* Fire Fighting Demonstration
DAY, DATE: Friday, 13 October 2017
TIME : 11:50 pm
VENUE : Central Courtyard (Doon Public School)
EVENT INCHARGES :Ms. Divya Josephine
Ms. Geeta Madan

Doon Public School's (SSC) School Safety Committee and Eco Club organised a 'Disaster Management Programme'. The dignitaries present on the occasion were respected Vice- Principal Ms. Malini Pannikar and Headmistress Ms. Vidhu Vijyan. The Disaster Management activity comprised an Emergency Evacuation (Mock Drill) and a Fire Fighting Demonstration. During the mock drill the students and teachers of classes 6 to 12 evacuated their classes at the sound of an emergency hooter and reached the courtyard fast in a very systematic manner.

The school had invited the Paschim Vihar - Fire Station officers to provide students the fire-safety guidelines for quick and timely action in case of an emergency. Sh. Raj Singh gave an in depth knowledge on fire safety and his team comprising Sh. Narender Kumar, Sh. Davender Singh, Sh. Narender Kr. and Sh. Vishesh Kumar gave a wonderful demonstration of real fire fighting. The students too got a first hand experience of using the fire-extinguishers, sand buckets and water hose pipes to extinguish real fire.

It was a wonderful learning experience for both the students and the teachers.

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Anti Crackers Rally

As a customary practice the Eco club of Doon Public School organised an anti crackers campaign on 17.10.2017 to spread awareness amongst people about the benefits of celebrating Green Diwali. A group of 75 students under the guidance of their teachers campaigned against the ill effects of bursting crackers. The students volunteers visited different parts of Paschim Vihar and tried to sensitise people about the hazardous effects of polluted environment created by the bursting of crackers. Students contributed to this great cause by designing pamphlet and brochure and distributing the same in the vicinity.

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doon doon

International Girl Day’s Celebration

International Day of the Girl Child is an international observance day declared by United Nations. It is also called the Day of The Girl. 11 October 2012 marked the first observance as the Day of the Girl. This observance provides a platform to the international communities to increase awareness about gender inequality faced by girls worldwide and also, supports more opportunities for girls.

Doon Public School celebrated this International occasion on 17 October 2017, Tuesday. To increase the awareness about ‘Gender Inequality’ and ‘Gender Sensitive-issues’, a special assembly was organised where the students of classes 9 and 11 presented a musical skit prepared by the Dramatics Club. The skit with a crescendo background music including the element of fire rekindled the audience through the pages of Indian history. Juxtaposition of Goddess worshipping with that of Sati ritual perpetuated the spine chilling effect countering the past atrocities against the female gender. The participant’s histrionic expressions and fierce gestures raised the voice against the social issues such as, ‘Child Marriage’, ‘Female Foeticide’ and ‘Female Infanticide’. Not only the act of ‘Dowry Death’ but also the data displayed, shocked the students.

The dramatisation of ‘Acid Attack’ on an independent girl reminded the audienceabout the reality where demonic violence and crime against the girls have ever been on increase. The silent actors showed the laws made by the government to curb these atrocities and eloquently urged for a change in the stereotype mind-sets.



Mental Health Day on Oct 10, 2017

Doon Public School Celebrated Mental Health Day on Oct 10, 2017 by spreading awareness regarding Mental Health among students and Faculty Members .
The peer Educators of Department of Psychology conducted various activities in the school assembly and individual sessions in classes to assure that students considers Mental Health as important as their Physical Health.
Activities included Role Plays, Poster Making and Quiz Competitions which enlightened student's knowledge regarding Mental health.

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Mock Drill

Learning Outside The Classroom A visit to the Dolls Museum

The little Doonites of the Pre Primary wing accompanied by their class teachers went for an excursion to the Dolls Museum. A dreamland for the children. They were amazed to see 6000 dolls of different shape, size, colour from 85 countries on display under one roof. Children also saw the various displays of episodes from history like Dandi March and scenes from Indian Mythology like Ras leela and Durga Pooja .

It gave an insight into the varied National and International traditions & cultures prevalent in the world. The cheerfulness during the journey was evident on their excited faces as they returned back to the school With a treasure trove of knowledge.

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Work Day Celebrations

It has been a tradition at Doon to honour and acknowledge the efforts of the support staff on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti every year. This year also saw the colorful celebrations, full of gaiety and mirth. The students were informed about the importance of maintaining hygiene and the catchline was ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’.

The program was a tribute to the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Also, the support staff of the school was felicitated on the occasion by the Vice Principal, Ms Malini Panicker and the HM, Ms Vidhu Vijayan. Students of Grade ------ infused loads of enthusiasm by singing the classic, ‘Sabarmati Ke Sant’ in a melodious style. This was followed by an enlightening speech delivered by the Head Girl, Vanshika Batra, highlighting the importance of the day.

There were many Fun Games like Tug of War, organized for the support staff. All of them participated in these with zeal and vigour. Many of them sang songs and danced to some foot-tapping numbers. The dedication and enthusiasm of the support staff was acknowledged by the school management and some of them were felicitated with a cash prize on the occasion. The day brought smiles on many faces and the program concluded with the students and the staff taking pledge for maintaining cleanliness within the premises of the school and outside.

doon doon doon doon

doon doon

Milkha house conducted the Junior assembly on 8 September 2017, Friday.

A colourful and thought provoking panel was placed on the stage going with the theme of the month “Don’t stress, do your best, leave the rest”. The assembly began with the word of the day to increase students’vocabulary which was followed by an enriching thought that was read aloud. The first activity was a skitperformed on the assembly theme. The subject enrichment activity was based on the topic “I want to be”. Next there was a speech on the Teachers Day by B.Lokesh of class 3rd. Overall it was an enriching experience for the students and teachers.

doon doon doon doon

Hindi Diwas

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Report On Teachers Day Celebration

Teachers are the torch bearers of the Gen-next”

Teachers play a major role in making their students responsible citizens of tomorrow. They develop them into good human beings. They play an indispensable role in our lives. They are the cornerstone of our future. The Teacher's Day is celebrated to acknowledge and recognise the hard work put in by teachers towards nation building.

All the teachers were invited for a grand programme organised by students of class IX, X, XI and XII. The programme included dance, skit and song performed by the students. Tiny tots also performed a dance and they elaborated the meaning of the word - ‘Teacher’. The mothers under MEED Programme also joined their hands with the students; they performed a skit and a dance. They also gave the handmade cards and flowers to the teachers.

The school band enthralled the audience with their soulful rendition. Bharat Vikas Parishad felicitated a few teachers for their remarkable contribution by giving away the appreciation certificates and gifts. Teachers were bestowed with various titles, to name a few - the ‘King of Hearts’, title was given to our respected Manager sir, Mr.Sarat Chandran. ‘Social Media Star’ title was given to our dear Headmistress ma’am, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan. Teachers were quite delighted by the programme organized for them.

Students always look forward to Teacher's Day with a lot of eagerness, for the sheer spirit of the occasion. Senior students, performing as teachers, got a fair idea of the responsibility, efficiently handled by their teachers. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication to be a good teacher and to earn the affection of students at the same time. All in all, it was a wonderful celebration.

Swine Flu Awareness Campaign

Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar organised an awareness campaign on Swine flu on 31st August. A session on "precautions from Swine Flu " was taken by the doctor which was followed by a nukkad natak to spread information about the symptoms, prevention and care taken to prevent the disease. A rally was conducted within the school and in the surrounding area by the students.

doon doon doon doon

Annual Inter School Gk Quiz Wizard 2017

'As a part of the ongoing Geetanjali Fest -2017, Doon Public school hosted an exhilarating Inter School GK Quiz Wizard on 22 August 2017. Schools were excited to be a part of this and showed up in large number. The quiz kick started with a preliminary SAS round to shortlist the candidates for the main quiz. Participants enjoyed the SAS round as it tested their agility as well as accuracy.

The four shortlisted teams contested against each other in eleven diverse rounds. Each round was uniquely designed to test different knowledge set of the participants. The quiz master, Ms Ishmeet Kohli, anchored the quiz through these ends. St. Francis De Sales bagged the first position after a stupendous performance in the Finale round- The Rapid Fire round. Followed by KIIT World school and Maharaja Agarsen Adarsh Public school at second & third postion respectively. Aadharsheela Vidyapeeth was awarded a consolation for the stiff competition they gave to the other three teams. '

Doon Public School organised a week full of Inter house sports competitions

The results of the same are as follows:-

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doon doon doon

Doon Public school , Delhi celebrates 71st Independence day with the Glory of Freedom and Happiness.

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doon doon doon

Investiture Ceremony of newly elected Student Council's members held on 20th July,2017.

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doon doon doon

Investiture Ceremony on 20th July 2017

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doon doon

Annual GK Quiz for Parents 2017

Human behaviour flows from three main sources: desire, emotion and knowledge.

In the era of knowledge economy, growth and prospects for all depend on the wealth of knowledge. In sync with the said, the Parents’ GK Quiz Wizard 2017 that was organised at Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi on 6 May 2017. It was indeed an exciting mix of information and entertainment.
The event was presided over by our charming Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju. Around 35 parents contested for the preliminary SAS round and the eight top scorers were chosen as the finalists for the final four teams. All the teams competed in ten exhilarating rounds like Current Affairs, Indian Heritage, Audio Visual, Home Remedies, Television and Literature to name a few. An audience round was taken up after every two rounds in order to encourage the audience’s participation and ensure energy throughout the event. The tenth round (Super Speed) was indeed a hard nut to crack and the participants had to wrack their brains. However all the teams came out with flying colours. Team C, with Mr. Arun Jain and Mr. Deepak Mishra bagged the title of the Annual GK Quiz Wizard 2017, followed by Team A with Mr Vivek Sardana and Mr. Mithilesh Shukla at the second position. Team D with Mr. Tarun Gupta and Mr.Bhupinder Singh were at the third position. Team B with Mr. S. Goswami and Mr. Dheeraj got the consolation prize. The winning teams were felicitated by the Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju.

Counseling Session For Mothers

Motherhood is indeed a blessing, bliss and most importantly a challenge, challenge of grooming and moulding one’s offspring into a happy, healthy and genuine human being. In this herculean task, young mothers encounter lot of questions. The questions can be overwhelming and sometimes intimidating. In order to mitigate the anxieties and satiate the queries, the Pre Primary Wing of Doon Public School organized a counseling session on 6th May 2017 for the mothers on the occasion of mother’s day celebration. The eminent clinical psychologist, Dr. Gagandeep Kaur gave some valuable insights pertaining to positive parenting. She talked about inculcating discipline, values, attitude of sharing and caring at an early age through some interesting anecdotes and lessons. She also touched sensitive topics like management of emotions and understanding the difference between a good touch and a bad touch. The very interactive session saw the mothers’ participation in the games conducted. It was a sheer delight to see the ladies enjoying the session so much so that they were reluctant to leave and requested the management to organize such sessions in the future which was complied and welcomed.

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doon doon doon

Science Week 2017

Science fascinates everyone. It’s a subject which opens up the mind for the new possibilities of the future. Doon public school organized Science Week from 18th to 21st April 2017 with lots of brilliant minds showcasing their talents and creativity, thus making it a huge success. The activities that were performed in a chronological order are as follows:

18th April 2017
Activity : Ad Mad World

To celebrate the science week and develop scientific aptitude amongst the students an activity was conducted by the students of classes 5. There were 18 participants in all. They advertised their healthy products in a very innovative and creative way. Attractive props and live samples were used by the students in order to make their advertisement more effective.

The judge for this activity was our Director, Ms. Sumy VasanTiwari .She interacted with the students and selected three winners and appreciated the effortsput in by each and every participant.

First :JanviSachdeva and Nysa Gupta
Second : Hannah V Jacob and Suhani Arora
Third :Tanvi Gupta and Kaashvi , Atharv Aggarwal and Manit

doon doon

Shoot a Video of a Natural / Scientific Phenomenon

CLASS : 10

It was a very successful activity in which kids got a chance to explore and present their aesthetic side. They were asked to observe and shoot any natural phenomenon in their surroundings. Students participated with full enthusiasm. They also presented their work in front of our director mam and other students in the seminar hall. The presentation was followed by an open house session that was quite interactive and informative.
Winners of the event were as follows :

1st position :KeshavSinghal 10A
2nd position :IshitaDotania and MehakJha 10A
3rdposition :NainaSachdeva 10 D and Abhigyan Gupta 10A

doon doon

19TH APRIL 2017

Students of Class 1 participated with great enthusiasm in the Science Week activity cum enactment, ‘Eat Healthy Stay Healthy’. They imparted information about healthy food while using attractive props to deliver their message. The judges appreciated the participants. The winners of the activity are as follows:

Name of the participant Class Position
Hemang Kumar 1A 1st
Abhikshit 1C 1st
Parth 1A 2nd
IshvikManchanda 1D 2nd
Harsha 1C 3rd
Nitika 1D 3rd

doon doon doon

Science week activity ‘Explore Senses’ was conducted for Class 2. Different materials like cotton, sugar, lemon, salt, perfume etc., were shown and were tasted/touched/smelled by the students. They were able to name the different senses and sense organs that they used to identify those materials. Students enjoyed the activity.

doon doon

Class: 8                          Science Antakshari/Relay
There were 5 teams each having 3 contestants. The contestants were-
Team A:     1. Kshitiz Tiwari  8-A
2. Abhishek Rathi          8-A
3. JiyaNagpal       8-A

Team B:     1. Ananya Sharma         8-A
2. Arjun Narang   8-A
3. Riya Sharma    8-B

Team C:     1. Nikhil Sheron   8-C
2. Saloni Gupta    8-C
3. Sagar Joshi       8-C

Team D:     1. ParthNayyar    8-B
2. SankalpSaxena 8-B
3. Kudrat              8-B

Team E:     1. Kiran                8-D
2. Kanha              8-D
3. Mehak              8-D

The Quiz Master invited a leader from a team to pick a chit on which theme was written. Students of the each team were given 10 seconds to discuss the terms related to the theme with the members. A chain/relay of terms, related to the theme, was created by members in succession. When there was a pause the chain got broken. Later the members had to define the terms given by them. 5 marks each were awarded for giving the term and defining it. The Quiz Master efficiently and confidently conducted the activity. Student contestants contributed the scientific terms with zeal and zest. Team B was the winner followed by Team C and Team A respectively.



The students of class 9 displayed their inventive perspectives in the science stalls as a part of science week activities. Each section of class 9 put up a stall from 9 am to 1pm in school’s central courtyard. They exhibited a variety of science experiments in the stall under supervision of the science teachers. Each participant was explaining the principle behind the experiments performed . The stalls were visited by students of classes 5 to 8.

The list of experiments displayed are:


WINNERS OF THE STALL WERE : 1st position : 9B and 9E 2ndposition : 9A 3rdposition : 9C and 9D

Event : Science Debate
Class: 11 &12
Incharges : Ms Megha Mahajan and Mr. Banerjee

Science Debate was conducted with great enthusiasm and our honourable Manager Sir judged the event. There were four teams named Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. Each team comprised two participants. They competed with each other in the group stage on the topic, ‘Humanity should fear advances in artificial intelligence’. The debate was presided by Mr. Banerjee.

Team Alpha : Varun Sharma and Paras Vashishth (12D)

Team Beta : Vanshika Batra and Jayant(12 C)

Team Gamma : Shamlee Tiwari and Tushar (12 C)

Team Delta : Phythm Mehta and Kisha singh(12 D)

For the final round, Team Beta and Team Delta qualified. The topic for the final round was,‘Clinicaltrials in developing countries are exploitative’.The topic was given impromptu to the teams. They were given three minutes to think about the points before they started debating.

The winning team : Team Beta
Best interjector : Dhruv Mishra (11 C)
Best Speaker : Vanshika Batra( 12 C)
The debate was a great knowledge gaining experience for the participants as well as the audience.

Farewell 2017(February 17th)

The bygone year saw yet another batch of effervescent Doonites passing out from the portals of Doon Public School.
The students of class 11 accorded a warm welcome to the seniors at the school gate and school band escorted these students dressed in their finery. This was followed by sumptuous lunch hosted by class 11.
The customary speeches of head boy and head girl were followed by the motivating speech of respected Manager sir, Mr. Sarat Chandran and the Headmistress , Ms. Vidhu Vijayan .A bunch of balloons was released by the students of class 12 as a symbolic gesture. The students of the out-going class sought blessings from their teachers and captured the memories of the day in the form of beautiful snapshots.
The students of class 11 regaled their seniors by putting up a gala event comprising of varied acts like singing, dancing, role play , games etc. The evening left the students with the memories, they are going to cherish in their life time. The courtyard , the corridors resounded with the laughter , excitement and exhilaration of these students. Life won’ t be same again outside the confines of this school building but a whole new life , full of opportunities awaits them.
So, Adieu, class 12th!

doon doon doon doon

doon doon

Visit to Paschim Vhar Police Station

doon doon doon doon

doon doon doon

Republic Day 2017

doon doon doon doon


Christmas Celebration

Christmas was celebrated in the school on 23rd Dec 2016 .Students enjoyed dancing on peppy songs with Santa who gave them lots of surprises by his presence.

doon doon doon doon

Report on special assembly on moral values and self defence
23 December 2016

The school conducted a special assembly on 21st December 2016 on the theme 'Moral values and Self Defence'.The purpose of this assembly was to inculcate the importance of moral values and self defence techniques in the students. The special guests for the day were Mr. Rajbir Malik, Assistant Commissioner of Police - Paschim Vihar and Mr. Randhir Singh, SHO - Paschim Vihar.

The assembly commenced with the word of the day given by Damini of class 9-A followed by thought for the day given by Yashvi of class 9-A. It was followed by a session taken by the special guests - Mr Rajbir Malik and Mr. Randhir Singh informing the students about various methods and techniques through which one can defend oneself. The assembly was concluded with a pledge taking ceremony presided by Manager Sir in order to make the students understand the need of adopting these principles in their lives.

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Life Skills For Teachers

Workshop on Life skills for Teachers
17 Nov 2016

A good teacher always inspires. "
Under the Teachers Leadership Programme for the teachers, school regularly organises training sessions for its teachers development. Staff participated in the Life Skills workshop conducted by school counsellor Ms. Surbhi Lal and inquisitively learned different methodologies using life skills in an experiential manner. Teachers remained active while participating in few activities related to leadership and team building etc. It was a fun filled learning experience for them.

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Stress management

Managing exam stress.
23 Nov 2016

A workshop was organised by school counsellor for the students of classes 11 & 12 for stress management . Workshop helped the students to understand the stress and its various consequences, it was also a discussion regarding the strategies to deal with exam related anxieties. Counsellor helped the students to understand the importance of their time and diet schedules during the exam and also brainstorming was done to ensure that they take exams as an opportunity to excel. Session concluded with a few relaxation exercises with stress relieving music.

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Class 7,8 painting of handkerchief using mathematical symbols.

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Maths week (21 nov -25 Nov 2016)

  • The students of Doon public school celebrated maths week with great zeal and enthusiasm.
  • 21 Nov was the day for MATHEOLA for students of classes 5 and 6 which was a unique way of playing tambola with maths hints. Special tambola tickets were designed by the teacher and students played their regular tambola with a twist. Mathematical operations were grouped,quick answers and good luck was the key to win.
  • 22 Nov was the day for our quiz wizards from classes 6,7 and 8. A NIIT quiz was conducted in the seminar Hall based on general mathematics. Spontaneous and accurate answers was the need of the event. Sukhman of class 6,Sankalp class 7 and Ankit of class 8 bagged the trophies for the event.
  • 23 Nov was a war time. Students of class 3 played a multiplication war with the help of playing cards. Teams were divided with 6 members each and they pulled out cards from the deck in pairs of 2. The numbers were multiplied and the team with highest product score was declared as the winner. Students of class 4 played the co prime war wherein the team members pulled out cards at random and gained a point if they happened to be co prime. On the same day NIIT quiz based in general mathematics was held for class 9 and 10. Kartik Rohilla of class 9 and the duo Somesh Pratap singh and Priyanshi Gupta emerged as proud winners. The level of Inquisition was quite high even among the audience.
  • On 24 NOV our little champs of class 1 had fun with shapes.They described a shape with real life example with the help of props of their own choice.
  • Class 7 students displayed a wonderful skit on the life of Pythagoreas. It was followed by a brain storming session undertaken by Rabpreet and Rhythm of class 9 on special number patterns.Students were asked to add large numbers and find squares of greater numbers.They were also explained tricks of vedic maths to get quick and spontaneous answers. Real life application questions were asked to which the audience enthralled at. Concluding event for the day was a Maths Relay conducted by the students if class 11 and 12. Five students from each class participated. They were asked a beginner question and had to pass their answer in such a way that it links to the next question to make a perfect relay. Surprisingly the event resulted in a tie.
  • On 25 nov a handkerchief painting activity was held for class 7 and 8 wherein the students put their imagination to paint using mathematical symbols ,operations and figures. The response was overwhelming and the best works were displayed. On the same day students of class 2 played innovative ludo with two dices to enhance their addition and subtraction skills.
  • Overall the week was a successful attempt to polish the mathematical skills of our students. It was a fruitful result of joint efforts of teachers and students.

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Report on Founder’s Day

A special assembly was held to commemorate the birth anniversary of the Founder and Chairman of Doon Public School at Paschim Vihar, New Delhi on 22 November 2016. The event was presided by the Manager, Mr. N V Sarat Chandran, Principal, Dr. Anieetaa Vaishnava, Head Mistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju and the staff of Doon Public School from Trivandrum and Jaipur.

The Doonites were enlightened by the Manager Sir about the significance of the day. Primary students commenced the programme with their angelic performance while singing and wishing Vasan Sir, a hearty birthday. Middle Wing students rejuvenated the audience by an adorable dance performance. The Head girl, Jayanti Swarup, on behalf of the student fraternity not only wished Chairman Sir but also promised to be dedicated and perseverant achievers like him.

The assembly was concluded by the Doonites who extended the best of the greetings to their worthy Founder and Chairman, Mr. M G Vasan.

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Report on the Celebration of the Constitution Day (2016-17)

Although the Indian Constitution came into effect formally on January 26, 1950, but it was formally adopted by the Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949. To remember this historic occasion, a special morning assembly was held on 25 November 2016 at Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi.

The event was commenced by a word and the thought of the day given by a ninth class student.

Ms. Shikha Gupta, TGT- Social Science, gave a speech that reinforced the relevance and significance of the Indian Constitution along with the elaboration about the Preamble that is the essence of the Indian Constitution. Students of classes 10 presented a skit depicting the Fundamental Rights go hand in hand with the Fundamental Duties.

The assembly was concluded by the staff renewing their pledge, and commitment, to respect the national flag and anthem, appreciating the ideals that inspired India's freedom struggle, promoting harmony and other duties enshrined in the constitution.

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Training Session for Knowledge Sharing Partners:
Date: 21-25 November,2016

Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar hosted a training session for its knowledge partners from Trivandrum and Jodhpur. Teachers/PROs- Ms. Sathy and Ms. Sheela (Trivandrum) along with Ms. Rupal (Jodhpur) were briefed about the technology used in classroom instruction along with its usage in other arenas of academic as well as administrative importance.

They were awarded certificates by Vice Chairperson, Ms. Geetha Vasan and Manager, Mr. Sarat Chandran in the presence of the members of the management committee for the successful completion of the training session.

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Picnic to Eco Adventure Camp

Pre primary students were taken to Eco Adventure Camp, Najafgarh on 5th November 2016. They were exposed to many adventurous activities and rides . Children enjoyed the magic show where the magician invited students to participate. Camel, bullock cart and tractor rides gave the students proximity to rural life. Even the timid ones were oozing with confidence and ecstasy after doing activities like river crossing, wall climbing, balancing beam, commando crawl, bouncy, trampoline etc. They were served delicious breakfast and lunch in the camp. The little ones had a day of fun and frolic in the lap of nature under the care and expert supervision of trained instructors and teachers.

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Story Dramatization

In Dramatization a story is shown and not told. It is a powerful tool for developing language skill in early learners. The platform allows the children to express their emotions without restriction. Pre Primary students had a feast for the eyes when they saw their teachers enacting characters from the story. When the characters came alive, motley of emotions were manifested by the students and the whole atmosphere became lively.

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12th Annual Inter-school G. K. Quiz

Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar hosted its 12th Annual Inter-school G. K. Quiz recently . The event was sponsored by NIE and saw zealous participation from more than 25 prestigious schools of Delhi. The first round was conducted online using the SAS technology and eliminated all but four teams who went through the rigours of the final round. The avid finalists were quizzed on miscellaneous subjects such as market brands, films, personalities and even e games. The Language and Literature Round stumped the contestants reinforcing the need to read more. KIIT World School emerged the leaders closely followed by Cambridge Foundation School. The winners were awarded trophies and gifts by the School Manager, Mr. N. V. Sarat Chandran who appreciated all the participants for their efforts.

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Onam Celebrations
Dated: 12.9.16

Onam the harvest and the biggest festival of Kerala was celebrated with joy and enthusiasm at Doon Public School , Paschim Vihar . An Inter – House Rangoli competition commenced the daylong celebration.

The students made intricately designed flower mats (Rangoli) called `Pookalam’ in front of the library to welcome King Mahabali.

A special assembly was conducted in which the Doonites swayed the audience with their Malayali song.The foot tapping traditional folk dance by the students of classes 5 and 6 concluded the assembly.

Teachers buckled up their laces and showed the true sportsman spirit while playing number of varied games such as Tug- of -war , balloon balance , vada hanging and food eating competition. An astounding and energetic dance performance by our esteemed Manager Sir and honourable Principal Madam `lungi dance` not only magnetised the audience but also enthralled the gathering.

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Work Day
4 October 2016

The school celebrated ‘Work Day’ on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti to honour the contribution of the helping staff of the school on 3 October 2016.

The assembly started with a tribute to the great leader of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi which was followed by a bhajan sung by the students. The school also observed the day as ‘Black Day’ to protest against the recent incident of murder of a teacher by some reckless students. The whole school wore black badges to show their protest against such unfortunate incident. It was followed by a speech given by students to reinforce the importance of teachers in one's life. The school counsellor ,Ms Surbhi gave tips to the students to control aggression. The work day celebrations commenced with a beautiful message given by the honourable Chairman of the school, Mr. M.G.Vasan. It was followed by a mesmerizing dance performance on foot tapping numbers by the helping staff. Many games were organised for the helpers where they displayed their competitive spirit. They were given gifts, as a token of appreciation for their work by the school management. The celebrations came to an end with a special message given by the respected Manager,Mr Sarat Chandran. Overall, it was a day filled with fun and learning.

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13th Inter school Mathematics Bhaskara Award
September 27, 2016

Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar organized the 13th Mathematics Inter school Bhaskara Award Competition on 27 August 2016 in the school premises in order to test the mathematical skills of the students.

The aim of this examination is to gauge the reasoning and analytical skills of the students. The students were tested on the basis of their understanding and application of the mathematical concepts. The exam was held for the students of classes IV to IX who were divided into three different groups.

Around 800 students from 55 reputed schools of Delhi participated in this competition. The winners in each group will be rewarded a sum of Rs.1500/- Rs.1200/- and Rs. 1000/- respectively on the basis of their performance. The teachers from the participating schools highly appreciated this examination and the efforts of the school in promoting mathematics among the students every year.


Inter school Graffiti Competition

An inter school Graffiti competition, ‘MAGIC LANTERN’, was held at Doon Public School, PaschimVihar. It was one of the most vibrant event of the Art & Craft Exhibition, ‘TECHNE 2016’. The competition was held on 29th August 2016 in which number of prestigious schools participated.

Each team of three members poured the innovative ideas with exuberant and vivacious colours, patterns on the canvas. The teams created exemplary marvels (graffitis)with exotic assemblance of the innovative sequencing under the given theme- THE TRANSITION IN WORLD CINEMA.

The judges for the interschool graffiti competition were the Art & Craft Teacher, Mr. Salvi and our school Manager, Mr. N.V. Sarat Chandran. The winners painted the town red with their outstanding pieces of graffiti. The team from Rukmini Devi Public School (Pitampura), bagged the first prize.The second prize was won by the team from Lancer Convent School (Rohini). Ganga International (HiranKudna) clinched the third prize.

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Visit By Padma Bhushan MR. Jatin Das

The school was honoured by the presence of the renowned painter, Mr. Jatin Das on 1st September 2016. He was accorded a grand welcome by the students who put up a short cultural programme for him.

Mr. Jatin Das shared his myriad experiences (spanning over 50 years) in the world of art and spoke at length on the varied forms of art - both contemporary and traditional. He spoke about his rare collection of over 6,500 hand fans which have been exhibited both in India and abroad. He propounded the idea that art exists in everything that God has created and that one only needs to allow nature to seep into us to see art oozing out in every form be it poetry, song or painting. He spoke about the necessity of educators to allow more freedom to the learners to experiment with nature. He emphasized on the need for educational institutions to break their rigid moulds to allow in the natural flow of learning.

Students and teachers loved his out of the box ideas and promised to put them to practice. The eminent artist regaled the audience with his lovely experiences which left the audience asking for more. The interactive session saw enthusiastic participation from not only the students and teachers but also the Headmistress Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju and the Pre-Primary Proctor Ms. Suma Jacob.

The programme ended with a congratulatory speech by the Manager, Mr. Sarat Chandran on the eminent painter's lifelong achievements and the vote of thanks by the Principal Dr. Aanieetaa Vaissnava.

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Blood Donation Camp

The ECO CLUB of DOON PUBLIC SCHOOL organised a BLOOD DONATION CAMP in association with ROTARY RHYTHM for parents and teachers in the seminar hall of the school on Saturday,20 th AUGUST 2016.

The students from each class and section volunteered in the event and ensured smooth functioning of the camp. The parents and teachers too participated in it with great enthusiasm .More than 60 people volunteered for the noble cause and 50 units of blood were collected . The donors were also given refreshments and a memento for their noble efforts.
The event was a huge success .Such noble initiatives are regularly undertaken by the school as it strives to fulfil its social obligations.

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Mother’s Day Celebration

The Pre-primary department celebrated ‘Mother’s Day’ in a grand manner on 6th May 2016. Mothers became a part of the celebration, which was organized in the Seminar Hhall. The mothers were ushered in by welcoming them with a handmade mother’s day card. The pre primary proctor felicitated the Honourable Vice chairperson, Ms. Geeta Vasan, with a sash and a bouquet. Mam wished all the mothers and extended her warm welcome to them. The Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju was also felicitated with a bouquet.

Angelina of Prep – D narrated a story, which was followed by songs sung by children along with their music teacher, Mr. Elisha. Many games were organized for mothers wherein some real spirit of enthusiasm and competition was showcased by the participants. Chairperson Mam gave away prizes to the winners.

Clinical nutritionist, Dr. Praveena enlightened the ladies on natural remedies for skin care, weight loss and tips for a healthy eating regime. Thereafter the audience enjoyed an enthralling performance by the teachers. The celebration ended with a heart touching presentation wherein each slide depicted a child with the mother. The whole ambience became overwhelmingly emotional as every mother had tears in her eyes. The mothers were served refreshments. They thanked the school for making the celebration a memorable occasion -one to be cherished forever.

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Friday Activities

Doon Public School has always propagated the philosophy of ‘Learning by Doing’. Therefore, every Friday, engaging activities are conducted to enhance the thinking, speaking, analytical and interpersonal skills of the students. On 8th April 2016, the English department was instrumental in conducting several interesting activities for classes 2 to 11. Some of them were :

  • Poem recitation for classes 2, 3 and 4.
  • Travelling Brochure for classes 5 and 6.
  • Ad-Mad for classes 7 and 8.
  • Cross word Puzzle for Classes 9 and 10.
  • Debate for Class 11.

On 22nd April 2016, the Hindi department conducted engaging activities such as Chitralekhan and Kavita Vaachan to promote the language among the students.
On 6th May 2016, in order to create awareness about the grave issue of intoxication among the youth, a competition was organised on the theme ‘Say No to Tobacco’.
Poster making for classes 5 to 8
Creative writing for classes 9 to 12.
The students participated enthusiastically in the event. The best entries were selected and sent to CBSE.

Report on House Boards

The theme for the House Boards for the month of April was ‘Dream, Dare, Destiny’ and for May was ‘Co-curricular Activities –essential for Holistic Education’. The best display board was put up by Tagore House consequently.

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Workshop At Fortis Healthcare

Under SLQDP initiative of our school, senior students attended a workshop at Fortis Healthcare, Shalimar Bagh on ‘Media Literacy' with the school counsellor Ms.SurbhiLal under the School Mental Health Programme.

The workshop aimed at highlighting the role of media and its influence, managing the risk behaviour, understanding the target audience and stereotypical views shown in advertisements.

The workshop was conducted on 12th April 2016 and was an enriching experience for the eager learners.

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Annual GK Quiz for Parents 2016

07-05-2016, Saturday

The Parents GK Quiz Wizard, 2016 was indeed an exciting mix of information and entertainment. Ms. Geetha Vasan was the chief guest for the event. 31 parents contested for the preliminary SAS round and the eight top scorers were chosen as the finalists for the final four teams. All the teams competed in ten exhilarating rounds from various genres like Science, Literature, Accountancy, and Arts to name a few. An audience round was taken up after every two rounds in order to encourage the audience’s participation and ensure energy throughout the event. The tenth round (super speed) was indeed a hard nut to crack and the participants had to wrack their brains. However all the teams came out with flying colours. Team B, with Ms. Madhvi and Mr. Saurabh Dasgupta bagged the title of the Annual GK Quiz Wizard 2016, followed by Team D with Mr. Biju Ganesan and Mr. Alok Kumar at the second position. Team A with Mr. Sabal and Ms. Anupama were at the third position.

The winning teams were felicitated by the Vice Chairperson, Ms. Geetha Vasan and the Headmistress Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju.

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Talent Hunt Contest

Students of Grades 2 to 8 participated with full enthusiasm in the auditions of INDIA’S TALENT DHAMAAL to be telecast on National Channel soon. The event was organized by GT Production House The students created Dhamaal on stage with their graceful moves, melodious singing and expressive acting. Few students out performed others and got a standing ovation by the judges.

Mothers Empowerment for Educational Development Programme 2016.

It gives us immense pleasure to share the highlights of our Project aimed to empower for mothers of all students. Our school has proudly initiated the Mothers Empowerment for Educational Development Programme 2016. The first session of this programme held on 28th Apr'16, Thursday. This programme aims to provide exposure to mothers for

  • English Speaking (Eng Faculty)
  • Computer Basics (Computer Faculty)
  • Positive Parenting (Counsellor)
  • Right pedagogy to follow for Education .
  • Team of our teachers is dedicated to take sessions with mothers every Thursday in the school premises .

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Music & Dance Exhibition

Doon Public School is celebrating it's cultural week from 20th to 27th August

Raman House Activity Report

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Raman house conducted the Special Junior Assembly on 14 Oct’15, Wed. The theme for the assembly was “Indian Culture vs Western Culture”. Special guests, staff of our school’s franchisee from Hospet, witnessed the program.

Following activities were conducted:-
  • The assembly started with the harmonious band presented by the Doonites.
  • Word of the day was spoken by Bhavya of Class 2D. A word of English followed by a sentence was spoken.
  • Thought of the day was spoken by Aditya of Class2A.
  • News was read by Poorna of Class 2D.
  • A skit on “Indian Culture vs Western Culture” was presented by the students of Class 4 showcasing the impact of westernization on Indian culture.
  • A small skit on “Indian Culture vs Western Culture” was presented by the students of Class 2 and 3. The skit culminated into dance performance by the students which was a treat to watch. Through the skit, students conveyed a message to all that we can should take the good qualities of both the cultures and inculcate in our life.
  • The school is celebrating Maths Week . Many students of classes 2, 3 and 4 recited poems on Maths.
  • Students drilled tables of 12 – 15.