Fine Art Studio

The school boasts of a spacious as well as creative fine arts studio which is the hub for all the artistically inventive within the school. The interiors are colorful and energetic, spreading an effervescent aura of ingenious craftwork. The room is spacious and equipped with the most progressive machinery for arts and craft. It is the host to all the craft and cultural exhibitions organized within the school. The pieces on display are exquisitely grafted with utmost devotion and technique of the students under the expert guidance of the skilled faculty. The students are exposed to different genres of art and painting through adequate specimen put up in the art studio. Numerous practice sessions are held within the studio in order to instill the spirit of art and its appreciation within the students. All the important designing and craft work is supervised by the art department, ranging from the designing of the school magazine cover to the display banners for all the special occasions.

The fine arts studio is a unique culture in itself, diffusing creativity and learning in a holistic manner throughout the school.

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