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Education at Doon Public School epitomizes nurturing intellectual curiosity to bring out academic excellence and aptitude so as to equip the students with the lifelong skills and experiences. Truly said that minds are like parachutes, they work when they open and a temple of learning, school is the pristine platform that gives innumerable opportunities to the students to invent their potential. The ISA journey has indeed made an indelible and ineffaceable impact on the students and the school as a whole. It was the craving to tap the innate potential and bring the International Dimension in the classrooms that inspired Ms Swati Chatterjee, ISA coordinator and the team of teachers- Ms Swati Bansal, Ms Pearl Young Siddiqui, Ms Jyoti Kohli, Ms Ragini Saxena, Ms Renu Dwivedi, Ms Rajneesh, Ms Veena Kulkarni, Ms Alka Tandon and Ms Pooja Mathur who spared no pains to get ignited and to initiate the work to vie for ISA. Round the year the school was abuzz with multifarious activities which were incorporated with global dimension in curriculum, covering all the age groups and maximum subjects to promote cross cultural understanding among students and to transform them into global citizens. The various projects taken up were-

English infused with networking- Teacher Incharge- Ms Swati Bansal Students of class 8 watched the play Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens on You Tube. They researched on the respective characters assigned to them and shared their viewpoint on the social networking sites. They also dressed according to the character and enacted and presented their opinion on what they would have done in that particular scene. Students of class 9 did research on the life of authors Stephenie Meyer and J.K Rowling and extensive study on their books- Twilight and Harry Potter series. They then imitated the author and were interviewed by the students. A video of the activity was uploaded on the Face book and shared with partner schools in UK. Students also designed book covers on the famous books- Twilight and The Harry Potter.

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Ancient Civilizations- Teacher Incharge- Ms Ragini Saxena Students of class 6 did research on ancient civilizations- Indus Valley Civilization, Egyptian Civilization and Chinese Civilization. They then worked in small groups to make power point presentations to compare and contrast the different features of these civilizations. The students also made different types of tools, weapons, toys, jewellery etc used in that era and displayed in the class. Parents were invited to encourage the students. A visit to Rakhigarhi- Indus Valley Civilization site was organized for the students of class 7. The students took photographs and made a report on the visit. They also collected pictures of other sites of Harrapa, Mohanjodaro, Lothal and made project files and discussed the important features. Students also presented a skit and song in Chinese language before a guest, Dr Sofia Chatterjee, Mandarin Chinese Language teacher, Delhi University and parents and shared how much they learnt about a foreign language and civilization. The work of the students was shared with partner school in Egypt through a common web space.

Waste Management- Teachers Incharge- Ms Renu Dwivedi, Ms Rajneesh, Ms Veena Kulkarni Students of classes 6 and 7 did research work independently to collect information on hazardous waste. They then worked in small groups to collect information to compare and contrast the features of compost making globally. This was followed by a class discussion on the most effective waste management in Indian household and developing an action plan for reducing waste. Students made creative items from non bio degradable and e waste which was displayed. Parents were invited to encourage the students. Students of classes 8 and 9 collected information on Hazardous waste- hierarchy, treatment and disposal. Students visited a Waste segregation and recycling unit. They worked in small groups to compare and contrast treatment and effective methods of disposal in India and globally. They presented their work in the form of Power point presentation to the entire class. The work of students was shared with partner school in Sri Lanka.

Explore the World of Mathematics- Teacher Incharge- Ms Alka Tandon Students of classes 9 and 10 did research work independently and gathered data-fancyboxevant information about famous Mathematicians- their history, contribution and its application in the present time. They prepared Power point presentations which were followed by group discussions. Students of class 8 enacted with props the roles of famous Mathematicians giving hints and telling about their work. Students as audience guessed and identified the particular mathematician which was followed by an interactive session.

Be Healthy and Safe- Teacher Incharge- Ms Jyoti Kohli Students of class 3 had group discussion on the staple food, famous dishes of different states of India and different countries. They brought prepared dishes and talked about the place it belongs to, the method of cooking, raw materials used, nutritive value and also wrote the recipe. Parents were invited to encourage the students Partner schools in UK took up similar activities and the work of the students were shared through Blog. Guest, Dr Lalit Khanawalia was invited to talk about some tips to stay fit. Student panel from UK partner school filled up a questionnaire about – food they enjoy eating, number of hours they play/ sleep, favourite dish , Indian food they like etc. The similarities and differences were shared through a Skype session with the students of the partner school .

International Day of Older persons- Teacher Incharge- Ms Pooja Mathur Students of class 11 collected research based online information on data based on average illiteracy rates, labour force participation rates of population aged 60 and over in major countries. The students visited an old age home to discuss and share problems data-fancyboxated to the old and be sensitized to the issues data-fancyboxated to the old. Students expressed their feelings towards them by designing and creating greeting cards for them. Story telling- Students of class 4 wrote their favourite story as told by their grandparents. Students of partner school took up a similar activity and the stories were shared on the schools online project space. “Talk show by the grandparents” was organized to share their experience of life, ageing and health secrets with the students. An official song of America, dedicated to the grandparents was sung to mark the gala celebration of Grandparents day.

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Cosplay- Teacher Incharge- Ms Pearl Young Siddiqui Students of class 5 did research work and collected information about different cultures and costumes of India, Japan, UK, Mexico which was followed by group discussions. Students work was displayed on the display board. A Retro Fashion show was organized for the students of classes 1 and 2. They dressed up representing different countries and spoke a few lines about the culture and geography of that particular country. Students also presented a few Indian state dances and Western dances. Guest, Ms Chanu Satdeve, Senior Lecturer South Delhi Polytechnic for Women, was invited to encourage the students. The activities left indelible impact on the crude learners to equip them with everlasting knowledge. Moreover it is worthy to mention that all the staff members of the school welcomed and shared the ideas with each other to enhance their learning. The most striking feature was our collaboration with the partner schools fromUK and other countries that roused curiosity of all the students and the teachers who got an insight into vivid culture of the other countries. The school has been accredited with the International School Award 2014-2017 in recognition to the activities organized by the school with an International dimension throughout the academic session 2013-2014. The school is now entitled to use the British Council- International School logo on all its publications, letterheads, prospectus, school website etc. It is a pleasure to have the zealous efforts of staff and students recognized, appreciated and applauded. The award is a perfect testimony of the school’s excellent teamwork.

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School Partnership and Teacher Exchange Visit

To strengthen the partnership with UK school and to foster multidimensional two way learning the British Council provided funds for the teacher exchange visit. The school extended its hospitality to the Head Teacher and three teachers from Swallowfield Lower School, UK from 21 August 2014 to 28 August 2014. The itinerary of the UK delegate was designed to provide them an empirical exposure to India’s culture. India’s rich heritage was witnessed by the guests whilst visiting the historical monuments. Through various well- designed activities like classroom interactions, interschool competitions and visits, the delegates broadened their horizon about the education system, culture, history, socio economic background, data-fancyboxigion and other norms of the Indian society. Ms Swati Chatterjee, Global coordinator visited Swallowfield Lower School, Milton Keynes, UK as part of the Partnership exchange programme from 9 November 2014 to 16 November 2014. The itinerary planned gave an insight into the teaching learning ideologies of their Education System and the culture of the country. The traditional dances, music and songs presented by the students in special assembly to commemorate the Remembrance day and the other activities during the week were remarkable. The classroom interactions with the students and teachers at Swallowfield, visit to Fulbrook Middle School, The Walton High School and the Open University gave an opportunity to gain knowledge about the teaching practices. The opportunity to explore London city and the museums, the Milton Keynes village , the Worbun Abbey and Gardens, Milton Keynes theatre to watch the English National Ballet’s acclaimed production of Swan Lake and also enjoy sledging and ice sliding at the Snozone has been a wonderful experience. The partnership is an effort to provide truly global dimension to education and nurture global citizenship with an international outlook

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Doon strives to provide Indian students the exposure of global thinking, therefore we have maintained an international learning environment in the school. Doon strongly believes in bringing new possibilities and new understanding among its students. That’s the reason why, we have collaborated with some of the international schools like Swallowfield Lower School, Bedfordshire, England.                   

To prepare the school for 21st century learning, we take help of BC Unbox 21. On the path of Unbox 21, we have employed digital media and other learning pedagogy in the classrooms that help us in enhancing the capacity of our teachers to build their understanding about the role of digital technology and computer games in teaching and learning. To know more how the BC Unbox 21 project is effective at Doon Public School and other international programs for students, click on the link below.

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