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Last week was celebrated as Math week in our school. Various activities were conducted in all classes. In junior classes 1 and 2, students were made to make 3-D shapes using blocks to visualize their creativity. For classes 5,6,7,8 activities based on mathematics puzzles, riddles, Sudoku were taken up to enhance their mental ability. We also had an intra school quiz for classes 6,7,8 which was conducted by NIIT where our students had shown excellent performance.

This year Math department has started an entidata-fancyboxy unique concept in mathematics that is merging Math with poetry. Interschool competition was held and around 30 schools participated in it.

Special features were kept in regular assembly – in senior assembly students exchanged their knowledge about pi and musical rap based on mathematics were performed by the students.

On the final day, students of class 9,10 had organized a street play to show the importance of Math in day to day life. At the end a workshop was conducted for the students of class 10, 11 by Dr. Hukum Singh(Ex Dean NCERT) in which he talked about famous mathematicians, discoveries done by our Indian mathematicians, Field prize, Value of pi. Dr. Hukum Singh also addressed the whole staff and discuss about National Curriculum Framework and teaching Pedagogy-‘ Learning by Doing’ .

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