Parents Leadership Quality Development Program

Workshop by Dr. Aruna Broota


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Under the endeavour of Parent Leadership Quality Programme,school has conducted an informative and guidance session for the parents by the most renowned psychologist,hypnotherapist and parenting expert Dr. Aruna Broota on 18th oct 2015.This session was aimed to enlighten the parents with the positive parenting styles and to guide them to understand the emotional needs of the child.

The session went quite successful with hundreds of young parents felt delighted and emotional while sharing their own experiences with Dr. Broota. This initiative of involving our parents with the education and teaching became gracious in the presence of our worthy Principal Ma'am, Ms.Vandana Sachdeva and our Headmistress Ms.Vidhu Vijayan.

Parents felt gratitude towards the school and further guided by school counsellor Ms.Surbhi Lal for following up with the right parenting styles.

Parents serve as an integral focal point in the process of education and academics. They play an important role in facilitating children’s autonomous motivation in school. Their role is crucial and functions as binary to that of the teacher’s. The school firmly believes that; parents serve as partners in facilitating education.

Therefore it is equally important to sensitize both the teachers and the students towards the role of the parent in the process of knowledge exchange. Sudents must realize the importance of parents as the first and primary educator of their children. The students as well as the teachers must understand the importance of parent involvement, how to support families, and types of approaches to take in practicing effective communication with families. Similarly, the parents, too need to be informed and equipped to take up their role as an educator and facilitater working in close association with the teacher.

In order to meet this requirment and serve the delicate needs of the students, the school constantly upgrades its methodology and pedagogy in close association with the parent council members and organizes workshops for the orientation of the parents in order to encourage them to take up their role in the right spirit. The format of these sessions is highly flexible. Information is exchanged through practical activities and discussions. A multi dimensional approach is adopted to make the workshops interesting and innovative. The underlying idea is to unite and work as a team to achieve the desired levels of growth and development in each child both within and outside the school.

“Parents play a key role in building not only an empowered home environment but contribute to a powerful school environment too”

Doon Public School under Parent Leadership Quality Development Program(PLQDP) organized counseling session for parents on Saturday, 2nd may,2015. It was conducted by an eminent clinical psychologist Aruna Broota who with her experience of 40 years tried to bridge the gap between parents and children. It was attended by parents, in large numbers , who felt encouraged after the session. She profoundly discussed students’ affairs :-learning experiences and diversity. She highlighted a number of experiences to show how a child ‘s psyche gets affected with the behavior of parents, role of media and data-fancyboxationship between parents.

She devised common practices and innovations to help everyone in the student support ecosystem. Staying proactively intelligent, using common sense and appealing tactics , better self management that strengthens data-fancyboxationship between child and parent were some key initiatives that Dr. Broota talked about. She helped parents, family elders in appreciating their key role in understanding anxieties of children and preparing the ground for building their future. It was a fruitful and an enriching experience for all.

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