Remedial Classes


Teaching methodology employed - animated teaching pedagogy along with effective personal tutorials for low scorers. The remedial classes are the school’s initiative to help bring the comparative slow learners and low scorers at par with the rest of the class. Under this set up, a list is formulated at the start of each academic year; of students whose performance has been consistently low. A special 60 minute slot is created in the school’s time table, towards the end of every day. The idea of keeping this slot within the regular working hours of the school is to avoid stay backs and discourage unhealthy demarcations between the students. A remedial slot is allocated to each subject in an efficiently planned manner, so as to ensure that all the subjects are assigned equal slots within a week. The attendance of the weak students is ensured during this slot. A detailed recapitulation of the subject matter taught in the class is taken up; with an increased emphasis on addressing the doubts of the students. The special learning needs of each student are catered to under such a set up. The emphasis is more on the growth and progress of the children with special learning requirements.

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