School Life

Farewell Ceremony at Doon 18 February 2019

“Though miles may lie between us, we are never far apart,
For friendship doesn’t count miles, it’s measured by the heart.”

Doon Public School organized the farewell ceremony for class 12 on 18 February 2019 in the central courtyard. The outgoing batch received a warm welcome by the teachers and the students of class 11 at the school gate. After an appetizing lunch they were escorted by the dignitaries along with the school band.

The customary speeches of head boy and head girl were followed by the motivating speech of respected Manager Sir, Mr. Sarat Chandran. As a symbolic gesture, balloons were released by the monitors of all the sections of class 12. Our respected Manager Sir, Mr. Sarat Chandran, Vice Principle ma’am, Ms. Malini Panikkar and Headmistress ma’am, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju graced the occasion.

The students of class 11 prepared various acts like singing, dancing, role play, games etc to make this day a memorable affair for their seniors. The seniors too enjoyed every moment and wholeheartedly participated in all the programmes. The entire school reverberated with the sound of laughter, happiness and emotional goodbyes.

On this emotional day, the school bade farewell to all the students and wished them luck for their future. The only advice for these students is to be kind and good to people they meet on their way up. Think big thoughts and be optimistic in whatever they do.

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NIE Summer Training Programme

Living our dream is the best feeling in this world! I, Naina Sachdeva, was given a chance to live my dream of becoming a journalist and to experience all the daily challenges faced by them. The Times NIE conducted a summer training programme for hands-on experience in journalism. Fourteen participants could be part of this training programme i.e. one participant from each school.

These participants were chosen from ageneral aptitude and language test held in the month of April. After the selection process, the training started in the month of May during the summer break. It was an eight-day long training session which included various interactions with many eminent reporters of the Times of India newspaper.

The first day started with an interaction with the National Editor of NIE, Ms. Poonam Singh. She introduced us to the various challenges faced by the print media in this world of technology. Then, she also introduced us to the various challenges encountered by the journalists. On the next day, we were told how to make reports and we were given various topics to make report. Further, we were divided into teams and given various stories to work upon. The topic given to my group was, 'The Productivity Puzzle: The Key Economic Issue of Our Age'.

Then we were told how to cover stories and there was a hypothetical session to cover the story on spread of Nipah virus in Kerala. Also, we were told how to make reports, cover and edit various stories ranging from crime to entertainment. On the other day we were taught how to design colourful, reader-friendly pages. We were also given some home tasks upon whose submission; we received a certificate of honour. The topics of the home task include ‘increasing crime rates in your locality’ and ‘cause I need to take up’. The training session finally ended with a visit to the printing press of the TOI in Sahibabad. In short, it was a wonderful experience of hands-on training in journalism.

Mini Olympics

Doon Public School on 9th September’ 2016 celebrated Mini Olympics Inter-class Competition.

The event started with the pre-primary race followed by the Nursery and Prep race. Dr. Aanieeta Vaissnava, school Principal, Ms. Vidhu Vijayan Biju, the Headmistress and Pre-Primary proctor Ms. Suma Jacob graced the occasion with their presence. Principal thanked the august gathering and emphasized on the importance of sports in child’s life. The event was great success and each winner was awarded with certificates and gifts.

Winners of the following categories were:

Pre-Nursery Anam Jain I
  Rishan II
  Riya III
Nursery Ismail I
  Yug Chandela II
  Arnav Mishra III
Preparatory Tenzine I
  Tejas Arora II
  Aarav Sehgal III
I Naitik I
  Daksh Rana II
  Ridhima Khatri III
II Shubham I
  Samarth II
  Nandini III