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Reward for selfless Service

"Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls.” – David Thomas

In sync with the aforesaid, the data-fancyboxentless service of our veteran Office support, Mr. Parvesh has been recognised by the parents, teachers and the management of Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi. Mr. Parvesh Vats, fondly called, Parvesh Bhaiya by all, received a token of appreciation from our Chairman, Mr M G Vasan.

Throughout the pandemic, Parvesh Bhaiya has been actively working as a "covid warrior" by moving from door to door of the Doonites for the delivery of the required books & academic accessories etc.
We are not only thankful for his services but also applaud his indefatigable spirit to complete the assigned task.

Khond Village Mothers Outreach Program

DOON PUBLIC SCHOOL was visited by about eleven ladies from village Khond and Nadata-fancyboxa an outskirt of Delhi as a part of the MEED programme ( Mothers Empowerment for Educational Development). It was surprising to learn that the mothers were very aware and very concerned about upgrading themselves. They were firstly apprised with the basics of spoken English by providing live situations where they interacted with each other. Then afterwards they were taught the few essential elements of computers. The mothers were not only eager learners but had great potential of learning quickly. The whole day workshop ended with sumptuous lunch for everyone.
Rural Development Mission Hope, like the gleaming taper's light,
Adorns and cheers our way,
And still, as darker grows the night,
Emits a brighter ray.

These words truly explain the gleam in the eyes of the children of Kohand village in Haryana. This gleam was caught by the Manager, Mr Sarat Chandran of Doon Public School. He was enraptured by their zest to learn, and perform despite the limitations. Although from rural backgrounds the students of S D Harit Modern School, were essentially modern in their approach to life. The rural and poor background deprived them of basic amenities, but their fluency in English and their reservoir of knowledge was most impressive. Basically these children belong to families of farmers and labourers and are first generation literates who have no access for guidance at home.Therefore acquainted with such determination most apparent in their attitude the manager decided to provide more to the needs of the rural children. Clean drinking water and separate toilets are the basic amenities which the students had no access to still they braved the odds and were regular in studies. Where there”s a will there”s a way is the apt axiom for such students. And hence Mr Sarat Chandran was inspired to provide more to the deserving children. After the successful implementation of Mother’s Empowerment Programme and Hope For the Future Programme Doon Public School has taken another social initiative which is under its Rural Education Mission (REM).  The school has adopted SD Harit Modern School in Kohand village in District Karnal, Haryana.   The school is up to class 10 and imparting education to around 500 children.  In the world of technology, the students of SD Harit Modern School were not acquainted with computer. Due to the socio-economic condition of the parents, the students were deprived of books. There was no library in the school. The Management of Doon Public School has decided to extend its support to this school for its educational, technical and infrastructural development.  Ms. Geetha Vasan, Vice Chairperson and Mr. Sarat Chandran, Manager along with the staff members visited the adopted school on 19th February, 2012.  The students of the school presented various cultural programmes with great enthusiasm which showed the urge of learning.  Ms. Geehta Vasan donated two computers with accessories to set up a Digital Library which had 15000 books uploaded, furniture for classes and books of all subjects for school library. .  The Management of Doon Public school further assured to construct separate toilets for girls and boys and also set up a provision for pure drinking water. The management announced free education for meritorious students and also assured to provide more computers to the village school in near future.  

MEED (Mother's Empowerment for Educational Development )

Doon Public School has always made an endeavour to take up matters of social concern. God could not be everywhere therefore he made mothers. Mothers are the sweetest gift of God to us. There is no way we can ever really thank them for all they do for us. The school has initiated the programme MEED ( Mother’s Empowerment for Educational Development ) for our mothers so that they are not restricted to be a homemaker, but are a guide to their children. The main aim of the programme is to train mothers so that they can help children benefit from education.

Under this programme our teachers adopt mothers and teach them basic English, spoken English, computer application, awareness about the environment, health and hygiene and basic parenting which also includes teen issues and adolescence problems.

The programme is free of cost and has been running successfully since last year. More than 200 mothers have joined the programme which includes mothers of students of Pre primary to class 12. Teachers have volunteered for the programme and spend time with the mothers after school hours and during weekends. Mothers have become very confident after joining this programme.


Eco – Club activity for the upliftment of the underprivileged section of society



doon doondoon doon

It has always been the endeavour of Doon Public School to impart the best of education to its students.  The school programmes are tailored to instill in them the value of being charitable. The school had organized visit to Slum areas for each and every class right from Class 5 to 12.  Excitement was writ large on the children’s bright faces as they interacted with the not so privileged people of society.  They visited their homes and got a real feel of how they made both ends meet.   They later on got together and organised the charity fund in cash and kind for these downtrodden lots.  The project was a  huge success as students donated generously for their bretheren.   Students propose to implement the following action plan:

  • Organise Counseling sessions by Eminent Psychologist – Dr. Raman Sodhi.
  • Organise Medical Camp in the school.
  • Bring awakening in the society by writing articles in the popular newspaper.
  • Provide guidance in Employment.
  • Conduct evening classes for the children in our school:-
    • To improve their performance in academics.
    • To enhance knowledge.
  • Student Representatives of different classes, along with teacher will visit Municipal Corporation Delhi Office to solve their day to day problems like hygiene, water and power supply.
  • Create awareness regarding hygiene sanitation.

The Slum visit was not just another project. Students have vowed to continue to given them full hearted support to such philanthropic efforts of the school for the upliftment of the have not in society

The School Voice out for another major Social concern through a InterSchool Street play competition on 17 August 2011.The theme for the play is "Let her be born.................."

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