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Biotechnology Laboratory

Biotechnology is an upcoming field of Science and a subject, very technical and taught radata-fancyboxy in schools. Very few well equipped and reputed schools of Delhi offer this subject and haveBiotechnology Laboratory.

School enhances the participation of all the students by conducting National level Olympiad, NBTO (National Biotechnology Olympiad) every year. This year 250 students from classes 1 to 12 are participating in NBTO. Our laboratory is well equipped with latest instruments like Refrigerated centrifugator, Spectrophotometer, Laminar flow, Gel rocker, UV illuminator, Cell Counter, Autoclave, Distillation unit, Micropipette and many more. We have tissue culture laboratory which is rare to find at school level. Our laboratory have kits for various molecular biology experiments like DNA isolation and electrophoresis, Plasmid isolation, Restriction digestion, Blood group detection etc. Students are always full of enthusiasm towards the experiments conducted in laboratory as it enhances their knowledge and gives them scope to pursue the subject at higher level.


Physics Laboratory

As we know, Physics is the study of nature and the various phenomenon occurring around us. Laboratory is a place where the principles of science can be verified and comprehended in a much better way. Hence, there is a great importance in having a physics laboratory in schools, The physics laboratory in our school is a spacious one and we are having good quality apparatus for all the experiments which are prescribed as per the latest CBSE Curriculum. Painted charts on wooden boards explaining the concepts of advanced level physics are put up on the walls of the lab. We are also having a large collection of books in our laboratory which contains undergraduate and postgraduate level books, reference materials and latest sample papers for all classes. As we know, a child’s mind during school days is like wet mud which can be given desired shape according to the training imparted to him/her. Specially for a student interested in higher studies in science, a laboratory is a studies in science, a laboratory is a place where these young minds can satisfy their inquisitiveness and grasp the concepts of physics in a more concrete way. Our school provides such a platform for such students by providing a world class physics laboratory and hence contributing towards the development of science for our country as well.

Mr. Vishwanath Banerjee
H.O.D Physics Deptt.

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Chemistry Lab

The chemistry lab in our school is a spacious, well ventilated with white walls well equipped with all the modern tools required for chemistry experiments. It is a delight to work and carry out experiments in the lab. The experiments that we perform in lab make the learning of chemistry even more interesting and fun.

The chemistry lab is very well maintained with proper and regular supply of gas and water required for the various experiments. Our lab is also adorned with various informative charts such as on the manufacture of sulphuric acid, lattice structure, hybridisation, periodic table. All the reagents are properly organized in shelves separately marked for use with the colored reagents stored and kept in different shelves. Another attractive feature of our lab is the Micro kit which is used for salt analysis and volumetric analysis at small levels.

Chemistry lab is open for all the students .The students of middle and primary sections come to see the demonstrations given by the teachers under the proper supervision. They are able to visualize the chemical reactions which otherwise would have led to rote learning.

Students of senior classes perform experiments on their own guided by the experienced teachers and lab assistants. The tools of the lab such as flask, beakers, test tubes, chemicals substances like magnesium ribbon, sodium chloride etc are also issued to the teachers who need to show demonstrations in class. The senior students are only allowed to enter the lab with lab coats for their safety and all the other important instructions are put up in the lab itself for the safety measures of the student.
The students of class 12 are free to perform their investigatory projects also in the lab.

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Computer Science

“Computer Science is a science of abstraction -creating the right model for a problem and devising the appropriate mechanizable techniques to solve it.”
- A. Aho and J. Ullman

Outfitted with the latest multimedia curriculum with Educomp 'Smart Class', the classrooms of the school are linked through technology to the outer world, making them vivacious and energetic learning podium for students. The Educomp Smart Classes are fully equipped with wide panel display systems, computers and implanted multimedia white board systems on which videos, animations, live images and appealing graphics data-fancyboxated to curriculum based topics, are shown to students. The smart class 'knowledge centre' provides modules of various topics which are made available to students to make learning interesting for them.

At Doon Public School separate Computer Labs for Junior & Senior Wings of the School with internet connectivity make students learn to use technology as a tool to assist them in all subjects. "Whenever you make learning exciting, it makes a difference in the classroom", and this unquestionably shows at the Doon Public School. Both the labs are well-resourced . Our teachers are proficient enough to train the students in the latest advancements in technology and computing. Beginning from the Junior School, we focus on keyboarding, word processing and internet skills. The computer labs are equipped with the following facilities:• Wi-Fi connection round the clock• Multimedia systems• 19” LCD monitors• Optical Mouse• Online UPS for system backup• Networking environment• A vast collection of educational software’s, catering to various subjects, for the use of teachers and students. 

Technology is a boon and has imbibed it in all possible ways to set the educational standards of a different level. The curriculum incorporates teaching-learning methodologies which facilitate the process and break the monotony of traditional learning patterns. The students are updated with the latest modes of technology and are kept in tune with the current system. The exposure provided to the learners is maximized by the use of PowerPoint and Audio-Visual presentations, which make learning a motivating and fascinating experience and giving them project on the topic taught to give them hands on experience.

Teachers at Doon Public School take an interdisciplinary team approach to learning, where teachers in each grade level work together on cross-curricular lesson activities. They display data-fancyboxevant websites, interactive multimedia clips, presentations and other reference material on the Smart Interactive Whiteboard, to reinforce key concepts and engage students in group discussions. Smart Interactive Whiteboard To make computer education more interesting and knowledgeable at Doon Public School we have separate Computer Club activity for all classes from 3rd onwards , in which students are introduced to those topics which are not included in their curriculum and further organizing Computer quizzes and Interclass competitions also. We believe in not only giving theoretical but practical practice also so that they have plentiful experience to work with computer in a friendly environment

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