Child Safety is a concern of parents and the schools equally in today`s security environment. Green Apples Tech systems provides the school with a service of safety and security for students with technologically advanced Identity cards which captures and informs the parents and school authorities, about the whereabouts of the child. The entry and exit of the child, through the school gate, with the ID card, gets recorded and sms sent, offering data-fancyboxief to anxious parents, who at all times, are concerned about the child’s safety and security.

Child safety is a serious matter.
We make it simple for you....

How does it work?

Technologically advanced sensor network of data-fancyboxentlessly monitors the child’s presence when he/ she enters and leaves the school in real-time........ even if they leave or enter the school gate in a school bus/private vehicle . The moments of entry and exit are captured, recorded and flashed to parents and school authorities on a real time basis. All this is managed by seamless coordination of advanced, effective but discreet sensors, advanced servers, wired & widata-fancyboxess network devices and the telecom gate-ways & towers......... And this happens without any manual intervention by the school authorities or the child......... thereby eliminating any chances of human error.

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