Teachers’ Leadership Quality Development Programme

Workshop with Dr.HUKUM SINGH

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Doon Public School conducted an interactive session with Dr.Hukum Singh, Professor and Head, DESM, NCERT, New Delhi for teachers on 16 th October2015.The focus was on searching for joyful means to teach basic concepts to the children.

He also discussed the main guidelines of NCF, 2005 according to which all the subjects are integrated with each other. Learners should be able to data-fancyboxate the concepts with life inside and outside classroom. He made it interesting by giving various examples from different subjects. He suggested teachers to search for the difficulties a child faces and find the remedial measures.

Some more points which he emphasized upon were making children take good care of environment, making focus move from rote learning to understanding, class should be active, making examination more flexible, there should be gender sensitivity and inclusive education should be imparted.

Overall it was a huge success and indeed an enlightening and learning experience for all the teachers.


A day out of the routine that too surrounded by the green and pastoral ambience along with the entire 'Doon Family' was altogether an awesome experience.

'The custodians of posterity' and the 'guardians of discipline' went on a roller coaster ride hand in hand making the Team Building Program a success.

All the members had a gala time during the journey towards The Thakran Farms at Pataudi which is approx 80 kms away from the bustling Delhi.

The eyes startled at the sight of a macro village arena comprising mud houses and mud huts.Finger licking breakfast was apt to boost everyone's energy.

The Team Building Program included a small celebration where all were jubilant and congratulated Manager Sir on his birthday.

The entire staff enjoyed being a part of the fun filled games organized by the senior secondary teachers.

The interaction with the peers and the proctors and various managerial authorities was quite informal.Through this interaction the efficiency and effectiveness of each and every member turned into efficacy.

A delicious lunch with buttermilk and then the mud bath followed by the pool bath refreshed all.No one could stop moving their feet when the leg tapping music had filled the air.

Though fatigued with the day long action but reviified in the spirits,the entire team came back with unforgettable memories and zest to surge ahead.

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A workshop was conducted under teacher leadership quality development program (TLQDP) by Ms. Aarti and Ms. Harshleen on Friday, 27th February ,2015.The main aim was to train the teachers for imparting value education among the students. The session mainly focused on inculcating qualities such as courage, determination, self realization, confidence and self control in the students . The session was highly interactive. 

For any school to have and maintain high ranking and good standards, a quality of teaching and school leadership, that is above what is usual, is required. And to achieve that, a high quality professional learning, by the teaching staff is the necessary cornerstone. ‘Teachers’ Leadership Quality Development Programme’ enables staff to develop the skills and knowledge they need to improve their practice and is central to improving student learning. Like the members of other professions, teachers and education support staff need to be continuous learners who see their own learning as being fundamental to membership of the profession rather than something that is incidental or optional. In today’s world the status of the teaching profession needs to be raised to make it more attractive to the top graduates. This is accomplished by giving teachers and school leaders more freedom to use their professional judgement, reducing day-to-day bureaucracy and unnecessary procedural regulations encouraging more high-quality teachers into priority subjects. For the teachers already part of the noble cause it is necessary that they receive solid training that gives them the practical skills they will need and that they have access to high-quality professional development so they can continue to improve throughout their careers.

We are improving the quality of current teachers by

    What matters most is improving the quality of teaching inside each school. By driving consistent teacher quality in their areas of responsibility through curriculum leadership, lesson observations, holding staff to account and mentoring staff consistency is ensured across all grades. It is also made certain that through collaboration and challenge the teachers, influence whole school behaviours through sharing, coaching and mentoring. A strong cadre of teachers helps to drive high-quality teaching throughout the school.

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