School Student Council

The school students council consists of the Head-Boy, Head-Girl, Vice-Head Boy, Vice-Head Girl, House Captains and Vice-House Captains (for each of the four houses), Junior Head Boy, Junior Head Girl and one Speaker. The students elect their own student leaders in a true, democratic fashion. After introducing themselves and sharing their manifestoes in the assembly, the nominated candidates have to take part in an extempore round followed by a grilling session of interjections from the floor. Then the candidates go to their campaigning from class to class. The students cast their votes through the Smart Assessment System on Plasma Screens present in each classroom. Thus, the election is conducted through electronic voting using SAS and the result is declared on the same day. Then in the investiture ceremony the oath is administered to the elected student council members and they receive their badges of honour.

Elected Student Council 2016-2017

HEAD BOY (JUNIOR) Prithvi Jai B.Nair 5B
HEAD GIRL (JUNIOR) Ishmeet Kaur 5B
HEAD BOY (SENIOR) Kartik Kapoor 12B
HEAD GIRL (SENIOR) Jayanti Swarup 12C
VICE HEAD BOY  Paras Vashishth 11D
VICE HEAD GIRL  Vanshika Batra 11C
GANDHI - House Captain Khushi Grover 11E
Vice House Captain Priyanka Sharda 9 B
RAMAN - House Captain Ishita Sharma 11C
Vice House Captain Deeksha Singh 9B
MILKHA - House Captain Rhythm Mehta 11D
Vice House Captain Naina Sachdeva 9D
TAGORE - House Captain Pranay Saggar 11D
Vice House Captain Riya Bhardwaj 9A