Unlocking Mathematical Excellence with FIM (First in Math)

At Doon Public School, we believe in transforming the learning experience by infusing fun and innovation into mathematics education. To address the challenges encountered in teaching mathematics and to establish a robust foundation in this crucial subject, our Mathematics Department devised a distinctive strategy. This led us to collaborate with the exceptional online program, 'First in Math' (FIM).

The FIM platform offers a plethora of engaging games meticulously curated to suit the diverse needs and intellectual capacities of students across all age groups. Through daily activities on the platform, students are encouraged to explore, think critically, and solve problems, effectively eradicating the fear often associated with mathematics.

To encourage active participation and achievement, Doon School has integrated dedicated FIM periods into the weekly classroom timetable.

Teachers, alongside students, engage in group games, fostering an interactive and enjoyable environment that breaks the monotony of traditional learning routines.

The school proudly showcases Doonites' achievements within school groups regularly, fueling greater enthusiasm and zeal among students to participate actively. It's heartening to share that Doonites have collectively surpassed solving more than one lakh math problems. This pioneering approach to teaching mathematics is paving the way for our young learners to become adept mathematicians, mastering the 'First in Math' platform and soon venturing beyond, reaching milestones of solving crore of math problems.

Doon Public School takes immense pride in this revolutionary initiative, propelling our students towards mathematical excellence and nurturing a generation of confident and proficient mathematicians.