Our Houses

Our school takes pride in its rich tradition of fostering a vibrant house system, comprising Gandhi House, Raman House, Tagore House, and Milkha House. Each house embodies a unique legacy and serves as a pillar of strength within our school community. Through their distinct characteristics and values, the houses inspire camaraderie, leadership, and a spirit of healthy competition among our students. Together, they form an integral part of our school's ethos, fostering a culture of excellence, inclusivity, and holistic development.

Gandhi House stands tall with pride,
Embracing values that Mahatma Gandhi would guide.
Truth, nonviolence, and service they pledge,
Leaders of tomorrow, on this path they dredge.

Raman House, a beacon of science and light,
Innovation and curiosity burning bright.
Seeking knowledge and discoveries anew,
In the pursuit of truth, they continue to pursue.

Tagore House, where arts and culture thrive,
Creativity and expression come alive.
Through music, dance, and literary grace,
They weave a tapestry of talent, leaving a lasting trace.

Milkha House, with vigor and boundless might,
They race towards excellence, reaching for great heights.
In sportsmanship and teamwork, they stand strong,
With determination and spirit, they surely belong.

The role of our school houses at Doon Public School is to foster a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and healthy competition among our students. Each house embodies a unique identity and colour, creating a vibrant and spirited atmosphere within the school community. These houses serve as more than just a division for sports and extracurricular activities; they encourage teamwork, leadership, and personal growth.
The houses provide a platform for students to develop their skills beyond the classroom, engaging in various inter-house competitions, cultural events, and community serviceinitiatives. Students have the opportunity to showcase their talents, creativity, and sportsmanship while learning the values of collaboration and sportsmanship.
Furthermore, the houses play a crucial role in promoting a strong sense of community and school spirit. They organise events, rallies, and fundraising activities that not only build excitement and enthusiasm but also promote a culture of inclusivity and support. Students are encouraged to take an active role in their respective houses, fostering a sense of responsibility and pride in representing their respective houses.