Sarojini Naidu Jayanti

Sarojini Naidu, fondly remembered as the Nightingale of India, remains an iconic figure in Indian history and literature. Her eloquent poetry, captivating writings, and unwavering commitment to India's freedom struggle earned her a revered place in the hearts of millions. As a prominent leader during the pre-independence era, Sarojini Naidu's intellectual prowess, coupled with her fierce advocacy for social justice and women's rights, continues to inspire generations. Her extraordinary journey from a celebrated poet to a pivotal figure in India's fight for independence highlights her enduring legacy as an emblem of literary excellence and patriotism.

At our school, we honor the memory and profound impact of Sarojini Naidu by imparting her wisdom and spirit to our students. We embody her sense of resilience, creativity, and social responsibility, ensuring that her legacy remains alive in our educational ethos. Through commemorating the life and contributions of Sarojini Naidu, we aim to instill in our students the values of courage, empathy, and unwavering determination, empowering them to embrace their potential as responsible citizens and compassionate individuals, much like the indomitable Nightingale of India herself.