Student Leadership Quality Development Programme

Quality Improvement Programme by Dr. Pareek

Quality Improvement programme was organised by the Department of Science of Doon Public School on Friday, 1st November 2019. The session was organised for all the staff members and students of class 10, 11 and 12. The guest speaker was Dr Ashwani Pareek, Professor of Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, School of Life Sciences, JNU. He has the experience of working at various research Universities of International repute including, University of North Carolina, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and University of California Davis in USA. He has also worked at the University of Cambridge, UK. Professor Pareek has been actively engaged in understanding and improving the response of plants towards abiotic stresses (especially salinity, drought and heat stress).

Dr. Pareek’s work has fetched him the prestigious fellowships from the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, NASI-Reliance Industries Platinum Jubilee Award-2016. He is also won the Best Technology Award. He is also the author of Class XI, XII Biotechnology NCERT. He enlightened the students on the topic “Are we ready to feed nine billions?” He gave a way through to incorporate the technologies of today to solve the issue of food and nutritional security arising due to population explosion. He also motivated our students to develop an interest in the field of Biology and Biotechnology. All in all it was it was an enlightening session.

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Workshop on Cyber Safety

Under Student's leadership quality development programme(SLQDP), school organised a workshop for grades 9&10 on Cyber Safety on 7th October 2016 in collaboration with Learning links foundation . The workshop aimed to create an awareness amongst students regarding the pros and cons of the cyber world and how to be safe while online. Students found the workshop very informative and they discussed their queries with the resource person Ms.Swati Arora,Technical consultant,Learning links in collaboration with Facebook and Google along with the school counsellor Ms.Surbhi Lal.Workshop has enhanced the knowledge of the students and boosted their confidence to be safe and vigilant while being online.

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Fortis Healthcare, Shalimar Bagh on

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our Peer Educators are committed to further educate their peers on different issues once they get trained through various workshops, stage exposure, group discussions and different competitions. Recently , SLQDP members of 10th and 11th grades have taken an interactive session with other students in the school Assembly of 28th April 2016. Our students talked and educated their peers on 'Media Literacy'. They discuused the importance and the data-fancyboxevance of the media messages which we receive through social media. It gave an opportunity to all our students to share knowledge, build effectiveness, Assertiveness, and Leadership skills .




Students of Doon Public School attended the inspire Science Camp from 19-23 December at Shivaji College. The students who were the cbse toppers in class 10 and have undertaken science as their subject at class 11 were nominated by the school. It was a unique opportunity for them to interact with eminent scientists and academicians. Also the students were given enough hands on training sessions in various laboratories and they visited the institutes of eminence such as IIT-Delhi and ICGEB. Students enjoyed the programme to the core and were inspired to pursue careers in natural sciences.

Peer education Approach Workshop attended by Peer Educators at Fortis Healthcare

The Peer educator team of Doon Public School is dedicated towards its goal to spread the awareness on different issues and providing a helpful hand to the juniors with their issues.

We are proud on our peer educators who attend various workshop by the school counsellor as well as outside the school.

We are privileged to share that 3 of our peer educators Tanish 12 B, Aaradhya 12 b , and Madhura 11 C have attended the pro social

peer moderator programme organised by Fortis School Mental Health Programme, Department of Behavioural Sciences along with our school counsellor Ms.

Surbhi Lal. The Peer moderator programme has served as a unique platform for our students to learn application based life kills through interactive workshops, our students could equip themselves with the required. life skills to navigate through the plethora of social influences that come their way and support the adoption of healthy behaviours.


The module was designed on the Risk Behaviour Management that could impart skills and strategies to identify, analyze ,review and manage risks.

Our students could enhance their life skills such as Effective communication, critical thinking, decision making as well as learned the coping mechanisms.Our students also received participation certificates for the same.

Thereafter, Aaradhya and Madhura have briefed the students about risk behaviour management in the school assembly itself.

Peer education Approach

In order to initiate the Peer education approach as per the guidelines of CBSE ,School has started to train the senior secondary students to build up an effective team of peer educators. In the peer training approach, peer educators learn the life skills and various important issues through active participation in different training programmes and workshops under the guidance of school counsellor Ms.Surbhi Lal. Their role further is to train their peers and juniors in the school through various sessions and activities. They follow up with the main resource team and the counsellor for the feedback, discussions, and training material.

Further in this, a selection process was conducted amongst the students of XI & XII grade by the counsellor under the guidance of our worthy Principal Ma'am and Headmistress Ma'am which included interview, group discussions, and role plays on different situations.

The best of 15 students were selected as a team and they are working effectively as peer educators of Doon Public School.They attend different workshops on various different issues like anger management, risk behaviour management and many others outside the school as well and further spread the awareness in school with their peers.

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What enables some selected few to become the most significant members of our society, to be the exceptional people they are? The answer is, ‘they are moved by what they care about, to make the world a better place.’

As children grow out of childhood and into adolescence, it is customary for them to face identity crisis. “Who am I?” “What do I have to offer?” These questions arise in every young mind. They necessitate help in discovering “Who am I?” and “What do I have to offer?” no matter what career path they choose.

Student Leadership Quality Development Programme provides the opportunity to students to explore their strengths and talents as they unleash their natural leadership abilities and learn to harness their leadership strengths to effectively motivate and communicate with others. Student Leaders learn to effectively envision and declare what matters most in life – whether it is a passion for something within the school, extracurricular activities, community or one’s own world.

  • These selected few are able to create a personal strategic plan for living leadership every day as they build strategies that will engage those around them.
  • Leadership is all about exploring and understanding one’s ability to contribute in a meaningful way to the team they serve.
  • The influential lot discover, how and why they act the way they do in different situations and develop powerful strategies for motivating others for the task at hand.
  • They are able to explore the dynamics and learn the strategies of win-win negotiation and conflict resolution.
  • They enhance their ability to handle high-stakes situations with greater ease.
  • A more powerful and effective leader is, all these and one who trusts himself and others around him.

It is these that enable the most significant members of our society to be the exceptional people they are and explore the intricacies of Vision, Integrity, Responsibility, Character, Commitment, and Empowerment.


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