Digital Library

At Doon Public School, we firmly believe that reading lays the groundwork for fostering analytical and critical thinking. It serves as a catalyst for awareness, confidence, and the development of a well- rounded individual.

Our Digital Library stands as a treasure trove, offering access to a vast collection of over 20,000 books and various resource materials, aiding our learners in honing their reading skills.

Our Doonites immerse themselves in the joy of reading by engaging with digibooks across different genres available in our digital library. Simultaneously, they elevate their vocabulary as these e-books provide explanations for complex words. The built-in listening software not only assists our young learners in refining their pronunciation but also offers an integrated approach to language learning.

Join us at Doon Public School, where our Digital Library opens doors to a world of knowledge and imagination. Through this innovative platform, we encourage a love for reading while providing invaluable tools to enhance language skills, empowering our students to become adept and articulate communicators.