Comprehensive Medical Care at Doon Public School

At Doon Public School, the health and well-being of our students and staff members are paramount. We take pride in providing a dedicated, fully air-conditioned medical room equipped to address the medical needs of Doonites and our esteemed faculty.

The services within school include:-

Medical practitioner at the school premises

Regular check ups

Counselling Services on every Wednesday by Senior Psychologist

Nutritionist services

Immunisation records capture and reminder services

Availability of emergency service

Imparting sex education to enhance awareness amongst students

Operated under the guidance of a full-time doctor alongside a proficiently trained nurse, our medical room is equipped with bunk beds and state-of-the-art facilities. This ensures prompt and efficient care for any health-related concerns that may arise, whether they are minor injuries during playtime or unforeseen situations requiring immediate attention.

Our experienced medical staff has exhibited their proficiency, particularly during the first offline session post-COVID. Their adept handling of medical emergencies and the provision of comprehensive medical services have reinforced our belief in their capability to manage any medical contingencies within the school premises.

The medical room serves as a haven, providing reassurance to parents and the entire school community that we prioritise the health and safety of every individual within our campus.

At Doon Public School, we are committed to maintaining a nurturing environment conducive to learning, ensuring that both physical and emotional well-being remain our topmost priorities.

The Comprehensive Health Care Solution offered by Doon Public School seems quite extensive, covering various aspects of student health both within and outside school premises.

It includes services like on-site medical practitioners, regular check-ups, counselling, nutritionist services, immunisation records, emergency services, and even sex education.

Additionally, the program extends support outside school with 24/7 access to a doctor via phone, electronic medical records, e-prescription facilities, discounts at medical facilities,

priority access to specialists (with paid services), and arranged home visits by doctors (also paid services).