The mission of Doon Public School is to provide quality education through a holistic, scholastic, and spiritual approach, striving for excellence in all domains. In an era characterised by globalisation and liberation, our school aims to equip students with a competitive edge, allowing them to embrace the global perspective, leveraging the best educational technologies available. We are committed to fostering the physical, mental, and moral growth of our students, cultivating cooperation, consideration, team spirit, and a sense of service, thereby broadening their mental horizons.
We endeavour to nurture and refine the aesthetic sensibilities of our students, channeling their youthful energy toward creativity and selfactualization. Through extensive reading habits and engaging in healthy recreational activities, we aim to instill a lifelong mindset of happiness and well-being. Our school fosters a spirit of patriotism, nurturing responsible citizens and future leaders who espouse social and ethical values that transcend barriers of caste, community, religion, and region.
In addition to academic pursuits, our students actively engage in co-scholastic activities, where they acquire vital life skills and enthusiastically undertake social and community responsibilities. By continually upgrading our teachers' capabilities, we strive to deliver quality education and monitoring to the rural and remote areas of our nation. Our initiatives, such as "MEED" (Mother’s Empowerment for Educational Development), provide free training to mothers of our students, empowering them with computer skills, English language proficiency, and parenting knowledge.
Furthermore, our school is committed to the Rural Development Mission, through which we adopt and develop schools in rural areas. "Hope for the Future" entails providing free education to underprivileged children while also promoting awareness about the significance of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. Our emphasis is on building a generation that embraces a spirit of compassion, citizenship, and lifelong learning.