The Heart of Nourishment: Doon's Cafeteria - ‘Doon Nutri-station’

At Doon Public School, Doon's cafeteria, ‘Doon Nutri-station’ stands as a beloved hub for both our students and staff members. We take immense pride in offering a dining space that serves fresh, nutritious, and hygienic meals during school hours, ensuring everyone enjoys delectable and wholesome food options.

Since its inception within our school premises, the cafeteria has been cherished for its reasonable pricing and delectable menu, providing not just meals but delightful culinary experiences. The emphasis on nutrition and hygiene is a core value upheld by our cafeteria team, ensuring that every meal served contributes to the overall health and well-being of our school community.

The cafeteria comfortably accommodates 20 individuals at a time, fostering a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for all. It serves as a central gathering place not only during regular school days but also during special occasions, such as Parent- Teacher Meetings (PTMs) or school events. On these occasions, the cafeteria buzzes with excitement, offering a wide array of delicious delicacies that cater to diverse palates.

We believe that nourishing the body with quality meals is as essential as nurturing the mind. The cafeteria at Doon Public School is not just a place to dine but a space where relationships are forged and memories are created, enhancing the overall experience within our vibrant school community.

Join us at Doon's cafeteria to savour not just meals but a culture of culinary delight and camaraderie.