Doon Public School's 'A Majestic Rhapsody' - A Night of Celebration

The annual cultural evening, 'A Majestic Rhapsody,' held on December 24th, 2023, was an elegant event featuring distinguished guests and captivating

student performances, including a musical rendition, mesmerising skateboard demonstrations, and impressive Taekwondo showcases.

The evening also included an award ceremony honouring student achievements, followed by eloquent speeches from esteemed dignitaries. The evening

commenced with a grand welcome for the dignitaries, accompanied by Doon's majestic school band, and was enriched with traditional ceremonies

seeking divine blessings.

The audience was enthralled by the enchanting performances of the Junior ballet, "Disney Dreams – A Musical Journey Through Time," evoking cherished

childhood memories with beloved Disney characters.

The Senior ballet, "The Ripple Effect – Encountering Sustainable Choices," delivered a powerful message about the urgent need for global sustainability and

inspired contemplation about our collective responsibility to make impactful choices