Implementing the Lexile Testing Framework for Enhanced Reading Proficiency

At Doon Public School, we recognise the paramount importance of fostering strong reading habits and cultivating English language comprehension skills among our learners. To gauge and enhance their reading proficiency, we administer the Lexile test twice a year for students in classes 3 to 10.

The Lexile test serves as a powerful tool for measuring individual reading abilities, allowing us to categorise students into three groups:
basic, advanced, and proficient, based on their scores. Following the assessment, students are recommended suitable reading materials aligned with their Lexile scores, facilitating further enhancement of their comprehension skills.

The integration of the Lexile testing framework has proven to be instrumental for our educators in pinpointing students' reading comprehension gaps, empowering them to address these areas by expanding their active vocabulary and fostering a deeper understanding of the texts they engage with.