Master Franchise

Doon Public School is growing at rapid pace in the country. We aim to start on and spread the franchisees of our school in the country and outside the country. Our group is expanding its horizons and it has today turned into a brand name at international level too.

What is a master franchise?

  • The master franchise owns the rights to franchise an entire territory. It will represent all the franchisees at territory level. Here territory means metropolitan or an entire state.
  • A franchise owing the right to franchise territory is known as a Master Franchise or Area Representative Franchise. This territory can be either a metropolitan or a state.
  • Master Franchise – based on a simple term in the business of Franchising however sudata-fancyboxy making people rich.
  • The master franchise will assist the franchisor in the process of sales and development of chain of the school. It aids the franchisor to assign territory in exchange for a share in fee collection from other franchisees. It includes, charge from new school establishments in the territory under his Master Franchise domain. All the applicable charges are predefined as well as agreed by both Master Franchise and Franchise/Franchisor.