MEED (Mothers' Empowerment and Education Development)

At our school, MEED (Mothers' Empowerment and Education Development) stands as an integral initiative aimed at empowering the mothers of our students through a range of educational activities. Recognising the pivotal role of mothers as the primary caregivers and influencers in a child's life, MEED is a social commitment of our institution. We firmly believe that by strengthening the bond between mothers and their children, we can enhance the overall educational experience and nurture the growth of our students.

MEED offers diverse educational opportunities for mothers to excel in their areas of interest, boost their self-confidence, and enhance their parenting skills. Through specialised programs such as Spoken English Classes, Computer Learning, and Parenting Guidance, we aim to equip mothers with the knowledge and skills that contribute positively to their own development and, by extension, to the educational journey of their children.

Our goal with MEED is to create a supportive environment where mothers can thrive, learn, and grow, fostering a stronger connection between home and school for the holistic development of our students.