Preprimary wing


Welcome to our vibrant preprimary wing, Doon Junior. Our holistic approach to education extends beyond the classroom. We have provided a wonderful play area that serves as a playground for both fun and learning. Our jungle gym and play area are specifically designed to facilitate gross motor development, allowing children to explore, climb, and engage in physical activities that contribute to their overall growth.
We understand the significance of physical activities in a child's development. Our play area is thoughtfully crafted to encourage movement, balance, coordination, and spatial awareness, fostering not only physical development but also enhancing cognitive abilities and social skills through interactive play.
In addition to our engaging play area, we offer specialised classes focused on speaking with confidence. We understand the importance of effective communication skills in a child's development. Our speaking with confidence classes are designed to nurture public speaking skills from an early age, empowering students to express themselves articulately and confidently.
Furthermore, we provide regular stage exposure opportunities for our students. Whether it's through presentations, storytelling sessions, or performances, our students gain valuable experience in front of an audience.
Our teachers provide supportive guidance and attention, helping each child build self-assurance and overcome stage fright, fostering a sense of confidence and eloquence.
At our Pre-Primary Wing, we believe in a holistic approach to learning, where physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development are equally valued. Through our well-designed play area, speaking with confidence classes, and regular stage exposure, we aim to empower our young learners with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in all facets of life.