Republic Day Celebrations at Doon Public School

Doon Public School marked the historic 75th Republic Day with an exuberant celebration on Thursday, 25th January 2024. The entire school came together in the Central Courtyard for a day filled with patriotic fervor and honor.

The event began with the resonating tunes of the school band, filling the air with national pride, followed by the solemn flag hoisting ceremony, setting the tone for a day of reverence.

The school orchestra, with their stirring tunes of bravery, and the collective singing of group songs in praise of the motherland, added to the uplifting atmosphere. Class 11A's Anmol and 11E's Tavisha Kaushik shared inspiring words and thoughts of the day, while Radhika Chadha provided valuable insights into the significance of Republic Day.

The heartfelt performances from the Pre-Primary Wing captured everyone's hearts, while the dancers from the senior wing dazzled the audience with stellar renditions of various patriotic songs, spreading the spirit of national unity.

As the day drew to a close, the entire assembly resonated with the chants of 'Vande Mataram,' leaving everyone uplifted and inspired.

The celebrations not only captured the essence of freedom and unity but also instilled a deep sense of patriotism and respect for the nation among the students and faculty.

It was an event that truly embodied the spirit of Republic Day, celebrating the diversity and strength of our nation.