Student Stories : Inspiring Testimonials of Growth and Achievement

My classroom is colourful, and we engage in a lot of fun projects. The cafeteria has tasty snacks, and I look forward to special events like field trips. I feel happy and safe at school, making it a great place to learn and make memories.

Gaitik Khurana- 5A

The classrooms of my school are well-lit and ventilated; and the teachers are friendly. The library has a great collection of books. The Digital Library is one place that I simply adore. The canteen facility is also excellent and offers a variety of nutritious and yummy snacks and meals.

Gurnoor Kaur- 6A

I really enjoy coming to school every day. The teachers are friendly and make learning fun. Also, there are so many interesting activities and clubs to join! Doon Public School is truly the best!

Sia Sapra- 6C

Schooling at Doon is fun! We have smart boards in classes that make learning easy and intriguing. The school takes us on educational cum recreational trips where we learn beyond the textbooks. We also have Taekwondo, Skating, Aerobics and many other activities! It's like becoming a ninja during school, and I feel super strong and confident.

Hemang Chadha- 7A

I thoroughly enjoy attending school each day. The teachers are kind and always ready to help us understand our lessons. The curriculum is interesting, and I appreciate the variety of activities done. My school is exceptional! Especially events like the annual day and the fete are class apart. They allow us to showcase our talents and create lasting memories. I'm grateful for the enriching experience and positive environment DPSPV provides.

Saanvi Tandon- 8B

Being an art lover, the school's art program is a dream come true. The art studio is filled with colors, and the art teacher helps us express our creativity. Exhibitions and contests allow us to showcase our masterpieces to the whole school.

Arihaan Negi- 8B

The school's commitment to the environment is impressive. Recycling programs, tree-planting initiatives, and eco-friendly projects make me proud to be part of a community that cares about the planet. Also, for me, the language classes are a linguistic adventure. From immersive language labs to SWC (Speaking With Confidence) classes, the school encourages effective speaking skills.

Anshita- 9B

The ATL, coding classes and tech workshops are what I appreciate and love the most about my school. The computer lab is equipped with the latest tech, and coding challenges keep me engaged. The robotics club is where innovation and teamwork come together. The Science Dept. encourages curiosity and the guidance from teacher spark a passion for discovery.

Nishita- 9C

The memories of my school trip to Himachal are still fresh in my mind. Outdoor education programs and camping trips make school an adventure. Learning survival skills, exploring nature, and building a sense of camaraderie during these outings create everlasting memories.

Shargun- 10A

My school offers a robust academic curriculum with teachers who are both knowledgeable and supportive. As a tenth grader, the emphasis on board exam preparation is evident, helping us gear up for future challenges. Despite the academic pressures, the diverse extracurricular activities add a balanced touch to the overall experience. It's a place to grow! Doon prepares us not just academically but also for the broader journey ahead.

Diksha Rathi- 10B

Sports rule the school! From soccer to basketball, the sports facilities are top-notch. Team spirit is high, and competitions are intense. The school even organizes sports events that make me proud to be a part of the team.

Sumer Arora- 10C

The school is fantastic - the classrooms are vibrant, and the teachers are genuinely supportive. The library is a haven for book lovers, and the diverse extracurricular activities add a dynamic touch to the overall learning experience. The canteen offers a delightful variety, and the well-maintained playground is a hub of energy during breaks. Grateful for the positive atmosphere that encourages both academic and personal growth.

Khushi Bansal- 11A

In addition to academics, my school places a strong emphasis on moral and value lessons. Through character education programs, we learn about integrity, empathy, and kindness. Initiatives like community service projects instill a sense of responsibility towards others.
Leadership workshops and student council elections shape us into future leaders. Learning about responsibility, teamwork, and effective communication, we're not just students; we're empowered to be leaders within our school community.

Kashika Mishra- 12A

I truly appreciate the school’s commitment to holistic education. The career counselling workshops at Doon Public School open doors to exciting possibilities, connecting us with industry professionals. Labs are like creative playgrounds, making learning hands-on and memorable. Extra classes aren’t just about academics; but they are a chance to explore passion beyond the regular curriculum. Thus, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience.

Prithvi Jai B Nair- 12D

As a Humanities student, I appreciate the diverse perspectives and critical thinking fostered in my class. Engaging discussions on literature, history, and philosophy enhance the analytical skills .I find the school's humanities curriculum robust, preparing us for real-world challenges. The faculty's expertise enriches our learning, and the integration of technology and current societal issues into the program is commendable.

Nandini- 12E